Life update: The battle over my ego

“When the ego dies, the soul awakes” -Mahatma Gandhi.

So I haven’t posted on my blog site now for a while, and at one point I even considered scrapping it completely. You see, I’ve been battling with my ego for a while now, and it was trying to convince me that I couldn’t do this, that I wouldn’t succeed at writing this blog, and I should just give up… I’m wiser than that now and decided not to listen to my ego and instead went off of what my soul wanted to do, and the soul wants me to keep the blog and to continue writing about matters I find important, so that’s what I’ll do. I know who has my best interests at heart now, and it certainly isn’t my ego.

The path I would like to take with my blog is the theme I have been thinking about for awhile, which will be my path to self-discovery. It will focus on my own experiences on my own path to self-discovery, which is in my honest opinion one of the greatest journeys one can and should take in life. During this journey, you will learn so much about yourself, and you will learn a pretty vast sea of knowledge and gain the wisdom of the universe. Seriously, this is some very powerful stuff I am talking about here. The self is the most fascinating journey one will ever go on, and I have been on it for a few years now, I don’t really know the exact day I decided to learn everything I possibly could about myself, but I do remember intentionally stating that I would spend as much time as I could to learn about myself, and my mind. I’ve always been intrigued by the mind and how it works.

On this journey I have encountered many challenges, and road bumps, it definitely hasn’t been the smoothest journey, but I have learned a great deal in my life so far, and now that I am more intently focused on learning about myself even more than before, it seems to be flourishing. When you focus on a child, the child does better knowing that you’re watching. So the same thing happens when you start to focus on yourself, and I can’t even explain how much you will want to improve yourself and the rest of your life… But more on self-discovery another time!

I want to share with you something that has happened to me over the last few weeks. I have been absolutely terrified to share some of my deeper posts because my ego was getting in the way, making me worried about what other people would think about what I had to say.

I went from being terrified one month ago, to here in the present moment, where I can post some writings I never once thought I would post. Below are some of my personal writings, but I feel compelled to share them with you. These are entries I wrote in my journal that help me keep tabs on what I am experiencing each day because I am growing a lot and its hard to keep up sometimes with what I learn each day, and this ego fading is what I have been undergoing over the last few weeks.

the-ego-is-not-who-you-really-are-deepak-chopra (2).jpg

September 24th, 2017

I have been struggling lately, over the past couple of weeks, over a battle with my ego. As it would seem, my ego is who I think I am. My first and last name, my experiences, the person I think that I am, and who everyone else thinks I am.

It’s not that I don’t care about others, I do deeply. Its that I don’t care what others think of me, or at least I don’t want to. But whenever I try to get out of this damn social trap I am caught in, my ego sucks me back in reminding me about how much I crave the approval from others.

I have been struggling to write on this blog lately because of this very fact. I am getting more and more traffic now coming to my site, which means people are actually reading my stuff, which absolutely terrifies me, and I don’t know why. I actually have always been fearful of that, other people reading my work, which is kinda silly since I do have a blog which is public to anyone and everyone to see it., and a big dream of mine is to be an author.

“But how can you be an author if you’re scared of people reading your book?” My ego points out.

Writing my thoughts out for the world to see is far too terrifying. I could never do that. I don’t think I could be a writer. But I feel like this is what I need to do in life. Ugh, the conflict! 

If you saw how many drafts I had going on of stuff I have written previously and is now collecting dust in the “draft area” of my site, you would either laugh at me or feel plain bad for me.

I just can’t bring myself to post some of this stuff I write about, and I dunno why. Why am I so scared to put my writing out there?

Even when I look back on my very first blog post, it is extremely evident that I was nervous about posting it… Every single post I have ever posted I have been nervous, some of which I quickly remove immediately after anyway… I want to be a writer, yet I am terrified of people reading my work. This doesn’t seem like a very good fit. 

So I realize that this is an issue I have, and I do need to work through it because I do feel like this is part of my life purpose, to write out some of the stuff I know in order to help share my knowledge with others, and I really can’t do that if I am scared to share my work…

I need to get over this ego issue because it is quite silly if you ask me, constantly worried about what other people are thinking of me, worried about their approval, which they don’t even know the real me anyway, so what does it matter what they think of me?

October 14th 

I have been doing my best to not plan my life out for a while now when I realized that no matter what I would plan out, nothing ever happened in the way I expected. So I just decided to quit planning and trust that the universe, AKA the same force that guides the stars, guides my life as well, and knows whats best for me. 

It’s a scary thing to do, the transition from being in control of our lives to let go of our expectations and attachments and truly allowing the universe to take over. It has been a scary journey but boy has it ever been amazing. 

What I learned last night is life changing. Its like, wow, every day that passes I realize more and more what I am truly capable of. What I can accomplish in this lifetime. Who I can become and the impact I can have on others. The challenging part is who to listen to. There are different parts of you that you may or may not be aware of, but they are there regardless and want to give you feedback on how to live your life.

One voice is your ego. He/she is there mostly always, he never rests, and even when it is time to rest, your ego doesn’t want to go to bed because he has lots of stuff to do and say. He is pretty loud and annoying, he wants attention, he wants to be seen and heard. Most people listen to this voice without giving it a second thought, but the issue here is this voice can be extremely negative and will create negative beliefs and patterns in your brain, it has been led to believe that it lives in a hostile universe. We must question everything the ego tells us to do, knowing exactly what it is after, which doesn’t have our highest self in mind. The only resource your ego has to work with is our memories, so it will pull information out from the past and remind you as to why you should or shouldn’t do something. weight loss goals can be sabotaged very easily by the ego because it will tell you all the reasons (from past memories) of why you won’t succeed, like you’re a comfort eater, or you feel terrible at the gym, so you end up quitting. The ego is the voice that lives in fear, and we’ve asked to move in.

The second voice we can choose to listen to, call it whatever, intuition, inspiration, the divine, God, it can come in various names. This voice is the quiet part of you that most of us fail to even notice is there. There is a reason why meditation is such a powerful tool. It helps to quiet the ego so that we can listen to the quiet voice within that only wants whats best for us. When you begin to listen to inspiration over memory/ego wonderful things begin to happen, it’s extraordinary what starts popping into your life when you allow it.

Your life truly begins to take off when you quit listening to the ego, and instead, listen to the Divine, let go of expectation or attachment to any result or outcome and let the universe guide you. And above all, love yourself like there is nothing else.

