My final post

This blog site is now just over a year old, and I am amazed by the progress I have made towards it, I didn’t really think I had it in me when I first started writing for this blog, I was full of Self-doubt from the very beginning. But today as I look back on some of my posts I have written I am quite amazed by some of the reflections I have had.

This blog was intended to be a tool for self-discovery, and it has been, in more ways than I ever thought it could be. I have learned so much about myself through writing, so then why would this be my last post you may wonder?

Well, its not that I am not ever going to write any more, I most certainly am, its just right now I am not focusing as much on this blog as I would like too, and its fairly expensive to keep up and running, and since I haven’t worked a job in two months as I have been taking some time off for some soul searching/growing, I just quite frankly can’t afford to keep it right now.

Yearly dues are soon due, and if I don’t pay them this site will be shut down. It sucks, I will likely lose all of my work, but I have came to terms with that already. I am trying to let go of as much of my stuff as I can, and all the posts I have written over the past year, hundreds of posts, will be gone soon…

I have mixed feelings about this, but I really don’t know what to do other than potentially copy all the posts onto another platform, which would take me quite a few hours to do, and I don’t really even know if its worth it to be honest.

I dunno how long this site will be up, it could be gone by this afternoon, and I am okay with that, whatever happens, happens. I am hoping one day when I can afford it I can reactivate my account, but I really have no idea if or when that will happen. Who knows, I might start a whole new blog now that I have written about my past stories, I feel I can focus on creating a bright and positive future for humanity. We are in for an amazing future, that I truly believe… Read: What is the event and what can you do to prepare!

I have gained a significant amount of confidence through this blog though, and I have realized that I really do enjoy writing, and its what I want to continue focusing on. My plan, for now, is to focus on writing a book and not get distracted by outside stimuli, like writing blog posts…

So I wanted to reach out, let you all know whats happening, I know a lot of my family read this blog site and I don’t want them to worry if one day it’s gone… So there’s my heads up, now I think I will go start backing up some of my favorite posts. I think it would be really devastating to lose all of my work, so if I can just save the best pieces I’ve written, that would give me a little more peace anyways 🙂

Thanks for reading! See you all again one day! I hope to be back eventually!

With Love and Light


Once in a blue moon…

There is a lot going on lately, that I feel the need to write about now, although I do find it quite difficult where to even begin, considering how chaotic everything is, but alas I will do my best on this day January 31st, 2018.

I woke up early this morning, 6am to be exact to participate in the lunar eclipse mass meditation events that were happening all over the world. It was a very rare blood moon/blue moon/ full moon/ total eclipse. Happens once in every 150 years, which to a human is a pretty long time. Longer than our current lifespans anyways.

Mass meditations are extremely powerful to bring about change here on Planet Earth, and I felt called to participate. I was even able to involve a couple of my family members to join me, which was very exciting for me as one of them does not meditate usually.

I have been able to observe over the last 5 or so years the people around me are waking up to what is the truth. It has stunned me to see some of my friends who I never would have imagined would take this path of light are now doing so. I guess it just goes to show you how powerful this all is.

There are big changes taking place on Earth right now, that I have written about in the past, but it is hard to make sense of it all considering how our vision is very limited to what we can see, and because of that, we tend to miss out on a lot. There is more unseen than seen, there is more to reality than we can presently imagine…

This age which is just beginning has been prophesized for millennia. The great masters have all talked about it before, and now the time has come. This is not new knowledge, and many people around the globe know that something big is happening, but no one knows exactly what that is. It is too big for us to conceptualize, and this can frighten a lot of people because we do like to think we are in control of our lives.

As I sit here and write this, I believe full and well that something is upon us, a new day is approaching very quickly, and so few of us are prepared. But how can you really prepare for something that you have no idea when, or what will even occur? There is nothing to do other than observe what is happening around you with an open heart and mind, knowing that everything that is happening, no matter how bad it looks, is all happening for a reason. Everything is in divine order, and it is all going perfectly as planned.

I have been meditating a lot lately and trying to stay in the eternal now as best I can, but I find it difficult as anxiety for the future and what COULD happen always seem to enter my thoughts/mind. I know that there is nothing to fear. Love will save the day, and we will one day soon see peace on Earth, but until then we must get through all the chaos.

By chaos, I mean all the stuff that is happening right now on our planet that doesn’t make sense to our human minds. Why is the world is such a mess? We ask ourselves. Natural disasters are sweeping our lands on a daily basis, animals all over the world are dying left right and center, for unknown reasons, and to top it all off, the entire system that we have all built our lives upon seems to be on the brink of destruction. We would like to make sense of all this, but we just can’t, which causes us to fear for whats to come.

We like to put things into boxes in order to make sense of things, and when we observe something that doesn’t fit into one of our boxes of beliefs, such as undeniable proof of a UFO flying over our house, we tend to panic and become fearful, thinking they must be here to harm us, or worse they are here to invade, torture, and then kill us, and then take this beautiful Earth for themselves… But this is just simply not the case, not even close to being the truth.

