5 things to practice to advance yourself spiritually

My spiritual side was something that I ran from for a long time, it was something I didn’t want people to know about me because what would they think of me then? I used to care so much what others thought about me, but all that has changed over the last few months.

I have really started to embrace my spiritual side, but before I started to share what I knew with others, I needed time and space to just be. We are human beings remember, not human doings, and I truly needed some time to just allow myself to be human.

I spent the past year of my life sitting around on park benches and going for nature walks. It is very similar to the life that Eckhart Tolle experienced before he became a spiritual teacher. He said in his book “the power of Now” that he spent 2 years of his life sitting on park benches in a state of absolute bliss.

When I read that in his book it made me laugh because I realized that is exactly what I had been doing too for the past year. Its been great. People thought I was crazy, for not working a “job” like everyone else, but I had a much bigger agenda.

Now that I am through that phase of my life, I am emerging out from the darkness, more than ready now to shine my light.

Its been a process of letting go of how I thought my life was going to look like, and embracing how it is in the eternal now. There was also a lot of self-worth issues that I along with many others have had to deal with in order to feel confident to embrace their true selves.

You see, the thing is, we are spiritual beings having a human awakening, not human beings having a spiritual awakening. We are divine spiritual beings here in the human vessel for a moment in time and then well be gone somewhere else.

To deny your spirituality is to deny your true essence, but like many, I did this too, because it scared me to know how powerful and magnificent I was because I certainly didn’t feel any of that a few years ago.

But through the constant flow of time, I have been able to transform my self and how I perceive myself, and just the other night I was looking at myself in the mirror, and I was overcome by so much love for who I am that it almost made me break down and cry. I didn’t just see Lindzay anymore, I saw the infinite soul that I am, I saw my magnificent being.

I apologized to myself for doubting her and ignoring her for so many years, I couldn’t see how great I (she) was. But now that I do, I am coming out of hiding and sharing my truth more and more. I know it will be my life mission here, and I know I will do this for the rest of my life.

Its something I am not hiding from anymore, I have emerged finally as a spiritual teacher and am now ready to help others on this path. I don’t need to drag anyone, I only need to point the way, and it’s through each individual’s free will on whether they want to walk the path or not. But I will say that its the best path I have found as it brings so much peace, clarity and happiness, and not to mention love. The love you will feel for even just your own self will be incredibly rewarding.

So below I have put together a list of 5 things you can start doing that will advance you on this spiritual journey. These are not tangible things like drink more water, but rather concepts that you can practice that will bring an improvement into your life over time.

I also made this into a youtube video, where I go into more detail each concept, so feel free to watch that here instead of reading:


The youtube channel is brand new, but like I said, I am really starting to finally emerge into the person I was destined to become. I know this will be a long road and really I am only getting started but I am more than ready for this, I have been training for this mission for lifetimes!

So here they are, 5 things you can practice to advance yourself spiritually:

  1. Cognization– this term loosely means the cementing of belief. Do you believe in gravity?  “Well yes, of course, I believe in gravity completely,” So you have cognized gravity in your reality. So we need to start to cognize, (have the belief) that this shift, this awakening of humanity, is really happening. We need to cognize that it’s going to continue happening for many years to come, the snowball is rolling and can’t be stopped now. This energy is very different now than it was in the past, and this is going to be the new normal, so get used to it!
  2. Allowance of Change- Get used to it! Allow these changes to occur, don’t resist it as it will only make it harder. We all fear change because a change in the past was always associated with bad, but this change is good, it’s not to be feared, but welcomed with open arms. Learn to break free from the fear and allow change to happen in your life.
  3. Compassionate action- Compassion is key to a spiritually advanced person. To show compassionate action means that everything you do is from a standpoint of compassion. Don’t let things affect you. Don’t let anger rise within. Don’t hold grudges and don’t yell back at someone. Showing compassion is what a balanced human being always does, and it is a position of tremendous strength. No one can hurt your feelings ever when you know who you are.
  4. Spiritual Sight- This comes with time and is your ability to see the grander picture. It means to see God in Everything; in the trees, the animals, the bugs, and of course the people. You are compassionate and kind, and it is the greatest strength you have! This doesn’t develop all at once for that would be so overwhelming for a person, but it does happen over time at a rate that is manageable for you to experience.
  5. Patience- As human beings, we are soooo impatient. We want everything right now. This is inbred in us from birth, we want things now, instant gratification, we don’t want to wait. But patience in this shift is so important because it will take time. Things of this magnitude take time, and being patient is gold. Its probably one of the hardest things to do, to be patient, but it is so accomplishable!

We are sitting right now in a reality that we haven’t seen yet. This is all new to us, and we are still trying to figure it out. These 5 concepts are not easy to master, but they will be ever increasingly important to practice as you advance on your journey!

Hope this helps you on your journey, I know this energy is intense, its new and strange and we don’t like change, but through these 5 things, I have found they really helped to ground me and remember that this is a work in progress and having patience through it all.

I will be making more posts like this regarding the ascension/ awakening that humanity is currently experiencing. I get a lot of information from Kryon, so if you haven’t check that out yet I do recommend! I will link a youtube channel down below.

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all doing very well and are having fun riding the waves of life! I know I am 🙂

With Love and Light

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