October 17th

So it has been one month now since I started to really focus on my ego, and what it was, and all the things it was telling me to do., something of which I hadn’t really done much of in the past, but the ego seemed to be getting more and more in the way, so I started to focus my awareness on it. What an interesting ride this has been, I have actually been working on my ego, and it seems like I’ve done a good job at quieting it!

I have been doing more meditation and yoga lately, and it has really helped me to distinguish the different voices within and to know what my ego is even concerned with so I can help work on those aspects… It feels like my ego has slowly been diminishing over the last few weeks, and each day I become more and more confident, and more in love with myself than ever before. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and Now I am free of worry, anxiety, approval of others, fear of the unknown, I am sure I could go on, but you get the idea.

My mind is clear and focused like never before. I have actually been writing more than ever before and pursuing my lifelong dream of writing a book, specifically a book about the story of my life, which has been a very interesting journey so far, and I have learned so much already and it’s only just the beginning.

I’ve never received so much inspiration in my life as I am right now, I believe with a full heart that it is because I have quieted my ego and finally started to listen to the voice within.

I don’t feel like I will ever completely get rid of my ego, that is an extremely hard thing to do that would take many years of practice, but I do believe that I now am in the drivers seat of my life for the first time, and my ego is riding in the backseat where it should be, and I can take advice from her if I feel the need, but for the most part I listen to my soul. I feel like I can now post freely on any topics I feel inspired to write about, without my ego getting in the way and sabotaging me.



The fact that I am brave enough to post this, which is my own personal reflections, shows myself that I am letting go of what the ego is worried about, and a big worry for the ego is what others will think of you, which does prevent a lot of people from going after their dreams in life because they are concerned about what others will think. We get caught in this illusion our ego creates about what life is and who we are, that we really do believe it, never reaching for more in life because we have convinced ourselves that we are nothing more than what our egos believe. This illusion prevents us from living our grandest life because we get trapped in this fear mindset which is where the ego lives… And we are his roommate that does everything he asks without question, and well continue to do this up until we start focusing in on what he is asking from us and why, then going from there.

I used to write and think to myself, I don’t even know why I bother writing. There is no way I would ever be able to share some of my stuff on the internet with anyone and everyone able to read it. I used to look at others who were accomplishing so much in life and wish I could do the same thing, but I thought I would never have the courage to do any of that.

But now I feel free and able to do anything I want. My potential has finally been revealed to me, and its a truly beautiful thing. We are capable of so much more than we think we are, and we fail to realize this because we let the ego run the show, who never allows us to experience the magic in the present moment, and the ego doesn’t want you doing anything that could cause you to feel guilty, shameful, rejected, fearful, and so it tries to keeps you safe and secure living a very limited life of mediocracy.

Your life is up to you and you only, and one of the first steps to improving your life is to figure out who you are, go on the journey of self-discovery and you will truly be amazed at what you find out about yourself, and what you are capable of.

Please take a look at my other post if you want to learn more about
getting to know yourself:

Why getting to know yourself is so important in life

I feel I am finally free to do what I came to earth to do, which I have figured out is to write and share my message, which I am beginning to understand clearer and clearer each day. I feel I can finally write about any topic I wish, no matter how crazy it may seem, and I will be able to actually share it because my ego won’t stop me! Well, it might still try, but I hope I will continue to win the fight!

Please feel free to leave me comments about your experiences with your own egos!
Thanks for reading 🙂

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Life update: Revelstoke is over… Now what?

So it’s now been 1 month since I returned home from my Revelstoke adventure, and it’s been a pretty productive month considering I barely left the house for the first week.

After my Revelstoke adventure which immediately led to a wonderful road trip with my previous roommate I was left a little unsure about what to do next. After Revelstoke ended I was in short homeless, and very quickly running out of money, and so the only logical thing to do would be to go home. So that’s what I ended up doing. I went back to Calgary. No matter what I seem to do, I always end up back here, and I am now starting to embrace it, but I didn’t at the time.

I basically arrived home with a heavy heart saying goodbye to everyone I had come to know in Revelstoke, and I felt a little depressed because I really didn’t want my adventure to be over yet, I wanted to keep going but alas I had run out of money, and had no place to live anymore in Revelstoke or a job, plus all my friends that I made during my first couple months there also decided to leave. So it was just more understandable for me to go back home…

So I arrived back in Calgary after going on a 10 day road trip throughout BC, and I felt kinda depressed when I first came home though because I felt like my adventures and fun was over forever, which of course I know it’s not, not even close, but in the moment that’s how I felt. I really didn’t see a future anymore.

It was a pretty low time for me…

This lasted for about a week where I didn’t want to leave the house at all, I didn’t really want to do anything whatsoever… So I stayed inside reading and writing and self-reflecting, oh and I was sleeping a lot. Like every day 10+ hours… I was super unmotivated and lazy…

I finally forced myself to go job hunting, and it was absolutely awful, as I just didn’t want to work anymore, I hate working now especially serving jobs, which I can’t seem to get out of because it’s pretty good money and it’s instant. It’s the perfect job for someone that likes instant gratification, such as myself…

I eventually got a job, working early mornings serving at a breakfast place three days a week, I knew it wouldn’t be enough money but it would definitely be a great start! My usual action plan is to get two part time jobs, usually a morning breakfast place, and an evening dinner place, so I can work really hard on the weekends, and make all the money I need while getting most of the week off to do other things I enjoy, like writing for example.

After about 2 weeks of being back home, I finally started to get my motivation and ambition back, and so I went and got a gym membership so I could start working out again and feeling energized. I do have some fitness goals over the next three months, and I am at the point now that it has to happen. It’s now or never sorta thing, because I have been at this battle for too long now, and it’s time I finally win!!!

I have learned that it really is a mental game after all, and working out is just one piece of the puzzle, and now that I have adopted a plant based diet, which I started on August 1st, I feel like everything is actually lining up for me to reach my weight loss goals.

My thoughts on Veganism – Read here

I also went on a fairly long hike with two of my best friends, the same hike we did two years prior where I didn’t know it at the time, but I found God again the very first time we did this hike, as I realized that EArth was not by accident, there was no way this was just a random occurrence. No, no something created this world. And I opened myself up to the possibility to there being a higher power, something I had shut the door on years prior.