Thousands of UFO sightings are reported each day, there are literally millions of ships flying above our atmosphere right now as the time has come for the ascension of mankind, and all the other beings (aliens) in the universe have come to get a front row seat to the greatest event in the universe. We are the show, and they have come to watch, which is why we often see them hovering in the skies above on a daily basis lately.

They aren’t here to frighten us if anything, they just want to say “hey humans, we come in peace, one day soon you will understand everything, don’t be afraid.” 

But that day hasn’t come as of yet, but its drawing very close, and soon all of humanity will be aware of the existence of Extra-terrestrial beings, and the fact that they have come to save us from the dark forces, also known as the cabal, who have enslaved humanity for many centuries now.

Read more about the cabal and what they are here: What is the cabal

This is seriously stranger than fiction, what is happening on Earth right now. As I sit here and write this, I do wonder if all of this is just in my imagination, which I still would not completely rule out, but then at the same time, there are millions of other people who have similar theories as me. There is much more going on than our human minds can grasp, but we are very ignorant to this and thus we close off any possibility that there could perhaps be more to life than what we see… But that is all changing now.

My personal progress has been intense over the past month. I cant keep track whatsoever of my realizations I am experiencing on a day to day basis as the light energies are flooding Earth at this time to help Gaia and her inhabitants ascend to the next level. It’s like my awareness is growing so much, I don’t know who I am anymore, because the foundation I had in the past has been shattered once again, and I am no longer who I thought I was. I am beginning to remember past lives from hundreds of thousands of years ago. I have visions of the past, and the future quite frequently. I look in the mirror and feel as if I am seeing myself for the very first time, and I love the person I am becoming more and more each day.

My dreams are becoming much more vivid and realistic, and they show me what life will be like in the New World, and I have to say it is truly wonderful!

You see, we currently live in the 3rd dimension which I will briefly explain down below so you can understand this shift that is taking place. The planet is ascending into the 5th dimension which is good news for all of us! We are now in the age of Aquarius which lasts about 2160 years and this is just the beginning of the Golden age for mankind, and we are right on the cusp of this great shift taking place!

The 3rd dimension: 

-Awareness of oneself as a separate and unique individual- But very little awareness of the interconnectedness of beings and actions. The third dimension is locked in a time/space and cause/effect paradigm through the individual’s human souls.
-Awareness of Past present and future. However, we tend to forget much of our past due to our unconscious minds and we usually feel a sense of separation from the whole.
-Feelings of limitation in achieving our desires, and feeling the need to work hard to accomplish our goals. Believing that life is hard, and nothing goes our way is common in the 3rd dimension.

But…we are ascending into the 5th dimension:

-There is NO illusion of separation or limitation. Instead, there is a constant experience of the one-ness of God/Goddess/ ALL THAT IS.
-5th-dimensional beings live in unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance for all. We hold no judgment, guilt or negativity towards the lower aspects of ourselves that are still striving to remember their higher selves.
-At this level, we are free to create new ways of thinking/being/doing through the seeds of unity consciousness.

There is a big event that will take place soon, where we will be finally contacted by the extra-terrestrial beings, we will finally know the truth about our reality, and we will finally realize that we have been lied to, controlled and brainwashed by the cabal (dark energies) for the past millennia.

Earth has been a prison planet for thousands of years now, enslaving humanity to their dark agenda. But the time is now up, and the victory of the light is near! Humanity will be “rescued” for lack of a better term, from these dark forces and all will finally live our lives in love, peace, abundance, and joy, which is the way that was intended before the dark forces wanted in on the action and took over the planet… Yes, there was galactic wars many many years ago for us, and unfortunately, back then, the darkness won… But it won’t be like that this time, the light is winning by a far cry, and the darkness is leaving, and it will never return!

Once we remember who we truly are, we will be able to live and create our lives in love and abundance for all. Wars will end, hatred will end, fear will end, and we will be left with all that there is, and that is love.

We have woken up, and its time to reclaim our divinity!

Check out this great website for more information on all this! If you are anything like me, you will find this truly fascinating!

Victory for the light!


Next Adventure: South East Asia- Feb. 12th-??

I have a pretty bad case of wanderlust, and I think a lot of my generation (millennials) also has it, considering all the people who are out there in the world traveling, full time, without a typical 9-5 job. Working instead from their laptops, poolside on a beach in Phuket. Sounds like the ultimate dream doesn’t it?

We get a lot of rap from the older generations, but honestly, we know one thing, and that’s how to live the good life… We want to have fun, and enjoy our time here, and of course, we seek to find ourselves at the same time...

Wanderlust got me as a young child and has been with me ever since, and I highly doubt it will ever go away. Human beings are explorers, we want to explore and discover the world(s) around us, and throughout that process, we get to discover ourselves.

