Next Adventure: South East Asia- Feb. 12th-??

I have a pretty bad case of wanderlust, and I think a lot of my generation (millennials) also has it, considering all the people who are out there in the world traveling, full time, without a typical 9-5 job. Working instead from their laptops, poolside on a beach in Phuket. Sounds like the ultimate dream doesn’t it?

We get a lot of rap from the older generations, but honestly, we know one thing, and that’s how to live the good life… We want to have fun, and enjoy our time here, and of course, we seek to find ourselves at the same time...

Wanderlust got me as a young child and has been with me ever since, and I highly doubt it will ever go away. Human beings are explorers, we want to explore and discover the world(s) around us, and throughout that process, we get to discover ourselves.

Wanderlust- a desire to travel and to understand one’s very existence. 

It’s only the beginning of the New Year 2018, and I can already sense an adventure is brewing, I see it on the horizon, it’s on its way! It’s an adventure that I have wanted to do now for a very long time, and it would be to solo travel to South East Asia for 1-2 months. It has been a dream of mine ever since I really started to recognize that I wanted to travel, so for about 9 years now, since I turned 18.

I have known for a very long time that I wanted to travel since I was a child, but when I was a child it was more of a fantasy, imagination thing, because of course way back then there was no possible way for me to travel, so I imagined it in my mind.

I am turning 27 this February, and I cant think of a better time to go, I will buy myself this trip for my Birthday, and head out the day after for the adventure of a lifetime!

Seeing this adventure from some points of view I would be crazy to go travel right now, especially as a solo female traveler, to a  different country, with the world in its seemingly terrible state, as the news would present… But that doesn’t scare me, fear only gets power if you give it power over your life, and there really is nothing to fear at all. I believe that humanity is genuinely good, and I do have protection against negative energy anyways.

I have my guardian angels looking out for me. Sure bad stuff might happen, but its how I handle it in the moment that causes me to grow anyways. If I handle it poorly, I learn from the mistake for next time. If I handle the situation well, I reflect back on what I could have done better. So it’s really a win-win no matter what happens, nothing truly bad can happen.

Yes, of course, I will probably go through a period of doubt, and anxiety wondering to myself what the hell have I gotten myself into? I can see myself on the airplane freaking out about what I am about to throw myself into.

I am flying to a completely different world basically, with a whole new language, culture, beliefs, society. I have never done such a trip in my life! It will push me so far out of my comfort zone it’s not even going to be funny. But I do intend to try my very best to write about my experiences. It’s going to be a 1-2 month trip, and I am not planning anything other than my first flight, so it’s going to be pretty interesting what takes place.

I have been preparing for this trip for years now, knowing very well that the day would one day arrive when all would line up for me to actually go. That’s where my life is right now, everything is lining up, and not to mention this is the first time I have actually felt ready and capable to go on such a trip. I had a lot of growing to do over the past years, because I had so much anxiety, depression, weight issues, and I also knew deep down there was no way I could have taken this trip a few years ago, but its my dream in life, so I worked on myself keeping that dream at the forefront of everything I did.

I see these experiences I get to have in life as great opportunities for growth, which is my soul purpose here regardless. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff, I can always see the silver lining in everything I do.

Travelling for me has always been the dream for me. I’ve spent countless hours daydreaming of the day when I would be on a one way flight to some foreign country I’ve never been too. I want to see the world, I even got a little airplane on my wrist to remind me of this in case I get distracted by life, it always reminds me of my number one dream.

Everything I have been doing for years now has always had this vision in mind. I would be sweating my ass off at the gym on the stair master, but in my mind, I was actually climbing the stairway to heaven. I definitely believe that I visualized this dream into my reality, for another way to look at it, I created it, because after all, our thoughts create our realities. I am a true believer that we manifest our realities, and I also know that manifestation is now speeding up in the year 2018, so we can expect great changes to be coming!

I’ve always imagined going alone, at least for the first part. Who knows who I could meet along the journey. But I want to start off solo, its something I need to do on my own. Its great for self-improvement too, solo travel. I have no doubt that I will grow in profound ways during this trip.

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Nothing is set in stone yet, I don’t have anything booked, and I probably won’t book anything other than the cheapest one way flight I can get to that area of the world. Once I am there, I go with the flow. Some of the best trips I have ever had were ones that I didn’t plan and just went where the wind took me.

It’s hard because I love to plan, and I want to plan where I will stay each night of the trip, and where I will go. But it never, and I mean never works out for me that way. So it would be silly for me to plan this again knowing that it’s not going to work out, and I will likely just waste money doing so.

Before I do go there’s still a few things I have to do. I must get my passport up to date, apply for any visas needed, save money, get vaccinations, and buy travelers insurance. Oh and make sure all my payments are up to date so I don’t need to worry about any of that during my trip…

It seems that the timing of this trip to happen is perfect too, which is whats pushing me to really follow through on this trip this time. I had tried to take a trip like this or similar in the past, but my courage wasn’t there yet. I simply wasn’t ready yet, I had a lot of fear still. So I had to start with smaller trips to build up that belief in myself, and now that I have done that, I think I am ready for the big trip. The trip I have been thinking about for many years since I was 20 years old!

All I will bring is my backpacking backpack, and just a few things inside. I have gotten good at packing only the basics when traveling now, it’s crazy how much stuff we think we need when we live in a permanent place. I have moved a lot over the past few years, and every time I get rid of more and more stuff, and it’s mindboggling!! I will pretty much become a minimalist once I pack for this trip, and get rid of another large chunk of my stuff…

So I don’t really need much stuff, plus I can buy things I need there. So I will try my best to pack as lightly as possible. I will sleep in hostels and cheap Airbnb which are great for someone like me that needs to be alone often and doesn’t want to spend the entire time in hostels. I want to stay in hostels sometimes thought to meet fellow travelers, but I know there will be days when I just need to be alone! I am kind of a loner… Or I like to call it Hermit, I think I would be just fine in a silent ashram for a while, which actually be something else I do if and when the opportunity comes up, but I am not planning this trip!

I have no idea what will happen, and that is part of the excitement! The world is my oyster, and I intend to keep a full account of my adventures!

2018 is going to be a fantastic year, I can already tell and it’s only just begun!

With love and light

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