Book Review: Playing the matrix

I have been a long-time believer in the law of attraction, also known from the well-known movie & book, The Secret, which explains that our thoughts create things and that we are powerful creators of our own realities.

When I was 16 years old I watched the new movie at the time “The Secret”, and I remember watching it and my intuition was jumping with joy because it knew the law of attraction had enormous truth to it, and it was a sudden realization that I am the creator of my reality, and ever since that day, I have been completely hooked on the idea.

Since day 1, I have fully and undoubtedly believed in the idea that Thoughts become things, and we are the creators of our own realities. I’ve read many books, watched many movies & documentaries on the subject, and I experienced marvelous things happen in my life using the principles, I have tried to learned as much as I possibly could on the subject.

However, like most people who have discovered this great secret in life, it doesn’t always work out the way we wanted it too, which unfortunately causes a lot of people to stop believing in their wonderful powers. We ask the universe for something, we believe it is coming, and then it fails to show up in the time frame we gave it. What gives?

Or maybe we ask the universe for something, someone in particular, and it never happens, or maybe it does happen and it didn’t turn out as you expected it too. So whats going on, why isn’t this working?? The experts make it seem so easy!

Well, I didn’t know for a long time why I wasn’t manifesting everything I was asking for with ease. I actually thought that it didn’t work at times because I would ask for a certain person, and it never panned out the way I had intended. So what was up? Why wasn’t I creating like the flawless creator I considered myself to be… I figured by now, my life would have taken off, but it hadn’t yet, or was I still in liftoff?

I remember thinking a while back, that if I had got everything I wanted in life all at once tomorrow morning, would that be as fun as say, strategically plotting the dreams of your life up along perfect moments on this journey of life?

And the answer turned out to be,  no, of course not, getting everything tomorrow morning wouldn’t be nearly as fun, and so suddenly I realized that everything I had asked for in the past was for sure on its way, at the perfect time. Until then I can continue to learn and grow as much as I can daily.

So I have been doing a lot of new things lately, I started doing yoga and meditating consistently, and I have also been reading a lot more than usual. My realizations are becoming very great now, and I wanted to share this one with you all that I discovered about the law of attraction while reading this book!

Playing the Matrix-


I have been obsessed with reading lately, and so I discovered a brand new (Oct 31, 2017) book called “Playing the Matrix” and oh boy, it was like finding the missing piece to the law of attraction puzzle I have been trying to put together.

It’s so unbelievably simple! Like its almost magic how easy this is! And we have it all wrong!

Below is the manifesting matrix that the writer goes into great detail on in the book, which I would recommend anyone who knows about and/or understands the law of attraction to take a look at this book because it honestly makes everything a lot clearer, and simpler!


Now I am not going to tell you everything about the book because then you don’t need to read it, but I will share with you my personal aha moment!

If you look at the bottom part of the chart, the 6 columns, you will see 3 green columns, 1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 red column.

What the author suggests is that instead of trying to manifest/create our lives using the right side of the chart, for example, I want this specific person to be in a relationship with, Or I want to be hired at a specific company doing only this job. Even though we can still ask for these things and receive them, it really is a hit or miss chance. He instead suggests that if we started first on the left side, with none other than happiness itself, everything else will naturally flow to you out of your happy state.

I understood this, and it was like “ohhhhh that makes sense, this is why I haven’t had all my dreams come true yet, its because I have been working on the right side!! I must first become happy, and then all the rest will follow!” 

And then I realized that I have been doing that already, I was already happy. Ask anyone I know, they would say I was a happy person. It dawned on me that naturally at some point in my journey I had unconsciously realized this truth, that I should be seeking happiness above all else, Money, love, travel, new house, etc. I had already become happy and its true, the rest follows. Slowly day by day, my life becomes better, and each day the fantastic five, My Livelihood, Wealth and abundance, health, relationships, appearance becomes better.

The thing about happiness too is it is a state of mind. You don’t need millions of dollars in your bank account to be happy. Heck, I have had some of the happiest days in my life when I was either unemployed or broke for most of this year, but I was happy because I was finally able to pursue lifelong goals & dreams of mine.

So anyone can become happy, just by changing their perspective on the way in which they see things. Albert Einstein himself said it perfectly when he said: “the most important decision we make in life is whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

In order for our lives to take off, we must choose to be happy and see the universe as a friendly universe, who wants to bring us everything we ask for. I know that happiness isn’t always something easy to reach, but it is possible for every single human being on this planet to do, rich or poor, it doesn’t matter, everyone has the right to be happy, no matter what their situation is.