Wanderlust- a desire to travel and to understand one’s very existence. 

It’s only the beginning of the New Year 2018, and I can already sense an adventure is brewing, I see it on the horizon, it’s on its way! It’s an adventure that I have wanted to do now for a very long time, and it would be to solo travel to South East Asia for 1-2 months. It has been a dream of mine ever since I really started to recognize that I wanted to travel, so for about 9 years now, since I turned 18.

I have known for a very long time that I wanted to travel since I was a child, but when I was a child it was more of a fantasy, imagination thing, because of course way back then there was no possible way for me to travel, so I imagined it in my mind.

I am turning 27 this February, and I cant think of a better time to go, I will buy myself this trip for my Birthday, and head out the day after for the adventure of a lifetime!

Seeing this adventure from some points of view I would be crazy to go travel right now, especially as a solo female traveler, to a  different country, with the world in its seemingly terrible state, as the news would present… But that doesn’t scare me, fear only gets power if you give it power over your life, and there really is nothing to fear at all. I believe that humanity is genuinely good, and I do have protection against negative energy anyways.

I have my guardian angels looking out for me. Sure bad stuff might happen, but its how I handle it in the moment that causes me to grow anyways. If I handle it poorly, I learn from the mistake for next time. If I handle the situation well, I reflect back on what I could have done better. So it’s really a win-win no matter what happens, nothing truly bad can happen.

Yes, of course, I will probably go through a period of doubt, and anxiety wondering to myself what the hell have I gotten myself into? I can see myself on the airplane freaking out about what I am about to throw myself into.

I am flying to a completely different world basically, with a whole new language, culture, beliefs, society. I have never done such a trip in my life! It will push me so far out of my comfort zone it’s not even going to be funny. But I do intend to try my very best to write about my experiences. It’s going to be a 1-2 month trip, and I am not planning anything other than my first flight, so it’s going to be pretty interesting what takes place.

I have been preparing for this trip for years now, knowing very well that the day would one day arrive when all would line up for me to actually go. That’s where my life is right now, everything is lining up, and not to mention this is the first time I have actually felt ready and capable to go on such a trip. I had a lot of growing to do over the past years, because I had so much anxiety, depression, weight issues, and I also knew deep down there was no way I could have taken this trip a few years ago, but its my dream in life, so I worked on myself keeping that dream at the forefront of everything I did.

I see these experiences I get to have in life as great opportunities for growth, which is my soul purpose here regardless. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff, I can always see the silver lining in everything I do.

Travelling for me has always been the dream for me. I’ve spent countless hours daydreaming of the day when I would be on a one way flight to some foreign country I’ve never been too. I want to see the world, I even got a little airplane on my wrist to remind me of this in case I get distracted by life, it always reminds me of my number one dream.

Everything I have been doing for years now has always had this vision in mind. I would be sweating my ass off at the gym on the stair master, but in my mind, I was actually climbing the stairway to heaven. I definitely believe that I visualized this dream into my reality, for another way to look at it, I created it, because after all, our thoughts create our realities. I am a true believer that we manifest our realities, and I also know that manifestation is now speeding up in the year 2018, so we can expect great changes to be coming!

I’ve always imagined going alone, at least for the first part. Who knows who I could meet along the journey. But I want to start off solo, its something I need to do on my own. Its great for self-improvement too, solo travel. I have no doubt that I will grow in profound ways during this trip.

Read: My experience the first time I solo traveled

Nothing is set in stone yet, I don’t have anything booked, and I probably won’t book anything other than the cheapest one way flight I can get to that area of the world. Once I am there, I go with the flow. Some of the best trips I have ever had were ones that I didn’t plan and just went where the wind took me.

It’s hard because I love to plan, and I want to plan where I will stay each night of the trip, and where I will go. But it never, and I mean never works out for me that way. So it would be silly for me to plan this again knowing that it’s not going to work out, and I will likely just waste money doing so.

Before I do go there’s still a few things I have to do. I must get my passport up to date, apply for any visas needed, save money, get vaccinations, and buy travelers insurance. Oh and make sure all my payments are up to date so I don’t need to worry about any of that during my trip…

It seems that the timing of this trip to happen is perfect too, which is whats pushing me to really follow through on this trip this time. I had tried to take a trip like this or similar in the past, but my courage wasn’t there yet. I simply wasn’t ready yet, I had a lot of fear still. So I had to start with smaller trips to build up that belief in myself, and now that I have done that, I think I am ready for the big trip. The trip I have been thinking about for many years since I was 20 years old!

