My thoughts on President Trump

This is a post I have been wanting to write for a while now but didn’t feel like it was the right time yet because still so many were clueless about what’s going on and would likely become very upset with a post like this. Timing is everything when it comes to certain things, and when I woke up this morning before I even got out of bed, I was told that it was time to write this post.

Although I was a little fearful to write this post for a long time; fear of what others might think, fear of what people might say, fear of the ignorance of humanity still, I feel that it is important for me at this time to not live in fear anymore, and write this post anyways.

So my thoughts on President Trump don’t necessarily line up with the mainstream media’s viewpoint on him, and I see him in a rather loving, compassionate way which is just the way I am as a person, I love everyone. I see him as a good person, I do not understand why so many don’t like him, because from what I have seen of him, he has really impressed me.

I actually have tremendous respect for the man, and I send a quick prayer to him every day. I shine my light on him and the Whitehouse because I know he gets enough hate from others.

I know its shocking, someone who doesn’t hate the president? What is wrong with me? Don’t I know he’s going to start another war soon? Don’t I know that he is really stupid and can’t “speak” properly on stage? Don’t I know what the media has been saying about him since he started running for President?

All the hate, all the insults, made towards him. I am sorry, but when did it become okay to bash the President of the United States? When did it become okay to continue belittling him long after he legitimately won the election, and continues to gain more and more supporters by the day? When did all that become the respectable and noble thing to do?

The thing with Trump, that I don’t think people are aware of, is he didn’t need to run for President, he was doing quite fine living his billionaire life, but something (maybe an internal force) made him decide to run for President, something that most people could never do. And still, we sit back and insult him, we show hate towards him, when really we should be asking ourselves, what is REALLY going on here? There must be something more to this puzzle that we are missing, that maybe the infamous CNN OR FOX News isnt telling us…

I don’t watch the News, and I never will, its really a huge waste of time. If that makes you think I am ignorant or got my head in the sand then so be it, but to be honest, just because I choose not to watch the news that brainwashes people into hating someone, then that is my choice and I don’t give a rats ass about what you think of me.

I do not watch the news, because it brainwashes you, it programs your mind into believing what they want you to believe, and I have seen proof that it is not always telling the truth. Fake news is a real thing, and they want to keep us living in a state of fear, they want us divided from each other fighting over beliefs, because we are far less powerful in fear, and far more powerful when we live in love and oneness, so they show us all these terrible things that are happening in countries around the world, which makes us fearful that it might happen to us, or to our families. What an awful way to live…

Now, although I do not watch the news, I do research. A lot. 

I will spend weeks, even months researching a certain topic that interests me, and surprisingly, Trump made that list to research. This isnt actually surprising at all, I find it quite fascinating what is going on right now in the states, and I knew this would be a pretty big topic one day in our history so I wanted to have my feet firmly grounded so I could defend myself and my viewpoints properly.

So I started to research this whole thing, and no I didn’t head on over to CNN to see what they said about him, (actually I did do that just to have a good laugh.) But I went to much more credible sources. People who knew the full plan, those who see the big picture. People who are very credible in the real world, not reporters on news networks who are paid what to say.

I’ve been researching this on and off now since he pretty much started to run for President, but more especially since October 2017 when Qanon started to post, and I got absorbed by this whole plan to expose the corruption, and I started to participate myself, even if it was just a little meme or message here and there with friends and family.

People need to know the truth of our world, and I intend to share what I have come to discover, if you believe my words are the truth then great, if not then that’s okay too, I am not here to tell you what to believe, Religion does a good job at that already…

Now, you see, our world is corrupt, I don’t think I have to tell you that, because most people believe that this is true, most people don’t argue that the world is indeed corrupt. It’s corrupt and it has been that way for longer than our individual lifetimes so we don’t always realize that the world is corrupt until it’s too late and we are in our old age and too sick and weak from all the poisons they have pumped us with to do something about it.

But, I woke up to the corruption around 10 years old, I actually remember the moment so clearly, I was standing in the schoolyard at lunchtime, I was alone like always, and lost in thought, thinking about how much my mom had to work just to pay the bills and put food on the table, it made me sad. I realized at that moment that the world was corrupt and we were enslaved by money.

