Why Dreaming BIG is so important

I have been a lifelong dreamer, ever since I was a small child, I remember always thinking outside the box, I remember my dreams in life were huge, and I truly believed that I could do anything I wanted.

But something happened to me along my journey, and I think it happens to most people as they grow up, but I stopped dreaming and started to settle for an average and mediocre life.

No one supported my dreams, and in fact, most people made fun of me for some of the dreams and experiences I wanted to have in life. I remember I told one of the people in my family about a year ago, that I wanted to write a book, and for me, at that time it was still going to be a huge process but I knew I could do it if I truly wanted to.

But do you want to know what the reaction was that I got?

I was laughed at and told to get my “head out of the clouds” I was dreaming TOO BIG!

All I said was I wanted to write a book!! To me this isnt a big dream at all, its just a small dream, like anyone can write a book, and I have written a few now, I just haven’t gotten them published yet, but that is coming in 2019.

So my point in telling you this story, is not that you shouldn’t tell others your dreams, just maybe be selective in who you tell, because some people are living in a box, and anything that you present to them that is outside of their box, is “too much” for them to handle.

There are times when I wish I never told anyone my dreams because their disbelief in me did bring me down a notch or two, but it never kept me down for long, usually I would get back up and say, “I’ll show you…” 

So I have been on this journey of personal transformation for the past 6 years now, although 3 of those years I wasn’t really aware that I was, I just was. Like I had almost by accident started on this path, and when I finally realized 3 years later and became conscious of the fact, I understood that there was no turning back, I was too far along now and I didn’t even want to go back to my old miserable life, I was much happier now.

So from there I started to really dive deep into personal development, I read countless of self-help books, studied lots of success principle, as well as successful people, and developed my connection to my higher self, spirituality took precedence over my career, money, and relationships. It was all about me and my own personal growth, and that’s how I lived for the past 6 years.

“You can’t help others until you help yourself first”

This was the quote I lived by during those years. I knew I wanted to help others, and that’s what I am doing now, but back then I was not in a proper state to be able to help others reach their dreams, I first needed to help myself.


Through my journey, I realized that the one thing that all successful people in the field of self-help and personal development said was,


Why was it that all successful people encouraged dreaming BIG?

So I started to reflect on this, more and more.

If humans are the creators of their own reality, which I believe we are, and we are powerful manifestors, which again I believe, then there must be a reason for dreaming big.

I believe that we can bring anything into our reality that we believe is possible. So when you have a dream, let’s say its to own a fancy car, but no matter what you try, you genuinely don’t believe that you can ever receive that dream car. So guess what happens?

Nothing. You won’t get that dream car, and you’ll continue living your life as it is currently.

If you don’t believe you can achieve your dreams, then you are completely accurate. There is an element of belief involved, which is why “the secret” or “the law of attraction” doesn’t work for most people. They just simply don’t believe that they can create their reality as they wish, they don’t believe in their innate manifesting abilities.

If your dream is to say, be a writer and travel the World while you inspire millions with your writing, and you don’t believe that you are a very good writer, or that you won’t be able to actually write a book, then guess what happens?

You guessed it! Nothing will happen.

You will continue to live your life as it is, never writing that book, never traveling the World.

So I say Dream bigger than you can imagine, and believe you can do it, even if right now you have no idea how you must trust that you will be guided every step of the way because you always are.

“My dream in life, for a very long time, was to be a writer/ coach & teacher, traveling the World, free from financial worry, eating the most delicious foods, lounging on gorgeous beaches, and just enjoying life as we were intended too.”

This was my dream for many years, until I realized,
“hey, this actually isnt so hard to achieve, people are doing this already! Maybe, I should start to dream bigger!”

This was so exciting to me! I was granted permission almost to open up the dream catalog of the universe, and I started to dream even bigger, and you have to understand that I thought my original dream was pretty darn big!

So now, I am redesigning my dream life, expanding it, and it involved World Dreamerz and growing it to become a billion-dollar company 10 years from now. I don’t usually like adding time frames to my dreams, but at the same time, I need to set realistic expectations, and I believe that in 10 years I can grow this company into something truly magnificent.

Sure I will need help along the way, I will need to “hire” people, but it won’t be them coming and working a job for me, I will hire them on the grounds of, what is your dream job, and how can I help you do that?

Say someone’s dream job is to be a gardener and tend a beautiful garden? Well, I would set that person up tending to our workplace nature garden. Something along those lines. Everyone who did “work” for me, would be doing something they are truly passionate about, I wouldn’t have anyone who hated their employment.

That’s my vision for this anyways!

It’s my dream to help others dream big again, and that was where this whole idea for World Dreamerz came to be, I intend to help as many people as possible live their dream life, I want to inspire millions to dream big again, because like I’ve realized over the years, people just don’t dream anymore, they don’t even know what their dreams are, and this makes me really sad, because human beings are powerful beyond our current comprehension, and I want to reawaken this extraordinary power within you.

If you want to learn more please check out my website: https://changeamillionlives.ca/
Which was created in October 2018, so its still in its infancy right now, but is growing in leaps and bounds.

I have so many ideas for 2019, and each day my dreams are manifesting into reality. I am now a full-time entrepreneur, I work from the comfort of my own home, writing, coaching, and teaching. Soon I will travel the World, and once I do that, then my original dream is complete! I believe I can do it, and go on to dream even bigger in the months and years to come!

Do you believe you can live your dream life?

Leave me a message below of what might be holding you back from daring to dream big!

WIth love and light
World Dreamerz


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