All I will bring is my backpacking backpack, and just a few things inside. I have gotten good at packing only the basics when traveling now, it’s crazy how much stuff we think we need when we live in a permanent place. I have moved a lot over the past few years, and every time I get rid of more and more stuff, and it’s mindboggling!! I will pretty much become a minimalist once I pack for this trip, and get rid of another large chunk of my stuff…

So I don’t really need much stuff, plus I can buy things I need there. So I will try my best to pack as lightly as possible. I will sleep in hostels and cheap Airbnb which are great for someone like me that needs to be alone often and doesn’t want to spend the entire time in hostels. I want to stay in hostels sometimes thought to meet fellow travelers, but I know there will be days when I just need to be alone! I am kind of a loner… Or I like to call it Hermit, I think I would be just fine in a silent ashram for a while, which actually be something else I do if and when the opportunity comes up, but I am not planning this trip!

I have no idea what will happen, and that is part of the excitement! The world is my oyster, and I intend to keep a full account of my adventures!

2018 is going to be a fantastic year, I can already tell and it’s only just begun!

With love and light

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My intentions for 2018

It seems like setting new years resolutions has gotten a bad reputation over the years. Nobody wants to make them anymore because we know that more often than not, January 2nd rolls around, and we have already broken our resolution. So we give up before the first week has passed.

I have a better way to go about it, that for one, takes all the initial pressure off of January 1st as being the day where major life changes happen, and instead we all should make intentions on what we would like to accomplish at some point during the new year. The intentions you set do not need to be started on the first day of the new year, heck they don’t even need to be started in the first month. Heck you could wait until the very last month of the year, and still accomplish the intention you set for yourself back in January, although I do not recommend this, and you should keep your awareness on your primary intentions as often as possible if you want to accomplish them at least.

For example, in my post:   2017: Year in Review

I went back and noticed my new years resolutions for 2017. Some of them I did complete, such as become vegetarian, although it wasn’t on January 1st like you would expect. In fact, it wasn’t until August that I finally took that plunge and quit eating meat.

You can read more about that experience here: My thoughts on Veganism

But with 2018  approaching, I can’t help but set some new goals, or intentions for myself. I LOVE goal setting and amplifying my life. Writing a list has been the only way I’ve been able to get things accomplished, and if you know my story, I have come a very far way in a few short years.

2018 is going to be the year though, I see great changes coming to not only my own life but anyone who is on a similar path as I am. This is the path I would call Self Discovery, and its such a phenomenal one to be on!

You can read more about my self-discovery journey here: The Journey to Self-Discovery

My intentions for 2018 are:

  1. Reach ideal body once and for all. (This has been a journey for the past 4 years, its time to finally finish the race, my beliefs are finally in line so it shouldn’t be too hard at this point. Before I honestly didn’t believe I could lose weight…)
  2. Get my finances in order. (Again money seems to always elude me, my beliefs regarding money have been getting in the way, but this year I plan to rewire my mind and finally get my finances in order)
  3. Become a vegan. (I am now mostly vegetarian, and I say mostly because I haven’t been able to cut out meat 100% yet and I won’t lie about that. However, being vegetarian for the past 5 months, I have seen so many incredible health benefits, mainly weight loss, and more energy, so I really do intend to make the full vegan switch come 2018. What month I will do it in, I have no idea, but its happening in 2018 for sure.)
  4. Write my truth. (This one is part of my purpose, its why I am here, to share with the world what I know. The way in which I have come to understand life, and humanity. This will be done through this blog, as well as I am currently writing a book entitled: I am Human. Which is my personal perspective of what the hell is going on here, and the story of my life as a human.)
  5. Travel. (Of course if you know me at all, this whole blog is regarding my experiences and travel adventures, so naturally yes I want to travel. My dream is to one day be financially free to the point where I can just go all over the world staying and living in many different countries and cultures in order to learn more about life, humanity, and the earth. Of course, travelling will also help me write my book too!)
  6. Help others. (I know this is kinda a cliche thing to put down as an intention, but at the same time, it needs to be. So easily we forget that one of our main purposes here on Earth is to learn to care for others. We live in a very self-centered, me first society, and I know that if I can help others, it will make the world a brighter place. Maybe I will do some volunteer work, rescue an animal, or teach children. Who knows where the universe will take me!)

So there we have it, folks! My 2018 intentions. I look to the new year with anticipation and excitement! I cannot wait to see how it turns out because if it is anything like 2017 was, I have no idea whats going to happen. Nothing happened the way I planned it to go last year, and I suspect this year coming will be no different.

We must remember that change is inevitable, nothing stays the same forever.

We must learn to embrace change and go with the flow. The universe is waiting for us to just let go and enjoy the wild ride of life!

Go now and make your own intentions for 2018 and leave them in the comments below if you are willing!

Happy New year!


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2017: Year in Review

As the year 2017 comes to an end, I can’t help but always take some time to reflect back on everything I have accomplished, or not accomplished during the year. It is always quite fascinating for me to look back and see how far I have come in just a year, thinking wow, if I could do all that in a year, think of how much I can do in 5 or 10 years.