This hike has always been life changing for me, and so we decided to do it again and sure enough, I did have some profound realizations during it. Hiking is such a great way I find to connect to the source (God) and I always find I gain such incredible insights while hiking, after all, you usually are in meditation while hiking, with very little “real life crap” to distract you. I definitely feel like I need to go hiking more often.


I have also recently enrolled in several courses on UDEMY.COM which is actually such a great site if you are into personal development as much as I am! They have a course for literally anything you can imagine!

I am currently enrolled in a life coaching course because that is the career path I am most drawn to doing in my life, it just really seems like the perfect career for me, as it is my life’s purpose to help as many people as I can succeed and live a fulfilling life. As a life coach, you help others realize their dreams and true potential in life, and help them recognize their own limiting beliefs that are holding them back from living a great life.

It is my number one goal in life to help inspire and encourage others to step outside their comfort zones and take the steps towards living a wonderful life.

I am also enrolled in a blogging course, a hypnotherapy course, a NLP practitioner course, a French course because I am finally learning the French language and I am also in a yoga course, because I have been meaning to take up yoga now for several months, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

I also got the 2nd part time job working at an extremely nice golf course close to my home where I will be banquet serving for weddings, tournaments and special events. This will be great because I know it will be very good money, banquet serving usually is from my experience anyway. Plus it’s perfect cause they only need me a couple shifts a week, which is ideally all I want in order to not get burnt out.

All in all, I feel like August has been an incredibly personal and spiritual development month for me, and it’s truly remarkable how much I’ve grown. I find myself saying that a lot “its crazy how much I’ve grown in XX number of months, years, etc” Like looking back I am blown away by my progress I have made, and most of it wasn’t even intentional. Now that I am living life with the intent to learn and grow, there’s really no telling how much I can accomplish.

I guess we often underestimate what is possible and what we are capable of achieving. Daily I find I don’t notice too many changes at all, and sometimes I feel discouraged by it, sometimes a whole week will pass by that I feel I didn’t do very much. But then looking back monthly, I realize just how much I have grown, and how far I’ve come. Like I am a completely different person than before I moved to Revelstoke, and it’s really only been 4 very short months since I moved there on quite the whim.

Life is a pretty crazy adventure if you ask me, and I am grateful for each and every moment that it brings me.

Anyways, with that being said, I am definitely back in the game, and I am ready to go for it this time!! Things are really starting to fall into place for me, and I am back with two feet firmly planted on the ground running towards my dream life.

I will certainly be busy for the next few months, but I know I will see some amazing results because of it!

That’s all for now folks!

Until next time…

Keep dreaming BIG!


My experience living in Revelstoke B.C

My experience living in Revelstoke B.C

Well, it’s now officially been one month since I returned home after yet another great adventure. It feels good to be home, to be honest, I feel happy, comfortable and safe here, which is a nice feeling to have especially right after the wild ride I just went on.

I feel like I am finally ready to talk about my experience in Revelstoke that I had this summer, because when I first arrived home from the adventure, I really didn’t want to do anything at all, and I normally need some time to reflect on the experience before I write about it…  Plus I felt a little depressed for the first couple of weeks upon returning home, but I am feeling much better now, and will be writing a life update about what I am up to nowadays very soon!

If you don’t already know, I moved to Revelstoke this past spring, which you can read more about here: Life Update: One month in Revelstoke! 

But basically what happened was, I moved to Revelstoke On May 23rd, 2017 as part of this job placement program called Mobilize jobs. They placed me working at the Dennys, which was located very conveniently for tourists right along the Trans-Canada highway, and it was by far the worst job I ever had…. No exaggeration.

They were the most dysfunctional restaurant I have ever worked in my entire life, and the management had no respect whatsoever for their staff, not in even the slightest way. They threw me on the morning, swing and graveyard shifts, all in the very same week, and then they didn’t understand why I was grumpy, tired and just downright exhausted. It’s like they had no clue a person can’t just re-adjust their sleep schedules in a single day like that.

Dennys is open 24 hours a day, which sucks a lot! But all my training was done on the morning shift, so I learned mainly the breakfast side of things. Once I actually was done training, I had a swing shift which is 5-11pm, and I had not been taught a single thing about alcohol, so that was not a very fun shift at all for me, I along with the one other person I was working with crashed very hard for a couple of hours to the point that I almost walked out on my shift.

Actually, I was tempted to walk out mid-shift more than once, there were several times when it would cross my mind. The only issue was I was living in staff accommodation so by walking out or quitting I would need to pack up my things and leave within 24 hours. I would have to say though that this was the one and only reason I stayed working there for so long. I hated it so very much, and I found myself constantly saying how ‘I hated my life” quite frequently while I was there.

They scheduled me for graveyard shifts too because the job placement program I came with, allowed the Dennys to basically schedule me whenever they wanted…. So I had no say in my availability. The manager one day actually told me that I had no rights… I didn’t like hearing that at all, it pissed me off royally.

So I get these shitty graveyard shifts 11pm-7am for 3 weeks in total during my two months in Revelstoke, and I absolutely HATED MY LIFE during those few weeks. The only plus side to working the graveyard shifts is that they are very slack, I could have gotten away with anything I wanted to on those shifts, but at the same time so could the customers, and there were quite a few times that I was either really mad that I was serving drunken idiots or young punk kids, or legit scared that a table was going to do something bad, like start a fight….  I also got to enjoy the nice days if I wasn’t busy sleeping, so that was also pretty nice! But for the most part, I dreaded work every single day, although my roommates were all in the shit hole with me working at Denny’s, so we helped each other through it, which made it OKAY. Plus they would come visit me on my graveyard shifts, which made it much more enjoyable…

These photos were all taken on the graveyard shifts,
I had to make some use of my time :p 


In the month of June though, I watched as people started to quit left, right and center, I think we saw at least 10 people quit in the month of June for one reason or another, right at the same time we were heading right into the busy season of summer. This was not a good sign at all. Being understaffed is the worst because you end up working twice, if not three times as hard, and make no extra money for it., as a server you end up making less money because you are running around like a chicken with your head cut-off giving poor service to your tables because you are just too busy, so then they don’t leave a tip.

