Tips for the self-discovery journey

Self-discovery is the most rewarding journeys you will ever go on. I still remember the moment I decided to really start mine like consciously I decided to really start to discover myself and who I was, even though I was certainly doing it on an unconscious level since I was a small child, I never had really sat down and really started to consciously dive in.

But once I did, my entire world changed. I started to see life from a different lens. Things that used to give me anxiety or stress were now simply minor inconveniences that would soon be over.

I started to crave and desire change instead of avoiding it, I actually wanted change so much that I forced myself into a big move every two years just to shake up my comfort zone, as that is whenever I noticed the most growth.

Its certainly been an amazing journey which I have been on for about 5 years now, and I can say that everything is much better now then it was before I started. I am in the present moment most of the time now, no longer thinking and feeling sad about the past, or worrying about the future. I am here right now in this eternal moment of now.

And I love myself beyond measure. Seriously, this is a huge one, because if you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and truly say that you love what you see, its probably a great place to start! Loving yourself is so important to do, because how can you love another if you don’t love yourself?

Below are important tips I have found useful during my journey to self-discovery, remember to keep in mind that everyone’s journey is different, but we are all human beings, and we tend to all have very similar thoughts towards the unknown.

  1. Embrace change and the unknown. Life is many different cycles, some are big and some are small. Like the weather seasons changing, your life will also change and you need to be willing to embrace that change because forcing something to stay the same has never worked for very long. If you can understand that life is always changing, you will be better willing to accept that you are also changing. There is no rulebook stating that you need to remain the person you are right now reading this, you can and you should strive to improve yourself.
  2. Stay in the present as much as you can because that is all there is. I know this one is very hard to grasp for most people. It was a process for myself to stop thinking about the past, and worrying about the future and I do sometimes have to catch myself and think just be right here in this moment. If you can learn to just trust the quiet voice inside to guide your life, you will be surprised by how well your life turns out without you even trying, or thinking about it. Your intuition knows what is best and wants to guide you to a wonderful life, but you need to listen to it. So be present in the moment, quiet your thoughts and listen to what it tells you. This will take time, meditation helps greatly, but just know that this won’t happen in a single day.
  3. Love yourself. I can’t stress this one enough because it is so profoundly important for you to do. I remember when I first started my journey, and I kept seeing that sentence everywhere I turned, “love yourself.” I remember not knowing why that would be such an important aspect, but now that I actually can honestly say I love myself, I feel like I have so much more belief in myself than ever before, which of course allows me to succeed at everything I want to achieve in life. If I didn’t love myself, there would be no way I could do some of the things I do now, simply because I wouldn’t believe in myself.

So there are a few important areas to work on during your self-discovery journey. They are all universal truths: Change is always happening and can’t be avoided forever,
the present moment is all there ever is and should be embraced for all its wonder,
and you are powerful and magnificent and you must realize this and love yourself!

Namaste ❤ 

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