Thinking big picture like that has always been my strength. I see long-term, what my life can look like in 10 years if I keep doing the things I am doing every day. I see visions of my future self and that is what keeps me moving forward in life. I visualize myself achieving long before it happens, in reality, some goals that I desire.

I don’t worry about things that aren’t in my control, which includes everything outside myself. I cant control the weather, the environment, other people, the animals, or the world. I can only control my own self. Life is such a fascinating journey, and it only feels like I just begun.

I feel more conscious every day and it has started to become a thrilling hunt. I want more. The more and more I understand, the more I want to understand more, and then the flow stops. Maybe I get information overload and I need to take a step back to catch up? It comes in ups and downs, I will either be like high in the clouds, or right down to reality.

So without further ado, let me go back to January 1st, 2017 the first day of the new year.

I was still in the Amway business, so a lot all of my new year’s resolutions were business related, but here the main ones anyway:

  1. Become a vegetarian – (I did this in August!)
  2. Build Amway business to a specific level- (I quit after 16 days of the new year…)
  3. Reach Ideal body (I lost 20 pounds but still not at ideal weight)

I quit Amway on January 16th and never looked back. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I felt free. Freedom to do whatever I wanted in life again, without having to answer to anyone. I truly understood what freewill meant.

From there, I booked a flight to California leaving a day after my 26th birthday, I made an agreement to myself to always no matter how busy life got, that I would take myself on a trip for my birthday. For my 26th bday, I choose Los Angeles but ended up renting a car and driving up along the coast to Santa Barbara. Such an incredible time, and even though it was a fairly simple trip, it still pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Makes me even more grateful now due to all the wildfires in California destroying that whole area I got to explore last year. Read: My thoughts on the California Wildfires

Also, once I quit Amway, I decided I would like to start skiing again, so I started going out to Canmore for a night here and there, I ended up meeting Grant from South Africa, and we started seeing each other. We dated for 2 months before we mutually decided to end it, but during the time we dated, he taught me how to ski, which was awesome!

In March, I lost my job at the cafe that I was at for over 4 years. I had told God previously that whenever He wanted me to quit, that if Sherry just would come over and yell at me I would take that as a sign. The day she yelled at me, I was super sick, so my mental clarity wasn’t there either, so I basically snapped and walked out. Upon leaving the building I felt a big smile spread across my face. I was done. Finally, after 4 years I was walking away from the place that had me trapped because the money was really good. I was finally free!

Worry came and went, mostly because when I quit my job I only had $300 in my bank. But somehow I knew I would be alright, and I always made do. I was unemployed for 2 months during which time I started writing a lot, and I started this very blog!

It was during this time that I prayed to God for an adventure. I was so bored, and I didn’t want to spend another summer in Calgary, I wanted to go somewhere! I craved an adventure! But unfortunately, I only had $13 in my bank account, which couldn’t even afford me a tank of gas.

God answered my prayers though and presented me with the Mobilize jobs company. Which sent me out to Revelstoke to work and live. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Life was so incredible!

Read Life update: The universe is so incredible!

So on May 23, I gave my keys to my landlord, got in my car, and once again drove west. I was full of excitement and anxiety for what I was about to experience. I had no idea what to expect.

Revelstoke was amazing though, looking back sure there were some challenging times, specifically working all those graveyard shifts at Denny’s, but all in all, what a fantastic experience. I grew so much in the two months I was there.

Working at Denny’s, living with my roommates Tamika, and Camila, getting our little bunny Kiwi, meeting and seeing Mark for those two months, and of course, going on day trips to the beach or going on hikes surrounded by the surreal beauty of the mountains.

I spent my evenings outside blown away by the view from my very own patio. What a tremendous experience that was, and it was worth every single fear or worry that I had going into it.

Read My experience living in Revelstoke B.C

After two months, the novelty of it all started to wear off, and if the job hadn’t been so bad I would have stayed. But I didn’t. I quit and decided that enough was enough. From there I went on a week road trip, partway with Camila, part way on my own. During this week, I pushed myself and camped all alone and I also stayed in a hostel for two nights.

From there, I came back to Calgary. I felt depressed for about a week upon returning, mostly because this great adventure I had just been on was over, and I felt that I wouldn’t go on one again for a very long time. It’s funny though how time passes by very quickly.

I quit eating meat on August 1st, and it is incredible the benefits I have received. I feel much less negative than before, I am happier. The excess weight seems to just melt away naturally. I feel more spiritually in tune.

Read My thoughts on Veganism

During August, I found work at egg oasis, and then during the solar eclipse on August 21st, I had an interview at Valley Ridge golf course and got the job. I thought it was a good sign that it was in the middle of the solar eclipse that I had my interview.

In September I worked a lot and made a lot of money. I had a couple thousand dollars in my bank by the end of September, which I was going to use for a trip to Mexico to get some dental work done, but I instead decided to hold onto it and buy myself a set of skis.