Plus because this Revelstoke Dennys was so tourist focused, so quite a lot of tables don’t actually tip anyways because they know they’ll never see you again. What people don’t actually realize, is that when you don’t tip your server for whatever reason you have, the server ends up PAYING out of their own money to serve you. Yes, we still have to tip out on a percentage of your bill to the kitchen staff regardless of whether or not you tipped. So I had quite a few of those, not because of bad service but more likely because they were just passing through and just didn’t feel like tipping, although sometimes I did probably give poor service because I was so damn busy, it really did suck when that happened. One lady literally told me she wasn’t going to tip because they had an expensive vacation so far and couldn’t afford the couple bucks to leave a tip. It wasn’t even my table and I was mad.

When you walk into a restaurant and see the place full, and staff running around the place frantically, why on earth would you think “Ohh, this will be a nice, quick stop!” ??? It baffled me how many complaints we as the servers would get regarding food wait times like I personally was back there in the kitchen making the food for them, or I had some special way to put the ticket in front of the 20 other tickets to make it come out quicker.

Man, I am STILL bitter about this damn Dennys. Even though it has been almost two months since I worked there!

On the plus side my roommates and I were given free rent to work at this Dennys (we still got paid minimum wage plus tips on top of that) so we weren’t broke necessarily, but we were living in a 3 bedroom apartment in what is nicknamed by the town of Revelstoke as the “crack gardens”.

It was this low-income type housing that apparently was some sort of drug/ party hotspot for the locals of Revelstoke. So that was really nice, especially for someone such as myself that is going down the personal development & spirituality path. So the association wasn’t exactly the kind of people I wanted to be around. So I definitely distanced myself away from most of the Dennys people, knowing I didn’t really care much to get to know them.

SO I realized that I needed to leave this job as soon as possible because I definitely didn’t see myself doing it for the rest of summer like I was supposed too…  So I started making arrangments to get out. I waited first until I had at least $1000 saved up so that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about what I was going to do next. Once I had enough money,
I handed in my two weeks notice one morning after a long and grueling graveyard shift and instantly felt relief. I cannot explain how bad this place was to work because you really do have to experience it for yourself, but never in my life have I hated a job so much. The only saving grace was honestly working alongside my roommates, and the other staff was all really great! We were just basically slaves there, run off our feet every single shift.

I cannot explain how bad this place was to work because you really do have to experience it for yourself, but never in my life have I hated a job so much. We were just basically slaves there, run off our feet every single shift, wanting to cry half the time.

On a positive note, it was nice working alongside my two roommates, because we would come home every day from work, and spend half the night bitching to each other about how shitty our day was and sharing stories about the ridiculous customers we had, or something the management did or said… It made it all, okay, knowing that I had them to come home and bitch to at the end of my shift.

I honestly never thought that I would enjoy having roommates that much going into the experience, actually going in I was terrified that I would not like living with roommates and that I wouldn’t get along with them, but I was genuinely sad to say goodbye to them at the end. Although we have kept in touch since it is still sad because that adventure is over now. However, I did get to enjoy every minute of it, and I have some incredible memories to always remember!


On our days off we would go hiking or spend the day at the beach, or just kick around the house playing with our little Kiwi (the bunny we acquired during our time there)  We did have lots of fun, and went on quite a few adventures, we even managed to go on a road trip to Jasper at one point,  so all in all,  it made the shitty Dennys job somewhat manageable in the long run… I wouldn’t have stayed the first night had it not been for Tamika, my first roommate because she was the only reason I stayed at the beginning.

Here are two posts from when I was actually IN Revelstoke, at the very beginning!
Life Update: My first few days in Revelstoke B.C
Life Update: One month in Revelstoke!

Revelstoke B.C

I didn’t finish my last two weeks at Denny’s unfortunately and decided to just call it quits right after Canada day long weekend. I was bad, and just quit showing up, but honestly, screw that, I wasn’t giving up any more of my precious time for a job I actually couldn’t stand. I had too much anxiety going to work, and it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore. So from there, I stayed in the staff accommodation until they basically kicked me out, and I spent a couple of days soaking up the sun, enjoying BC as much as I could because I knew eventually I would come back home to good old Calgary.

My last few days in Revelstoke were quite sad, I didn’t actually want it to end yet, but knew that it had to. I spent as much time outside as I could the last week, just trying to explore as much as I could. To be fair I did expect to have more time to explore, but then after I quite Dennys, it became clear that my time was coming to an end so I had to do as much as possible during those last few days.

All in all, my experience in Revelstoke was one of the most incredible experiences of my life despite the job itself. I made some of the most incredible memories and went on some pretty great adventures with my friends. I am sad it is over but so grateful- that I was able to have that experience. If I could turn back the clock, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, even the graveyard shifts now make for a funny story to tell people.

Revelstoke will always hold a place in my heart, and whenever I drive through I will be sure to stop at one of my favorite restaurants for a meal, and maybe go on the pipe coaster again!

After I left Revelstoke, my one roommate also quit Dennys around the same time as me, and so we decided to go on a road trip together through B.C before she headed home to Regina, and I back to Calgary, we agreed to go to Kelowna for a couple of days cause we had both never been, and of course I fell in love with and wanted to move there right away, but knew that wouldn’t be feasible, so hopefully one day I will get to live there!

We spent a lot of time at the beach getting a nice tan going, and then spent an entire day at her families poolside enjoying the sun and a few drinks, knowing that it was our last full day together it was a bittersweet day. We had become really good friends during our time together, and saying goodbye to her the next day as she left on a greyhound wasn’t easy at all. However, we do have plans to go on more adventures once we get our finances in order again, so I look forward to that!

She actually was the reason I decided to eat a plant-based diet, which you can read more about here: My thoughts on Veganism


From there I embarked on my own solo road trip, which was about 4 days in which I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and went camping all alone for the first time in Naskusp, which was such an unbelievably beautiful town. Then I drove to Nelson B.C and stayed in a hostel for a couple days while I explored this quaint town famous for their coffee shops (which were btw really awesome) and Nelson is also a very spiritual town, so I especially enjoyed it. I met some pretty interesting people as well, who were traveling through Canada, one from Mexico, and a girl from Russia. The girl was my roommate, and we stayed up chatting both nights together. At that point, however, the forest fires were getting pretty terrible, and it was very smokey outside, so I decided to start making the journey home to Calgary.

Here are some pictures from my wonderful road trip through B.C:

Kelowna B.C


Nakusp B.C


Nelson B.C




The end of another chapter: Revelstoke

The end of another chapter: Revelstoke

As I begin to wind down and finish off yet another chapter of my life, I am feeling a little anxious to begin the next one and I am not sure why… I think it is always difficult to start a new chapter especially when you have no idea what it will be about at all.