I know you might be thinking “well being happy isn’t easy, my life isn’t perfect, things always go wrong” and I get that, I truly do. I have had some pretty hard times in the past, but I learned to see them as experiences to learn and grow from, rather than to be defeated by. The day that I decided to strive for happiness over all else was one of the single greatest day’s of my life, although I wasn’t immediately happy right after that, and my happiness would come and go all the time at the beginning. I’d only feel happy if I was doing something exciting which wasn’t very often, otherwise, I’d feel sad.

Now after working on it for a good period of time, and discovering through meditation and cultivating a strong and peaceful mind, I can honestly say that I am happy 99% of the time. There are still things that spring up that make me cry, or feel anger, but it is usually for a very short period of time in which I experience these negative emotions before I become happy again.

Through this process, I have realized that all I ever wanted was happiness. I didn’t want a relationship with someone if I wasn’t happy, I didn’t want millions of dollars in my bank if I wasn’t happy, and I certainly didn’t want my dream life if I wasn’t happy. I realized that being happy was the utmost important thing to strive for in life, and fortunately for every human being on earth, all it takes is a little bit of dedication and discipline which everyone has, in order to reach that state of happiness that we are all striving towards.

We have been taught countless times, through hundreds of books, videos, and seminars, that we must strive for the perfect career, or reach financial abundance, or get in a quality relationship, and we strive for these things, and sometimes they work out for us, and other times they don’t, leaving us to say “oh this secret doesn’t work, what a load of rubbish.”

All the while, what we should have been striving for was to be happy, and the rest would take care of itself.

Below I have gone ahead and written out some of my own desires in life, along with some details, just to give you an idea of what I mean. Details are fine as long as you don’t attach yourself to them. The universe loves to bring you the best of the best, but when you start attaching to specific details, such as life partner must be blue-eyed and dark-haired, that removes millions if not billions of potential candidates from the supply. You don’t need to worry about how these things will come to you, all you need to do is believe that they will, and above all, be happy and grateful, even before you have the life of your dreams.


  • Wake up each morning happy and excited for what the day will bring
  • Having peace of mind towards daily events
  • Feeling calm and happy at all times throughout the day
  • Spreading my own happiness to others
  • Feeling excited towards where I am going in the future, but enjoying the present moment as much as possible


  • Freedom to live an amazing life
  • Living life on my own terms
  • Ample time in order to do things I love; Yoga, skiing, hiking, beach days.
  • Travel all over the world 
  • Being able to live anywhere I want
  • Wonderful experiences happening all the time! 

Wealth and abundance

  • Plentiful amounts of income in the bank
  • Money flowing in naturally each month
  • No more need to work dead-end jobs
  • Debt free
  • Ability to give back to others as much as possible
  • Ability to donate to worthy causes


  • Have lasting energy throughout the day to fulfill goals
  • Feeling good and healthy 
  • Being able to do whatever I desire physically
  • Great at yoga and very flexible
  • Great at skiing


  • Great lifelong friends
  • Find my soulmate: Spiritual, ambitious, loving, kind, creative, loves traveling, someone who wants to make the most out of life! 
  • Happy family members who love and care for each other


  • Achieve my ideal body: flat stomach, toned arms, and legs, sexy back. 
  • Lose about 15 pounds
  • Get more tattoos 🙂

I hope this made sense to you, and I hope you realize how life-changing
this principle can have on your life!
Go now and start working towards beings happy!
There’s nothing quite like it!

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8 steps to living a better life

“To live is the rarest thing in the world,
most people exist and that is all”

-Oscar Wilde

In reality, we can all be extraordinary. Every single one of us has the potential to live an extraordinary life. The key here is to really understand that being extraordinary is nothing more than making the choice to do so. It all comes down to you and realizing that you are much more than you think you are, and you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

“Overcome the notion that you must be regular.
It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary” 

It is really not difficult to live an extraordinary life, most of us sit around and look at all the successful people in life with envy and we desire the same thing for ourselves, but when it comes to actually figuring out how to do it we tend to throw in the towel before we even begin, tossing our dreams in life down the drain at the same time.

The answer to this question is unbelievably simple, it starts with you taking one small step at a time all the while believing in yourself until you reach your goals in life.