I started doing Yoga in October, and I am mad I didn’t do this sooner, I love yoga so much! It makes me so calm, and relaxed, and not to mention the physical benefits I have received. It has given me a much different outlook on my body!

I really started to actually try meditation during November, after just like yoga I kept putting it to the side even though I knew I would benefit from it. I guess with some things you just gotta be fully on board to do something, body, mind, and spirit. My spirit wanted to, but my body and mind were like no meditation is hard and its a waste of time.

I studied, read and wrote a lot during the fall. I  grew my faith more and more by the day, and I dove deep into my own self. My awareness is opening up more day, and I am realizing my full potential and what I am capable of. The more I dive in, the deeper I realize this goes. This is not something that you ever necessarily finish because it is a lifelong learning. When I think about how far I have come in a year, I am interested to see what I can do in 5, 10 or 20 years.

Read Life update: Who am I? 

December will be a reflection month no doubt, and of course, I will probably try planning out the new year, just the same way I planned out 2017 (which nothing happened as I planned out btw)  but its just in my nature to want to plan my life out. Even just knowing this is a rough framework to follow, which is more along the lines of how I plan things out now anyway.

The main lesson I have taken away this year is probably present moment awareness. I have been trying to remain present as much as I can, which is something all the great masters have taught. I find I am much more calm and happy when I can just enjoy the moment, and not always worrying about whats next. I noticed I did it a lot when I would be enjoying a beautiful walk in the park, but I would already be thinking about what I needed to do when I got home.

Being present is something that one must continually work on because it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to most. The benefits of doing it are extraordinary, you realize how much you’ve missed in life just because you were too lost in thought to enjoy some of the little things in life. Mindfulness and meditation have been complete game-changers for me this year, and I intend to make those a priority come 2018. I have big plans for the new year, but still, nothing is set in stone, I go with the flow, and that alone has led me to some amazing opportunities!

I am confident now more than ever, and I have a very clear path ahead of me, I also know I am on the right path because of all the soul work I have been doing. Life is so wonderful, and I seriously cannot wait to see what it has in store for me!

“I am who I am, your approval is not needed” 

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Who am I really?

Its been a few months now since I returned from my Revelstoke Adventure, and it has been a time in which my spiritual growth has accelerated greatly. It seems I am waking up at a faster rate than I had in the past, and with any spiritual awakening, you begin to question, well who am I?

The person I thought I was this entire life so far is not actually who I am. Not in the same sense after you experience an awakening anyways. You begin to question everything you once thought you were and what you arent.

I have realized that I am not my name, my age, or the country I live in. I am not even my thoughts, those are just a by-product of my experience. I am, and always have been, the observer of my life. I am the pure/ conscious awareness, the overlooker of my life.

I am eternal, I have lived many lifetimes in the past, and I will have many more lifetimes in the future. I believe reincarnation to be the truth, and I will likely write a post on that someday soon.

My blog has now taken a new shift, and instead of just writing about all the life experiences and adventures I go on, which I will still do, but I will also write about the journey my soul is on, and it has experienced quite a lot in the past few months alone. I just wasn’t necessarily ready to write about it yet. But I think now is the time.

I will talk about matters I find of interest. Specifically the existence of Extraterrestrial life, and why I believe they are here to help humanity.

I will also write about the origin of humanity the way I have come to understand it. I am not a scientific person or mathematical for that matter, so when I write I don’t use that type of language, but I write in a way I hope anyone can understand.

It is my purpose during this lifetime to help humanity wake up and realize who they are. We have been kept in the dark for many, many years now to our origins, and its finally time to remember. Great changes are on the horizon for humanity! The future looks very bright!

When I was a small girl, I felt very different from everyone around me, it felt like I knew something they didn’t. Everyone seemed so confused, unconscious, and what was worse, they didnt want to seem to expand their awareness, they were quite happy living in this tiny box reality. I, on the other hand, was a dreamer, I thought big thoughts. In fact, I often thought that I was here to change the world. I had this intuitive knowing that I was here for a reason, I would make a difference on Earth.

But then I thought everyone must feel that same way.

It wasn’t until I got older, in my mid-twenties that I began to realize that not a single person agreed with me on that. When opening up to someone and telling them that I believed I was here to change the world, I was met with a confused look, as though I had 7 heads or something. Sure saying you will change the world is a pretty bold statement, but it’s usually those people that end up doing it.

I began to think, well maybe I am alone in this? Maybe I am the only one who is wanting to change the world. But once I again I was wrong on this assumption. I was far from alone, and in fact, there were millions of others just like me who felt like aliens on this planet. We had no idea why we were here, but we just felt different, but we couldn’t explain that to anyone for fear of judgment and ridicule. We stayed in the silence for far too long, and finally, the day has come where we can speak our truth to humanity!

It’s time.

If you were waiting for a sign to go out and live your own truth, this is it. Stop worrying about what others might think, humanity and our earth needs you!