In less than a week, I will be leaving my current experience, and venturing out into the unknown yet again for a brand new adventure. At this point in time, I don’t know where I am even going yet and this is scaring me… I am feeling fear of the unknown now, and I realize that I will have a lot of that in my life due to the fact that I want to spend at least a full year travelling all over the world, and that in itself will be a big challenge.

I get very settled in my comfort zone quite often, and then I get swept away by my daily routine which usually makes me stay in certain life chapters for far too long, usually making me regret staying in them as long as I did later on down the road. But at the time I feel safe and secure, two basic human needs, so I stay in that for who knows how long.

I find myself getting bored a lot quicker than normal now, and I find myself wanting new adventures every couple of months vs every year or two like I did in the past. I am growing to love the spontaneous adventure lifestyle and I find a lot of people look at me like I have two heads sometimes.

Like when I decided to quit my job about a week ago with nothing else lined up for me, and as well I knew I would have to find a new place to live because I have been staying in staff accommodation for the past month and a half, and I cant continue staying there if I am not working for them.

But, I don’t worry about this type of stuff like some people do, I don’t have very many belongings, so packing up and leaving isn’t a huge deal for me. I simply got bored, saw everything I wanted to see and decided that I wanted to change my experience yet again and go somewhere new. Plus it really didn’t help that I loathed the job more than any job I’ve ever had in the past. I will certainly be writing about that at some point, the experience is still too fresh right now, and I need time to reflect on it before I share that story.

It certainly isn’t a normal way to live, I basically find it super exciting personally, so I try to change my life every 2-3 months. If I find myself getting too comfortable, but don’t necessarily want to move, I will take up a new class or learn a new skill, something that will shake up my life a little bit so I can be entertained again. Who knows, maybe this is a bad thing, but I don’t feel like I am unfulfilled in any way shape or form, I actually love my life and think that it is a wild and crazy ride, but I just hate to even think about “settling” for just an average life, I want to experience all that this beautiful planet has to offer. I want to experience all the emotions and feelings a person can feel, and just live the most wonderful life.

As I begin to start saying my goodbyes to all the amazing people I have met during my time here in Revelstoke, I feel extremely grateful that I was able to have this experience, I am sad it is over, but happy that I have some new incredible memories to take away with me, which is what I find is the best gift. I am truly blessed and proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone yet again, and throwing myself head first into a crazy new life experience.

Not knowing a single person when I arrived here in Revelstoke, I have done pretty well considering I’ve only been here for less than two months. I have had some incredible adventures and made some awesome friends. I have actually been able to cross quite a few things off my Summer 2017 Bucket List which makes me happy.

I dunno where I will be this time next week, and that is both exciting and terrifying. I know that everything will turn out and it will all be good, but I cant help but feel slightly nervous about the lifestyle I have chosen to live, constantly moving somewhere new and having to find new work every few months, but I honestly wouldn’t change this life for anything! I have grown so much in such a short period of time, and learned many life lessons, and there are many more to come!

Right now though, I have to go start packing my things once again as I gear up for the next adventure. My plan for the next two weeks is to go on a road trip all throughout B.C and basically explore until I run out of money at which point I will most likely head home for a couple months and figure out what I want to do next!

Adventures await! 


At a crossroads in my life…

“When life hangs you at a cross-roads choose to follow love. Let the light in your heart guide you” 

There are times in our lives when we come to a crossroad, and we have to choose what path we want to go down without necessarily knowing where the path will end up. This decision will usually always be a major decision that will define the rest of our lives for us. This can often be a very confusing and tough time for us because we don’t want to choose to go down the wrong path, yet at the same time you can never make the wrong decision, it always works out in the end…

Once again, I have come to a crossroads in my life. I am not sure what path I want to take next as there are so many available to me… I have now done more this summer alone than I had in the last 5 summers combined and I feel very happy with that. This experience that I started back on May 23rd when I up and moved my life completely to Revelstoke BC has been nothing short of amazing… However due to extremely poor working conditions at my current job, I have decided to quit and go change my life once again, which is why I am at a cross roads.

You can read about the experience more here: Life update: I am moving to the Canadian Rockies in 10 days!!

(However I haven’t fully written about the experience I have had in Revelstoke because I am still in the middle of it, and I normally don’t write about experiences until they are over, so stay tuned for that!) 

I thrive on change, and I also know my worth. I made a decision many years ago that I would never work at a job that I hated or felt disrespected at, no matter how good the money was. A lot of people may think I am crazy, because quite often I will quit a job with absolutely no money in the bank and no other job lined up, but for me I say that just kicks my butt more into gear. I would choose to be happy and at peace with my life over having a big bank account any day of the week. Luckily for me I am learning with age and so this time when I quit my job I actually had some money saved up, so I feel a lot more secure now than I did the last time I did this sort of thing. I find that I am always okay in the end and that’s all that matters.

But anyways so right now, I have no job yet again, and I barely have a place to live due to the fact I am living in staff accommodation and I am still not sure what is going to happen now that I quit my job. They may come at any point and kick me out and then Ill be sleeping in my car, or in a tent in someones backyard, but I know whatever ends up happening will be a good story to blog about!!

I am in a transition phase right now, which means I am trying to decide what my next adventure will be… The thing with crossroads is when you choose a path, you say no to all the other paths, and you have to fully commit to the one you have chosen. You have no idea where you will end up when you do choose a path, and a lot of the time it can be pretty scary when you are making a big decision that changes your current life. I tend to do this fairly often now, because I do get bored sitting in one place for too long, and I really like change because I find as a person I grow so much during these periods. I also love to explore, so I am always traveling or adventuring or uprooting my whole life just to go find something better that will make me happier. I am definitely free spirited!

Its a pretty exciting way to live, and I highly recommend it!

As for this crossroads I am at, I don’t worry about choosing the wrong path at all, I know I will always make the right decision in the end and I never regret anything once I decide. Once I make a decision, I’m pretty firm on my decision. Which can also make me selfish.

The only thing I worry about is what will make me the happiest? As selfish as that sounds, I look out for me and only me, because when I am happy, I can make other people happy in return, and its as simple as that. That’s how one person can change the world.

I have a few ideas on what I would like to do over the next few months, and here they are listed below..