An awakening comes in a blink, and in a blink, your whole life is changed forever. I knew at that moment so much information that I wish I had written it down, but at 10 years old you don’t think that way. I just started to think more and more about this, and I knew that I wouldn’t spend my life working away for money, I wouldn’t go to post secondary and I wouldn’t work a job that had me participate in any way towards this corruption, which as I got older, became clear to me that the corruption had snuck everywhere I looked, even into our most well-respected professions, as I saw Doctors pushing pharmaceutical drugs all for profit, making others sick, killing many, it made me sick to even think about.

Money is valueless, its just paper, but we live in a society that we need it to survive. We can’t do anything without money, so we give up our precious time with our children, to go to work to make money. We will do crazy things for money too, I have seen many people say that they would do anything for money, some even have literally sold their soul for money, which we see in Hollywood with the corruption there.

The human race is enslaved, and we don’t even realize it.

Some people do realize this corruption, and those who do are now exposing this plot, this corruption to the world, but because the human being is so delicate and childlike, there was a plan put in place so that we weren’t shocked too much by what is coming to light.

The ones that are trying to expose this plot, are being censored greatly, ridiculed by news networks, some people have been killed and ruled out as suicide for exposing this to the public.

This isnt a game, this is bigger than you can imagine, this corruption is so deep, that we don’t know where it begins or where it ends. It goes far deeper than we can conceive of.

I started going down the rabbit hole. I looked into the Illuminati, the cabal and the deep state. I also looked into the reptilians and their part in all of this. I know! This is crazy man! This goes way beyond most peoples scope of reality, and that’s okay, we are where we are on this journey of life.

I decided after a while of researching this evil corruption taking over our planet to stop, and decided to start putting my energy into the light that is saving the day.

I started to focus my awareness on my own ascension, which I have written about in the past and will continue writing about for a very long time to come because it is why I am here, to ascend my self, and help humanity ascend.

But until that happens, many years from now, we have a bit of clean up to do.

So what are we going to do about it? What are we going to do about this corruption?

I’m waiting…

You see, although we know that the world is corrupt, who on Earth knows where to begin in exposing this evil sinister plot to destroy the human race, we all choose to just sit back and hope someone else cleans it up for us.

So now that you know a little bit of background information regarding this corruption, now is where things get interesting and this is where Trump comes into play.

There is a plan, and the plan was devised many years ago, when exactly I do not know, but I suspect President John F. Kennedy played a part in this plan as well. The plan was to expose this corruption. (I keep using the word corruption because I simply have no better term for it, but it does involve many groups, many secret societies that were considered not real, some government parties, even Hollywood with their satanism plays a part in this corruption. Like I said this is deeper than we can imagine.)


Isnt it interesting that a President who tried to expose this corruption would be assassinated only 7 days after making this great statement?

So lets fast forward now to right modern times, it is November 2018 as I write this. Trump is the President of the United States, and he too along with many others, are exposing this sinister plot, and it’s really not looking too good for the bad guys anymore. They are actually losing big time now, and its really only a matter of time before this becomes mainstream.

I am honestly shocked it hasn’t yet, because I have been waiting for this for so long, and I truly don’t understand how some still have no idea what is going on, but I also realize we are all on our own individual journies, and sometimes we don’t need to know certain things during our own soul path.

It’s just something that I personally became aware of very shortly after 9-11 happened, or at the time of 9-11, because that shook the world awake, myself included. I couldn’t believe how corrupt the world was, considering we were made to love and be loved, but instead we were killing each other instead, it just didn’t make sense. It made me cry.

So yes, I have been following this “Story” if you could call it that, for many years now, and it really is a story because one day when we look back on this year of 2018 we will reminisce on how we didn’t know what was truly going on, and it will become a story we can tell our grandchildren, about how we lived during a time when we didn’t know we were enslaved for money, the world was corrupt, we didn’t question anything, and just did as we were told.