“I am who I am, your approval is not needed” 


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Life update: The battle over my ego

“When the ego dies, the soul awakes” -Mahatma Gandhi.

So I haven’t posted on my blog site now for a while, and at one point I even considered scrapping it completely. You see, I’ve been battling with my ego for a while now, and it was trying to convince me that I couldn’t do this, that I wouldn’t succeed at writing this blog, and I should just give up… I’m wiser than that now and decided not to listen to my ego and instead went off of what my soul wanted to do, and the soul wants me to keep the blog and to continue writing about matters I find important, so that’s what I’ll do. I know who has my best interests at heart now, and it certainly isn’t my ego.

The path I would like to take with my blog is the theme I have been thinking about for awhile, which will be my path to self-discovery. It will focus on my own experiences on my own path to self-discovery, which is in my honest opinion one of the greatest journeys one can and should take in life. During this journey, you will learn so much about yourself, and you will learn a pretty vast sea of knowledge and gain the wisdom of the universe. Seriously, this is some very powerful stuff I am talking about here. The self is the most fascinating journey one will ever go on, and I have been on it for a few years now, I don’t really know the exact day I decided to learn everything I possibly could about myself, but I do remember intentionally stating that I would spend as much time as I could to learn about myself, and my mind. I’ve always been intrigued by the mind and how it works.

On this journey I have encountered many challenges, and road bumps, it definitely hasn’t been the smoothest journey, but I have learned a great deal in my life so far, and now that I am more intently focused on learning about myself even more than before, it seems to be flourishing. When you focus on a child, the child does better knowing that you’re watching. So the same thing happens when you start to focus on yourself, and I can’t even explain how much you will want to improve yourself and the rest of your life… But more on self-discovery another time!

I want to share with you something that has happened to me over the last few weeks. I have been absolutely terrified to share some of my deeper posts because my ego was getting in the way, making me worried about what other people would think about what I had to say.

I went from being terrified one month ago, to here in the present moment, where I can post some writings I never once thought I would post. Below are some of my personal writings, but I feel compelled to share them with you. These are entries I wrote in my journal that help me keep tabs on what I am experiencing each day because I am growing a lot and its hard to keep up sometimes with what I learn each day, and this ego fading is what I have been undergoing over the last few weeks.

the-ego-is-not-who-you-really-are-deepak-chopra (2).jpg

September 24th, 2017

I have been struggling lately, over the past couple of weeks, over a battle with my ego. As it would seem, my ego is who I think I am. My first and last name, my experiences, the person I think that I am, and who everyone else thinks I am.

It’s not that I don’t care about others, I do deeply. Its that I don’t care what others think of me, or at least I don’t want to. But whenever I try to get out of this damn social trap I am caught in, my ego sucks me back in reminding me about how much I crave the approval from others.

I have been struggling to write on this blog lately because of this very fact. I am getting more and more traffic now coming to my site, which means people are actually reading my stuff, which absolutely terrifies me, and I don’t know why. I actually have always been fearful of that, other people reading my work, which is kinda silly since I do have a blog which is public to anyone and everyone to see it., and a big dream of mine is to be an author.

“But how can you be an author if you’re scared of people reading your book?” My ego points out.

Writing my thoughts out for the world to see is far too terrifying. I could never do that. I don’t think I could be a writer. But I feel like this is what I need to do in life. Ugh, the conflict! 

If you saw how many drafts I had going on of stuff I have written previously and is now collecting dust in the “draft area” of my site, you would either laugh at me or feel plain bad for me.

I just can’t bring myself to post some of this stuff I write about, and I dunno why. Why am I so scared to put my writing out there?

Even when I look back on my very first blog post, it is extremely evident that I was nervous about posting it… Every single post I have ever posted I have been nervous, some of which I quickly remove immediately after anyway… I want to be a writer, yet I am terrified of people reading my work. This doesn’t seem like a very good fit. 

So I realize that this is an issue I have, and I do need to work through it because I do feel like this is part of my life purpose, to write out some of the stuff I know in order to help share my knowledge with others, and I really can’t do that if I am scared to share my work…

I need to get over this ego issue because it is quite silly if you ask me, constantly worried about what other people are thinking of me, worried about their approval, which they don’t even know the real me anyway, so what does it matter what they think of me?

October 14th 

I have been doing my best to not plan my life out for a while now when I realized that no matter what I would plan out, nothing ever happened in the way I expected. So I just decided to quit planning and trust that the universe, AKA the same force that guides the stars, guides my life as well, and knows whats best for me. 

It’s a scary thing to do, the transition from being in control of our lives to let go of our expectations and attachments and truly allowing the universe to take over. It has been a scary journey but boy has it ever been amazing. 

What I learned last night is life changing. Its like, wow, every day that passes I realize more and more what I am truly capable of. What I can accomplish in this lifetime. Who I can become and the impact I can have on others. The challenging part is who to listen to. There are different parts of you that you may or may not be aware of, but they are there regardless and want to give you feedback on how to live your life.