I have already started on this journey myself, and I have been at it for a little under two years, and I have to say that the journey has been amazing. I have no idea when I will reach my dream life, and that doesn’t even bother me because I know I will when the time is right. During my journey though, I have learned some things (I am always learning and growing) and I wish to share with you what I have found to help.

In this quote, Lao Tzu is trying to express that great things start from humble beginnings…

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 


These are some of the steps I have used myself, and I recommend you to start using yourself. They are meant to get you outside of your comfort zones, so that you can be all that you were meant to be.  Here they are:

Here they are:

1. Dreaming- First and foremost you must find out what your dream life even is, because how can you ever achieve something if you don’t know what you are aiming for.  Your dream also has to be big enough that it scares you. The reason you want to dream big is that when you do reach your dream life and it is a small dream of getting a new car or something, you’ll be kicking yourself for not dreaming bigger. Trust me on this, I’ve seen it happen to a few people now. Whatever it is you are dreaming about is the life that was purely destined for you, don’t ever give up on your dreams.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”
-C.S Lewis


2. Learning- All successful people spend years learning how to perfect their craft and develop a mindset destined for success. You must start investing your time and money into learning and growing yourself. If you haven’t read a book in several years, now is the time to start. Invest some of your money on yourself and take a course or a class to learn a new skill. Take up that hobby you have wanted to start doing for years now. If you are serious about living an extraordinary life it won’t just knock at your door one day, you do have to work towards it. It won’t always be easy, but the result will be very worth it.

“The capacity to learn is a gift; 
The ability to learn is a skill;
The willingness to learn is a choice” 
-Brian Herbert


3. Take action- Sitting on the couch all night daydreaming won’t make your dreams become a reality. Achieving success in life means playing full out. Turn off the Netflix and get off facebook and open up a book. Even doing just 10% more than everyone else will propel you out in front of the pack. Who you are is not limited to what other people are doing, you can choose to do more, and be more.

“The future depends on what you do today”


4. Stretch your comfort Zone- Every single day you should do at least one thing that makes you uncomfortable… I know this is hard for most, but it will change you in ways you can’t even imagine. You are entering a new world, and it may scare you at first, but don’t let that fear prevent you from attaining the dream life that you deserve and desire.

Get out of your comfort zone as much as you can, and watch the magic unfold right before your eyes, you will honestly be mad you didn’t do it sooner.


5. Make sacrifices- Figure out the price that you are willing to pay to achieve your dream life, and know that it may take a while for it to come to you. It is not going to happen in a single day or week, it could very well take years to achieve. The rewards will be worth it, but before you get to the prize you have to go through the “desert.”
Sacrifices of time, money, relationships, comfort levels, character traits, and even material possessions might be needed in order to live the life you have dreamt of.

What is that worth to you? What are you willing to sacrifice today in order to live your dream life tomorrow?

“sacrifice means spending less time on entertainment,
and more time on improving your life and family. ” 


6. Take opportunities– Opportunities show up every single day, but more often than not we are not prepared to see them, let alone seize them with reckless abandon. When you start to see new opportunities as a great learning experience you will start to see life differently. Even something like your car breaking down on the side of the road on the way to work may very well be an opportunity to meet someone new or learn how to change a tire. You never know when a life-changing opportunity will present itself, so be prepared to see all of them like they will, and watch your life unfold.

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’ “
-Brian Tracy


7. Interacting with others- Learning people skills is probably, in my opinion, one of the best ways you can spend your time. Reading books like “how to win friends and influence people” gave me a new found sense of confidence when approaching and talking to people. You really cannot have success in life without helping and sharing with others along the way. Spend time learning how to effectively communicate with others, do it in front of the mirror if you have to. The pay off will be worth it. Focus on building authentic relationships and what I can do to help you, rather than how you can help me. Begin to treat people with genuine kindness and appreciation and see how your life will unfold, people will want to help you when you are in need. Learning people skills has been by far the best skill I have learned to date.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Which is just another way of saying that the way to make a friend is to be one.”
-Dale Carnegie


8. Living with passion– You’ll start spending your days excited about life and your future. You will become full of love, enthusiasm, and gratitude. You begin to be the light that helps others find the way to their own dreams. You are no longer a Debby downer, but instead are full of positivity and happiness, and you become a magnet attracting similar people, events, and opportunities to you. This is the point where your life starts to “take off” and you are heading full speed ahead towards the life of your dreams. But remember, it’s not about the destination but the journey, so don’t forget to enjoy the entire ride!



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Life update: The universe is so incredible!