My options include:

  1. Going back home to Calgary to live and work once again.See this option would definitely be the safest option, and two years ago when I moved to Vancouver (read about that experience here) I ended up choosing to go back home after only two months. This time however, I don’t feel inclined to go home at all, and I know already that I want to stay here in the mountains, so I can rule this option out altogether. ***(update: its funny because I actually did end up coming back to Calgary after all! The party in BC ended, and so I decided this option would be the best one)
  2. Stay here in Revelstoke, find a new job and a new place to live. This is likely going to be what I push for the next month that I am here, and if it all works out, I will stay, but if not then I will take that as a sign from the universe telling me to get out of here… I feel somewhat inclined to stay because I have made friends here, and I feel I still have things to do here in Revelstoke, but at the same time I do still have an entire month here and I am not working anymore so I have all this free time to go explore and do what I need to do before I leave… ***(update: BC actually started burning down around me, it was kinda scary for me, so I did not choose this option)
  3. Pack my stuff and move to Nelson B.CI am feeling a strong pull towards Nelson recently, it would seem to me that it is exactly what I am looking for in a small town, being a spiritual community, coffee shop culture and eating out lifestyle, which makes my work as a server very compelling to go down to Nelson. This will likely be what I end up doing around the middle of the month of July if I am not finding what I want here in Revelstoke. Only time will tell I guess!  I will likely be taking a day trip out there sometime this week to see Nelson since I have never even been there, and if all goes as planned, and I fall in love with it like I expect, I will move there. Moving for me is not hard since I have very little stuff to take anyways.***(update: I did take a drive to Nelson on my road trip through BC, and while I did really love Nelson BC, it just wasn’t where I needed to be. I needed to go home)

There are other options I have, all of which are even crazier and even more life changing than the 3 mentioned above, one of which includes me moving back to Vancouver, which I know would be just the worst idea ever… I feel like I am here now and doing what I need to do, I am back to writing again because that wont leave my thoughts no matter how hard I try to keep busy and distract myself, it just isn’t going away, so I may as well try to design a life that allows me to continue to write everyday with joy and excitement, and not seeing it as a chore I have to do after a long day at work.

I moved out to Revelstoke 43 days ago now, and it is an incredible lifestyle I am living, I feel like I am on permanent vacation and it truly is a life I don’t need a break from, however my job was draining me and causing much unnecessary stress so I have made the decision to quit. I will definitely write about my experience working at Denny’s in the next couple of weeks here, because it truly will be a good and hilarious post…

I have much to write about still, and I plan to set a few hours each morning to do so. There is definitely something intriguing to me about waking up in the morning, brewing a pot of coffee, and sitting outside with my laptop to write stories on my blog. This makes me excited to get up everyday, knowing I have something to do that is launching me forward in life!



Life Update: One month in Revelstoke!

It has now marked officially 30 days that I have been here in Revelstoke. As I write this I look outside my window at a beautiful mountain scene. It sure has been an incredible experience so far. I have been keeping a diary of my day to day adventures, and it blows me away when I look at how much I have already done in such a short period of time! It seems like every three days I am embarking on a brand new adventure. From road trips to camping to crazy adrenaline pumping activities, the opportunities here are endless.

Summer has just officially started, and I feel like I have already had so much fun that for me it feels like the end of summer, not the start. I feel like I am here on vacation permanently and I have successfully created a life that I don’t need a vacation from. It feels like my life is just full of amazing adventures right now and I am learning more and more each and every day to be happy in the moment.

We also got a new roommate the other day, and I believe she was the answer to my prayers because I really wanted someone that was on a spiritual path in life. Coming here it was my main focus, and  I feel like I haven’t been progressing overly quick here, and that was really beginning to bother me. So now that she has arrived, I have already noticed I am progressing again and focusing on self-improvement again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have been keeping my connection pretty strong to God, source, universe, whatever it is you want to call it, over the past month. But I felt like I hadn’t been doing as well as I would have liked, but that also could just be me being hard on myself. I was getting a little bit down actually because I am not overly enjoying my job, but I know it is just temporary anyway and I am only there for a few more months, so I can put up with it for now.

Anyways, so Revelstoke is amazing, it is absolutely gorgeous here and I just can’t get enough of the beauty. It blows me away to put it simply. I am going to spend the summer going out and exploring as much of it as I can because there are so many amazing sites to be seen. These two views are literally 2 minutes away from my apartment!


I literally feel like a kid again when I am riding my bike! 

We went on a road trip last week, my one Roommate and I to Jasper Alberta, and now I definitely feel like I can cross Alberta off because Jasper was the last place that I really wanted to see.




IMG_0341.JPG19397828_706847349503242_125393938_n (2)

Pictures from a road trip to Jasper Alberta

But what I really need to do is just continue living in the moment and going with the flow, as that is when and where the magic seems to happen. I sometimes forget this and then I get absorbed with thinking about what I want to do in the future so much that I forget to enjoy the present moment.

Every time I manifest something in my life, such as the camping trip I went on the other day, I just stand there and I am simply amazed that this was something I had asked to happen, and now it is happening. I stood overlooking this beautiful river that we were camping beside and watched the water flowing by and I was fully present in the moment. I feel like everything that I think about or ask for eventually happens, and well that is how I have come to understand the power of the universe working alongside with the law of attraction.


It is really crazy how that works, I simply wrote out a bucket list a few months ago, and now it seems like I am continuously crossing things off of it at lightning speed. I think that I am able to do this because when I think about something happening, I genuinely believe that when the time is right it will happen, it cannot not happen… And I believe this 100% without a doubt in my mind.

I imagine myself one day in the future writing my blog and traveling the world financially free, never having to work a job again or worry about money… That is my ultimate dream… I know without a doubt that eventually will happen, it can’t not happen in my life because I have such strong faith and belief that it will, I am just not sure when it will become my reality, hopefully, sooner than I expect!!

This is seriously a crazy life, and a crazy experience, and nothing at all is impossible I have come to learn throughout my experience here. It will definitely be very interesting to see what happens next in my life as I’ve come to realize that anything can happen, and usually it is even better than I expect in the first place. The universe always is working in my highest favor, and even now when “bad” stuff is happening, I realize that it will all work out for the best in the end.

