The Veil of Forgetfulness

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”  -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

When we come to Earth, we sign up for it. It’s not an accident that you are here, you wanted to come here, despite whatever you are feeling at the moment, you couldn’t wait to come back to Earth. I know its hard to believe, but we actually line up to come back to Earth because it is so much fun!

But there is a twist when we come here, we forget everything… That’s the hardest part about life on Earth. We forget absolutely everything… There is a veil of forgetfulness that causes us to forget everything we once knew. It’s up to us to recognize this through free choice, and not many people make that decision, never allowing themselves to remember who they are.

This veil is part of the design that we wanted to experience. Forgetting who we are is a very wonderful challenge, and that’s exactly what is going on here.

Most people don’t know this. They think that because they don’t remember anything past this life, that this is all they get. They believe that they only get one life which is what it feels like when you forget everything from your past lives. They don’t understand that when we incarnated here, we forget everything, and therefore they truly think this is all they get.

But this is simply not the case. We are eternal. We cannot die, not really… Sure our physical bodies will one day expire, but our soul lives on forever and ever. We have eternal life, and the soul is who you really are. You are not your name, age and location.  You are infinite and eternal.

But we forget that because of the veil, and the illusions of Earth are very convincing, so it makes it even harder to remember that which we are.

Could you imagine though, if we didn’t forget our past lives, and we come to Earth for a new life, we are constantly having memories and visions of things we did in our past lives, how overwhelming that would be! Its similar to us not remembering every little detail about our childhoods, it would serve no purpose in our development.

So it’s an intentional design that we forget, for it would be far to difficult if we remembered, for some of the things we experienced in an old energy on this planet, would have caused many sleepless nights.

I think if we were aware of what was going on right now on Earth, we would weep for many days. For the inhuman things we have done in the past to each other, and I say “we” because I write to the audience of an old soul in mind. Young souls won’t read this. I write for the old souls who will be guided to read this.

We have all experienced some horrific things in our past lives here on Earth. This is why we were asleep. Our consciousness was only working at a fraction of what it could be because it also was designed that way.

In order to have the experience we wanted, which was to experience the darkness, disconnected from our truest selves, we needed to be in a less conscious state, less aware of who we are so we could have the free will unencumbered by the divine truth that we are all one, we are all connected, and we are divine.

When we come to Earth we experience separateness from one another. Its another very challenging aspect to life on Earth. For the most part, we don’t realize that we are all one and the same, which allows us to do unspeakable things towards each other.

For a lot of people, they might think, why God would allow this to happen, why doesn’t God do something about it? But we must understand that there is no right and wrong to God, there just is perfection. We have free will, and it wouldn’t be free will if God stepped in everytime we wanted to make a seemingly bad decision, we are allowed to do as we wish, even if it means killing another human being.

That was what Earth has been like for the past thousands of years. We have had countless wars and done terrible things towards one another, but we didn’t know any better.

For an example of our free will, imagine a parent watching a 5-year-old, and the parent says you can choose any ice cream treat you want, and then the kid chooses one that the adult knows full well the child will not like, but instead of stepping in and choosing something else for the small child, the parent decides to let the kid follow through with their choice and buy the treat even if the child won’t like it, because it will be a better lesson for the child to learn then if the parent had just chosen one for them.

We are like kids on the playground, we don’t know how to behave, and so we pick on each other, fight and ridicule each other, but eventually the kids on the playground grow up and stop fighting and just learn how to cooperate with one another.

As a species, we are very very young. We have been here for a mere second in the grand scheme of things. Which is either a very liberating feeling knowing that the future looks wonderful, or it can be depressing, because we believe we are so advanced and evolved, but we are basically 5 years old still.

There is much more going on here than most people are even aware of… For example, its Summer 2018 and although we see sightings of UFO’s every single day, there are still some people who think we are the only form of life in the entire universe.

But the universe is teeming with life!! Trillions and trillions of different species of life are out there in the great unknown, and we are starting to see more and more evidence of this. One day science will discover proof, wait for it.

The thing is, its hard not to believe at this point… More and more sightings are happening on a daily basis, which would make someone think, why are we all of a sudden seeing so many? Whats going on?

Well for one, we have always had UFO’s visiting us, but because the government wanted to hide it from us, they covered up any reported sightings and made the eye-witnesses swear to keep quiet, usually by threatening their lives or their families lives.

Secondly, there has indeed been more sightings over the past year due to a very important reason… Humanity is waking up, we are Remembering once and for all, who we are, and the veil is lifting. What an exciting time to be alive!

They are here for the show, and what a show it will be!

Like us, they are intelligent beings, who have come to simply observe us. To them, we are a very unique race because of the veil of forgetfulness. Sure it is in place on other planets too, but we are unique because we came here to see just how far away from source energy we could go, and still find the light again.

It took us a long time, we killed each other, and actively participated in destroying our home planet. We saw humans come and go 5 times before we finally made it. We have now officially made it past the 2012 marker, which was the Mayan end of times prophecy when everyone thought the world was going to end, but it just marked the beginning of a new Era. This is where we sit, right in the middle of a big shift. A shift in the consciousness of humanity, which will also help us remember who we are.

It’s already in progress and will continue for many years to come, this is bigger than we can imagine, and it’s going to be a truly magical experience for humanity to experience.

The potential is there for a truly grand future for our race. We will no longer go to war, we will stop killing or hurting each other, as we will be able to look past our differences and embrace each other as we will remember that we are one. We will live in peace and harmony like we were intended to live until we used our free will to experience the darkness.

As the veil of forgetfulness slowly starts to lift with the higher vibrations of Earth, we wake up to our divine true selves, we remember that we have infinite potential, and we are loved beyond measure.

With Love and Light


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