One voice is your ego. He/she is there mostly always, he never rests, and even when it is time to rest, your ego doesn’t want to go to bed because he has lots of stuff to do and say. He is pretty loud and annoying, he wants attention, he wants to be seen and heard. Most people listen to this voice without giving it a second thought, but the issue here is this voice can be extremely negative and will create negative beliefs and patterns in your brain, it has been led to believe that it lives in a hostile universe. We must question everything the ego tells us to do, knowing exactly what it is after, which doesn’t have our highest self in mind. The only resource your ego has to work with is our memories, so it will pull information out from the past and remind you as to why you should or shouldn’t do something. weight loss goals can be sabotaged very easily by the ego because it will tell you all the reasons (from past memories) of why you won’t succeed, like you’re a comfort eater, or you feel terrible at the gym, so you end up quitting. The ego is the voice that lives in fear, and we’ve asked to move in.

The second voice we can choose to listen to, call it whatever, intuition, inspiration, the divine, God, it can come in various names. This voice is the quiet part of you that most of us fail to even notice is there. There is a reason why meditation is such a powerful tool. It helps to quiet the ego so that we can listen to the quiet voice within that only wants whats best for us. When you begin to listen to inspiration over memory/ego wonderful things begin to happen, it’s extraordinary what starts popping into your life when you allow it.

Your life truly begins to take off when you quit listening to the ego, and instead, listen to the Divine, let go of expectation or attachment to any result or outcome and let the universe guide you. And above all, love yourself like there is nothing else.

October 17th

So it has been one month now since I started to really focus on my ego, and what it was, and all the things it was telling me to do., something of which I hadn’t really done much of in the past, but the ego seemed to be getting more and more in the way, so I started to focus my awareness on it. What an interesting ride this has been, I have actually been working on my ego, and it seems like I’ve done a good job at quieting it!

I have been doing more meditation and yoga lately, and it has really helped me to distinguish the different voices within and to know what my ego is even concerned with so I can help work on those aspects… It feels like my ego has slowly been diminishing over the last few weeks, and each day I become more and more confident, and more in love with myself than ever before. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and Now I am free of worry, anxiety, approval of others, fear of the unknown, I am sure I could go on, but you get the idea.

My mind is clear and focused like never before. I have actually been writing more than ever before and pursuing my lifelong dream of writing a book, specifically a book about the story of my life, which has been a very interesting journey so far, and I have learned so much already and it’s only just the beginning.

I’ve never received so much inspiration in my life as I am right now, I believe with a full heart that it is because I have quieted my ego and finally started to listen to the voice within.

I don’t feel like I will ever completely get rid of my ego, that is an extremely hard thing to do that would take many years of practice, but I do believe that I now am in the drivers seat of my life for the first time, and my ego is riding in the backseat where it should be, and I can take advice from her if I feel the need, but for the most part I listen to my soul. I feel like I can now post freely on any topics I feel inspired to write about, without my ego getting in the way and sabotaging me.



The fact that I am brave enough to post this, which is my own personal reflections, shows myself that I am letting go of what the ego is worried about, and a big worry for the ego is what others will think of you, which does prevent a lot of people from going after their dreams in life because they are concerned about what others will think. We get caught in this illusion our ego creates about what life is and who we are, that we really do believe it, never reaching for more in life because we have convinced ourselves that we are nothing more than what our egos believe. This illusion prevents us from living our grandest life because we get trapped in this fear mindset which is where the ego lives… And we are his roommate that does everything he asks without question, and well continue to do this up until we start focusing in on what he is asking from us and why, then going from there.

I used to write and think to myself, I don’t even know why I bother writing. There is no way I would ever be able to share some of my stuff on the internet with anyone and everyone able to read it. I used to look at others who were accomplishing so much in life and wish I could do the same thing, but I thought I would never have the courage to do any of that.

But now I feel free and able to do anything I want. My potential has finally been revealed to me, and its a truly beautiful thing. We are capable of so much more than we think we are, and we fail to realize this because we let the ego run the show, who never allows us to experience the magic in the present moment, and the ego doesn’t want you doing anything that could cause you to feel guilty, shameful, rejected, fearful, and so it tries to keeps you safe and secure living a very limited life of mediocracy.

Your life is up to you and you only, and one of the first steps to improving your life is to figure out who you are, go on the journey of self-discovery and you will truly be amazed at what you find out about yourself, and what you are capable of.

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I feel I am finally free to do what I came to earth to do, which I have figured out is to write and share my message, which I am beginning to understand clearer and clearer each day. I feel I can finally write about any topic I wish, no matter how crazy it may seem, and I will be able to actually share it because my ego won’t stop me! Well, it might still try, but I hope I will continue to win the fight!

Please feel free to leave me comments about your experiences with your own egos!
Thanks for reading 🙂

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