5 Roadblocks to Ascension

Life is absolutely crazy, it’s so much grander than we can presently imagine. Our vision as human beings is already so limited… But when the filters starting at birth begin to stack up one after another, it can often prevent us from seeing the light, the truth of our reality…

Imagine a pure white light, the purest white light you can imagine…

Now imagine yourself putting a piece of paper over that light, you don’t notice it much at first, but after a few pieces of paper, you won’t be able to see much of that light anymore… This is what happens when filters come into play. These filters limit our connection to God, Source, Universe, Creator, whichever name you call it, I am personally drawn recently to call it Creative Source, but I still use the word God most of the time.

The 5 filters preventing you from Ascension

  1. Childhood: What did you learn about when you were growing up? What were you told as a child? Is it true? How do you know its true?
  2. Belief systems: what are your beliefs? What did your parents tell you to believe? What has religion told you about God, life, reality, yourself? If God is love, do you believe that? Why or why not?
  3. Gender: Depending on your gender and the “role” that you have been assigned will vary greatly between the female and male. Females act differently than males, we all know this. It does act as a filter though…
  4. Logic: Does it make sense? Logic is a big roadblock for many, if it doesn’t make sense to our logical left brain we ignore it completely. This is why many people don’t even give spirituality a chance because logically it doesn’t make sense to them.
  5. Knowledge: What have you learned about the nature of reality? What is your “knowledge?” What have you been taught during years of schooling? How much of this is actually true? Are you willing to put what you know aside for a while and dive deeper into self?

Knowledge… What we know sooooo well that won’t allow any new beliefs into our belief box that we will immediately discard as impossible without even giving it a second thought, for example, the existence of extraterrestrial beings is so hard for some people to believe because it just doesn’t fit into their box. To them it is impossible. The knowledge they have gained over the years prevent them from seeing anything outside of that box. What you “know” blocks you from seeing the big picture, it prevents you from connecting to your divinity.

These 5 filters stack up one by one, and when you get to the last one being knowledge, its pretty hard at this point to see any light getting through at all. These filters are blocking or limiting the light that gets through to you. Going through these filters one by one on your own can greatly help you to remove some of the blocks keeping the light from you. This will help you greatly as we prepare for the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants.

Years ago, I had no connection to the divine, I lost it in my teenage years after having a strong connection as a child. I could not see the light at all anymore. The filters were just too strong, preventing me from having that pure connection to source, for me it wasn’t knowledge, because I haven’t been drawn to the school system like most, but logic was preventing me, it needed to make sense, and if it didn’t I pretended like it didn’t happen, it wasn’t real.

But God, the creative source of all, tends to work in very mysterious ways and opened my heart to the truth, and ever since I have been on this spiritual journey of discovering my true self, my divinity, and connection to the all that is. I know for myself, it has been a wonderful but challenging journey of self-discovery, learning to love myself, releasing my past karma, and connecting with my multidimensional self that knows no limits of time and space. This is a truly remarkable journey, and words really don’t do it justice, as everyone has a different path.

Its an individual journey for everyone, but I hope this post about some of the filters preventing ascension might be beneficial for many on this path towards the light. As we awaken more and more each day, and the masses start awakening from their deep slumbers, I know many will be confused and in search of answers, so I only hope to help someone in a time of need.

As we wake up more and more, and we realize we are all connected, we are all one, and we are on this journey together, we will feel more and more inclined to help others. For me personally, I have always wanted to help others, and I know a lot of people want that too help, but don’t know how… We tend to be very hard on ourselves, but we really don’t realize how even a simple smile can change someone’s day. Changing the world starts with yourself, and the work you do on yourself will, in turn, will change the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful for you on your journey!

With Love and Light



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