Right now, I know that I need to start surrounding myself with spiritual people because I know that the power of association is extremely important, and since Revelstoke is a party town, I definitely don’t want to get absorbed in that crowd. I have to be very very cautious with the type of people I surround myself with as it usually is the type of person you end up becoming. I really don’t think I will at this point since I have already been approached to join that party scene and I have rejected it down right. It just isn’t my scene anymore, I don’t like being drunk, or hungover the next day, and apart from weed, I am not interested in doing any other drugs whatsoever so I avoid the party scene like the plague.

Anyways, I have to get ready now for my next adventure! My life seems to never rest, every day has the potential to be something phenomenal and I never know what it is going to bring! I am so grateful for the choice I made a few years ago to change my life and improve myself. I don’t know where I would be had I never made that decision, I would likely still be sad, depressed and hopeless for my life, but now it is the opposite, I am happy, positive and full of potential. There is no telling what will happen next!

My blog is my outlet to document my journey, and possibly inspire others to going after their own dreams and goals. If I can continue writing about my journey to the life of my dreams, it in return might help someone have the courage to go after their own. If you have ever seen someone online living their dream life and wondered well that’s all fine and dandy, but how exactly did they get there? They didn’t just wake up one day living their dream lives, they worked for it, and that’s what I am in the progress of doing now, working towards the life of my dreams, and I am here to write about every step of the way. Onward and upwards!

The biggest adventure you will ever take is to live the life of your dreams.
-Oprah Winfrey




Life Update: My first few days in Revelstoke B.C

So I have officially made it to Revelstoke and settled in, and like holy crow has is ever been an amazing adventure so far!! As I write this, I am sitting outside on my little patio enjoying the sun while I stare at a gorgeous mountain view. It is breathtaking to say the least…

Here’s the view from the apartment I live: Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous!?!?



The first day was kinda strange, and I was pretty tempted to leave and go back home on the very first night… I had arrived around 7 pm and was told to go to the place I am working so that the manager could bring me to my new home. As part of the employment agreement, we are given free housing as a very positive perk in order to encourage us to pack our bags and travel across the country, but it is the employers choice where they want to house us, and for the most part we are stuck for 6 months with whatever they want to give us, which can be pretty nerve racking when you first arrive…

I don’t think any amount of preparation could have prepared me for what I was about to walk into the night I arrived because it was not even close to what I was expecting. Granted I had already gone into this with very low expectations, they were definitely not met on my first night, which is why I almost left.

So I arrived here at 7 pm that night and went over to the Denny’s which is where I will be working for the next 5 months, and I go in feeling pretty anxious about the whole situation because I am about to be taken to my new home and meet my new roommates. So naturally, I felt a little panicked and apprehensive.

I sit there in the lobby for about 30 minutes waiting for the manager before finally saying I will come back later because a tour bus had just shown up, and it was just too busy for the manager to take off for a few minutes to show me to my place. So I just went back to my car and went and drove around the town I would be calling home for awhile.

It is a beautiful town… The mountains are absolutely gorgeous and a huge river runs right past the small town of just over 7000 people. I could hardly wait for a nice day to go do some exploring because that first night it was cold and rainy, so I opted to just drive around town and explore that way. after 30 mins, I decided to go back to the Denny’s because all I want to do is go see my new place and meet my roommates and finally get this whole thing over and done with so I can start settling in and unpacking and what not.

After 30 mins, I decided to go back to the Denny’s because all I wanted to do is go see my new place and meet my roommates and finally get this whole thing over and done with so I can start settling in and unpacking and what not.

So by this point, it has slowed down enough so he takes me to the apartment and he’s saying how its 4 people there, but one is leaving in about two days, and there are “kids” living with us… My first thought is “what the fuck… Kids??? what is he talking about, why are there kids here!?” The program mentioned absolutely nothing about being allowed to bring your kids with you, also why is someone leaving already!? That is not a good sign at all, the program just started at the start of May!

So we pull up, and he literally waved at a 6-year-old child standing on one of the balconies, and I am freaking out at this point. They never said anything about kids! I don’t do well with children, I can’t live with them… WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INOT!?!?


So we walk up and knock on the door, and this about 20-year-old girl answers, and we both kinda exchange looks, and it becomes pretty clear that she isn’t impressed with this place either. So I start looking around at this shit hole of an apartment, scanning the floor for children shoes. I don’t see any, so I feel slight relief, but as I continue to observe my surroundings it becomes clear that this new home of mine is not going to be very pleasant.. Granted I wasn’t expecting much, this doesn’t seem to be living up to even my lowest expectations. The place smelled like cat piss and cigarettes, and it was very clear that no one had cleaned in a very long time…

The manager and this girl are talking about something I am not paying much attention too. So he gets ready to leave and I ask for a key, and he says he doesn’t have one for me…

Wait… WHAT? Why don’t I get a damn key!? Is that not a requirement… How will I get into my place without a key!?

Then he leaves, and I am left with alone with my new roommate, and the first thing she says is:

“You think this place is shit don’t you?”

I am relieved to hear that it isn’t just me thinking that. So we start talking about the whole thing, and I realize that we are living in a place with non-mobilizers, (aka people not in the same program as me) which I find uncomfortable. My first impression of this place was, I don’t want to be here, I should just leave now, fuck this.

It is a 2 bedroom house, with 5 people living in it. One like 60 year old dude sleeps on the couch and two young 18-year-old boys who have never been away from mom before are sharing a room, which leaves me and this other girl sharing the other room. I am happy and relieved that she is pretty cool, and not crazy or mean but at the same time, I’ve never shared a room with anyone before, so this will definitely be quite the challenge for me.

We had a decent first night, and went over to the liquor store and got some beers and just hung around chatting about stuff. The old guy came home around 11 pm, and he was a strange fella, he reeked of weed and wasn’t very clear with his words, he kept talking about his mother, and my only thought was how old is she!? I ended up drinking quite a few beers, mostly because I was super anxious and it was calming me down and putting me at ease.

We went to bed around 1 am, and right before I passed out due to the alcohol I remember thinking,

“Welcome to your new life… What on earth have I done!?”

I woke up the next morning to the sound of pouring rain and a pretty bad headache. Great I thought, a perfect way to start off my time here. As I lay in bed that morning trying to cope with what I had gotten myself into, I realized that I slept in the nasty bedding they provided me that smelled like mildew or mold or something very unpleasant… I brought my own bedding but in my desire to drink the night before I forgot all about changing it. My roommate and I went out for breakfast together at this adorable little cafe in downtown Revelstoke and then wandered the town for a little while. Eventually, she had to go for a tattoo appointment so I was given the chance to do some exploring of my own.