President Trump will one day go down in the history books as playing a part in saving America. He is not the only one, but there are many wonderful people out there who are risking their lives to bring their truth to light, and some of these experiences some of these people have had will make your stomach turn.

One day we will know the truth, and the truth will be different to everyone, we never will all believe the same things, we will never think the same way, but we will all agree that we were just so young and innocent (as a species) that we didn’t know any better, and that’s why we allowed this corruption to get away with their ungodly acts for so many years.

The human being is so powerful, but our DNA has been deactivated, (by them of course) and it’s only working at about 1/3 of its capacity, and eventually, through the passage of time, this is going to start working better and more efficiently. This is something I will be teaching on in the future. I’ve been studying this intensively for the past year.

Like I said, I personally have been interested more in the ascension of the human race than I have about the corruption. When you focus on the good, it grows, but the same thing happens when you focus on the bad. So I choose for myself to focus on the love, light, compassion, and forgiveness.

I forgive these bad, evil beings who have been manipulating and controlling humanity. This is going to be very important for us to do one day, we need to forgive them. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, and letting them get away with it, no certainly not, they will be imprisoned, and some will get the death sentence, but from my perspective, we need to forgive them so we don’t dwell on what happened in the past and we can move forward into the Golden age of peace and prosperity that we are heading into now.

President Trump knows of this corruption, and it shows when he meets with someone like Hillary Clinton (who is evil as evil can be and will soon be in prison) but he shows it in his actions towards her, and of course that gets painted all over the news that Trump is sexist, and hates woman, when really he just hates Hillary, because of what she has done, and I don’t blame him, or judge him for his perspective.

This too will be coming to light very soon, if not already by the time you read this. Her and Obama, both “respected” political leaders, have done unspeakable things, I am not going to get into here, because you’ll learn about that soon enough.

The news paints Trump (their biggest enemy) the way they do because they know what he’s doing, and they are quite literally terrified of being exposed. They show him as a racist, sexist pig, who is not fit to be president, and this is what they want you to see. They control the very news you watch, and what they put on their networks is not the full story, it’s just a teeny tiny piece of a grand jigsaw puzzle that humanity has been working away at for years.

We all hold a different perspective in life, which is what makes life so unique and wonderful, and this is the perspective I choose to see President Trump from. I see him from the perspective that so many have already or are now are waking up to, realizing hey he’s really not so bad after all, he’s actually got quite the personality and is quite amusing watch. Considering what he knows, he is trying to keep the mood light and fun as to not traumatize humanity with what is happening behind the scenes. Because if we knew, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Sure I could buy into this fear based agenda that the media pumps out because they want us in fear, it rules our world, and it fuels the elite, cabal, deep state, you name it. Fear is a very powerful energy, and that is exactly what they have been feeding off of for centuries.

But I don’t, I choose to see the light in everything, and everyone. This evil corruption all happened for a reason, and I believe it helped us grow as the spiritual beings that we are. In order for us to better appreciate the light, we needed to first experience the darkness, and we are just coming out of that dark tunnel of doom and gloom now.

We won’t go to war, at least not a physical war like we have in the past. Our war right now is an inner war between dark and light. The light is winning, it can’t be stopped, because darkness is passive, that is to say, when you turn on a light in a dark room, the darkness vanishes instantly. Darkness can’t survive in the presence of light.

Darkness cant touch a being of light, and that is what humanity is, we are beings of light and we need to shine our lights brighter now than ever before. It’s time for humanity to wake up and remember who they are. We are divine sparks of the creative source, we have infinite potential, and we are going to create a beautiful peaceful and abundant world to live in harmoniously as one.

We are winning, and we will see a peaceful humanity and we will all unite as one and the darkness will not survive. Let us put aside our silly and childish behaviors and grow up to be mature and wise human beings. Furthermore, I encourage you to just put away your democratic vs republican views and just remember that none of what is happening right now is going to matter, 10, 15 or 20 years from now. There are better things you can be doing other than feeding this fear-based agenda.

I hope this helps someone out there. I hope this made you see things differently for a change, and maybe now you can focus on the love instead of the fear.

With Love and Light,






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