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” 
-Paulo Coelho


So my life is seriously crazy right now… I am finding it hard to write because I honestly don’t even know what to say right now. That’s how amazed I am by what’s been happening in my life…

I will give you some background information before I tell you what is going on…

So about 2 months ago now, I quit my job because enough was enough, I was bored there and just pissed off by the way I was being treated… So one day when I was extremely sick at work, I was getting yelled at for leaving 1 single jam caddy on the table, and I just decided today was the day to quit. This rather hasty decision, (which I don’t regret at all btw)  led me to two months of unemployment where I sat around all day living off peanut butter and honey wraps because I couldn’t afford much else.

I literally became broker than I had been since I first started working 11 years ago. What the hell was I going to do!! I easily could have sunk down into a depression-like state, but I also trust the universe in what it is doing and knew that everything would turn out for me in the end. At this point, I just didn’t know why all this bad stuff was happening to me, it just was.

So anyways, during this month of unemployment, I finally decided to start this blog, so that’s what I started spending my time on. I started this blog at the start of April 2017 and I would sit and write for hours every night. I literally have 35 drafts going that I promise I will finish and post one day.

Starting a blog has always been in the back of my mind, but I just never could get over myself and actually sit down and write about myself. I used to care far too much what people thought about me, and the thought of writing about my stories, terrified me, so I never did it. But finally I did it, and I haven’t regretted doing so yet, so that’s great! It has actually helped me a lot with my own understanding of my life and how everything is connected and the beauty of it all.

But anyways, so one day I created My Bucket List which was something I always wanted, and I had created several lists in my life all in various journals, but this time I posted it on the internet for everyone to see, which would, in turn, hold me accountable to actually follow through on some of these goals I put down for myself. (It seems to be working so far btw)

My main focus in life is to travel, which is all I really want to do, and I get very restless whenever I am stuck in Calgary for too long. I was actually getting incredibly bummed out because the thought of me spending another summer here working my ass off to try to save as much money as I could so hopefully I could go travel in the fall was actually making me sad. I’ve been stuck now in Calgary since I moved back from Vancouver which you can read that entire story. But I hadn’t been able to travel much for about 1.5 years because, well I am still embarrassed to admit it, but I got roped into the Amway business for an entire year, which I will share that story one day because its a good one 🙂

But I didn’t want to wait any longer, I wanted to go now!!!

But with $33.00 in my bank account, and no stable income source or job, that seemed literally impossible for me to get going anytime soon…

I was growing very restless, as I do whenever I want to travel. But I decided to challenge the universe anyways, so I said:

“Universe, get me out of Calgary as soon as possible.”

And then I just let it go. Trusting fully that it would get me out into the world as quick as it could, and not a minute too soon.

A few days later, I was on Indeed sending out my resumes to many employers, I don’t even know who I even applied to, I just applied everywhere, hoping I would get someone to hire me.

I didn’t get a single call back btw, so that sucked…

However, I guess in my applying randomly to everyone, I applied to this job recruitment program, and they actually contacted me 2 days later…

It was literally exactly what I wanted, I couldn’t believe it!

It is this incredible program called Mobilize Jobs, that basically recruits young Canadians, and sends them to resort towns across Canada to work in the hospitality industry for 6 months seasonal work. You get free housing. And full-time hours. And an incredible adventure.

I was sitting there, floored by this. I would get to travel somewhere new and exciting in Canada, work for the summer without paying rent so I would be able to save up money for the fall which is when I want to go travel the rest of the world. But I realized why the hell don’t I go see some of Canada before I take off to see other countries.

So currently I am in the application/ interview process. There are a few things I need to do before I head out to an unknown location in Canada. I won’t find out where I am going for a couple weeks yet, but I basically just go wherever they send me, but all the locations are resort towns and beautiful.

If I for some reason don’t get into this program, which I can’t count my chickens until they hatch, but I will still be leaving to a resort town in the Canadian Rockies for the summer. No matter what, I will go somewhere this summer, and it will be amazing regardless!

I will be leaving in about 20 days time, which is like oh 200 days sooner than I had originally anticipated. So that is a little bit terrifying, but I know that everything will be okay, and it is going to be a crazy story to tell! I plan to leave Calgary, and go travel for as long as I can, which could be years actually!

Don’t worry family, I will still be home for Christmas, well, I will do my absolute best to come home for December each year anyways 🙂 

It’s my dream to travel the world. and see this incredible planet and all its beauty. I told the universe what I wanted, and now it is coming to me at full speed. Life is so amazing!

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