My roommate and I went out for breakfast together at this adorable little cafe in downtown Revelstoke and then wandered the town for a little while. Eventually, she had to go for a tattoo appointment so I was given the chance to do some exploring of my own. It was kinda cloudy and cold that day, but I still managed to get a cool picture of the river that runs right through the town.


I decided that I really wanted to go swimming at the leisure center, so I went back to the apartment hoping someone would be home so I could get my stuff, cause remember I never received a key…

Luckily someone was home, so I got my stuff and made my way to the pool. It only cost $6 to go in, and I swam for over an hour and hung out in a beautiful hot tub over looking the beautiful mountains. It was a really nice pool complete with one of those crazy river’s, and a waterslide, which I believed was closed for maintenance so I didn’t go on.

When I got back to the apartment I found my roommate locked outside of our place because she also doesn’t have a key. So we had to get the super intendent lady, who was actually pretty pissed off about our living situation and she ended up bringing us to a new apartment which is where we will be staying for the duration now. We walked in and it was immediately 100% better than the place we were currently staying. She said she would let our manager know that this was our new home and told us to move our stuff in tonight.

We didn’t waste a moment and got right to it. We both hadn’t unpacked as we both knew this was new place was expected eventually anyways so the move between rooms only took about 30 minutes. We both got our own rooms for the time being as the other mobilizers have not arrived yet, so it’s pretty great. The view from my bedroom window is absolutely gorgeous.

That night we went to a cool bar for dinner and made some plans for the next day as we were both off. We both want to do lots of fun stuff which I am super excited about. We decided that we would go check out the Revelstoke pipe coaster the next day.

So on Thursday, May 25th we woke up and got ready for what would become the most adventure filled day I think I have had to date. First, we went to the pipe coaster like we talked about, bought our tickets and went on a nice gondola ride up the side of the mountain. We got to the top and took a few pictures before heading over to the coaster. The coaster ended up being really fun, as you go down the mountain in this little cart that is attached to a steel pipe. It lasts about 3 minutes, and you are in control of how fast/slow you go. You are also greeted with amazing views of the mountains.


IMG_3276.JPGMountain Pipe Coaster: Revelstoke

That didn’t take as long as we expected it to take, and it was only 12 pm at this point, so we started to think about what else we could do. She suggested we go to the sky adventure park which I thought was an amazing idea, so we set off to our next adventure!!

We arrived around 2 pm after stopping at the grocery store for some snacks for the day. We went all through the enchanted forest, which is super cute and also has B.C’s tallest tree house which we, of course, climbed up. The walk is filled with many fairy tale characters and tiny little cabins and homes that you can explore. It took us about 30 minutes to do the whole course.

IMG_3234B.C’s tallest tree house

And the cow jumped over the moon

IMG_3199 - Copy
Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil

The three little pigs! 

From there, we made our way to the sky adventure park and decided to do the aerial trekking course, which is this crazy high tree obstacle course, designed to test your mental and physical abilities. Tightropes and wooden beams placed high off the ground test your agility and balance, not to mention your fear of heights. Several zip lines throughout the course as well which give you a little fun break from the physical endurance that the rest of the course brings you.

I surprised myself completely with how well I did. Usually, with those types of things, I start freaking out, especially with heights, and I start shaking like a leaf… But this time I was able to remain in control of myself and didn’t let my thoughts of how scary this was overtaken me although there were several times where I had to stop and gather myself, I was for the most part very calm and confident throughout the course.

One of the final obstacles I went on were these 4 swinging logs suspended by ropes high off the ground that you had to side step to get across. I came up to it, and I looked down to the guide down below and said,

“I can’t do this one”

He responded with “yes you can, you got this.”

Whenever I find myself saying I cant do something, I actually ponder the reason as to why I said that which has been an extremely powerful thing to do. A lot of the time when I say that I can’t do something, I end up saying yes you can! And I proceed to do it.

Which ended up being the case with the log obstacle course. I ended up doing it quite flawlessly after all, and felt pretty proud of myself after.

The course is divided into three parts, Green (easy) Blue (intermediate) and Black (Difficult) I ended up doing both green and blue courses, before I decided to bow out right before the black course started. The thing is once you start a course, there are only 1-2 exits within it, and since you are high in the trees you are kinda stuck once you start.

My roommate being as fearless as she is, decided to do the difficult course, and even she was struggling near the end, finding the course extremely challenging. At the very end they have what is called the “leap of faith” which you basically jump off a platform while attached to an auto belay. I think she sat up there for a good 10 minutes before she finally jumped off. It looked easy from where I was standing at the bottom, but I am sure it was terrifying from way up top.

After that, we weren’t even done yet, we still had one more thing to do, which was the SKY SWING!!!

Again I surprised myself with how calm I remained during the entire experience. I knew this was going to make my heart race, as this had to be the most extreme thing I have ever done. We went over to the area the swing was at and waited our turn. They took us in and brought us over to this extremely high swing, 15 meters I believe it was off the ground.

We got all harnessed up, and securely fasted onto this two person swing, then they proceeded to pull our swing back as high as it could go. I used to be deathly afraid of heights, but I guess somewhere along the way I lost that because I looked fearlessly down towards the ground. Yes I was scared, but I knew it would be a great experience so that made it all okay.

They started counting down from 3, 2 and my roommate yells stop counting! So they stop thinking something is wrong. Shes like “just dont count, just let us go whenever, counting makes it worse”

So the guy (following the rules) begins counting down from 10 but not in order, so he goes 10, 8, 6, 9, 7, 3 and then he stops and we wait what seemed like another 10 seconds before they finally let us go, and we go swinging through the trees.

I am screaming on the way up and the way down, but my roommate sits beside me not screaming at all, and I am like “WHY AREN’T YOU SCREAMING!???!!!”

She is like “because I like it!!!”

After the initial terror, the swing becomes extremely enjoyable, and I just am thinking “I love life, this is absolutely amazing!”

It has only been a few days since I arrived here in Revelstoke, and already I can tell this is going to be the most incredible experience ever. I look forward to see what the next few months will bring for me! Life is a pretty wild adventure indeed, and I want to share my positive stories of overcoming challenges and facing your fears with others to push others to do the same.

I think I am going to like it here!