Update Oct 2018 – World Dreamerz

Hey everyone!

I know I keep saying that I am going to be posting more on here, and then I don’t end up doing it, which is pretty funny cause I have been saying that for months, but I really have been busy ever since I returned back from my Vipassana course in September.

In the past month, I started a new website where I am offering mindfulness life coaching services, you can find that at changeamillionlives.ca 

I have wanted to do this for quite a while now, but it wasn’t the right time yet, I wasn’t ready, but now I am, I am finally slowly crawling out of my cocoon, and seeing myself in a completely new way, and now I really just feel the desire to help others on this path of awakening.

I also started a new youtube account, which has always been on my mind to do, I have even had it suggested to me by a few different people saying that they would watch it, but I was way to scared at the time to make videos of myself, but I am not anymore.

So I made a youtube account and am currently doing a 30-day challenge of 1 video a day, which will help me gain visibility. You can find that channel here: World Dreamerz YouTube channel

I also set up a facebook page & youtube account, which you can find too if you are interested in following me on social media, here are the links for that.
World Dreamerz Instagram

SO yeah! I have been busy. This week I am going to be working persistently towards this dream of mine to coach and mentor others, and hopefully get back into writing at some point here too because my next project now that I have done all this other stuff done will be to write and publish a book on personal transformation.

Oh and I am also working on a course on Udemy which is a fantastic site that I should really become an affiliate for, but I am currently working on a personal transformation course on that site which I am hoping to have published by the end of November.

I am not saying all this to brag and show off, I am saying this to show you that with a little bit of effort, you can get a lot done in a pretty short amount of time. I did all this in 3 weeks, and I “worked” maybe 3 hours a day. I say “worked” because it really didn’t feel like work, because I truly do enjoy it, its what I love to do.

I believe that it is my mission here to help others transform their lives to be happier, healthier and wealthier. I believe we are all magnificent beings with infinite potential, it just needs to be remembered and awoken. Which is where I come in because the awakening journey can be very confusing for many.

If I can help change 10 peoples lives there really is no telling how many those 10 will go on to change, and so on and so on. That is why I named my new site change a million lives and not change a hundred lives, or something like that because I really do feel like I am young and motivated enough that I believe in my time here I can change countless lives.

Sure there is no way I will ever know if I changed a million lives precisely, but I think about the influence Oprah Winfrey has on humanity, and I think to myself that this is what I can do to, I got my entire life ahead of me to go out and make my mark.

So anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you all, and tell you what’s been going on over here on my end, and if you are interested in personal coaching sessions, head on over to my website where I have a few different offers that I am sure you will find one that calls to you.

Love you all and until next time, keep on shining that light of yours!

With Love and Light



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