My final post

This blog site is now just over a year old, and I am amazed by the progress I have made towards it, I didn’t really think I had it in me when I first started writing for this blog, I was full of Self-doubt from the very beginning. But today as I look back on some of my posts I have written I am quite amazed by some of the reflections I have had.

This blog was intended to be a tool for self-discovery, and it has been, in more ways than I ever thought it could be. I have learned so much about myself through writing, so then why would this be my last post you may wonder?

Well, its not that I am not ever going to write any more, I most certainly am, its just right now I am not focusing as much on this blog as I would like too, and its fairly expensive to keep up and running, and since I haven’t worked a job in two months as I have been taking some time off for some soul searching/growing, I just quite frankly can’t afford to keep it right now.

Yearly dues are soon due, and if I don’t pay them this site will be shut down. It sucks, I will likely lose all of my work, but I have came to terms with that already. I am trying to let go of as much of my stuff as I can, and all the posts I have written over the past year, hundreds of posts, will be gone soon…

I have mixed feelings about this, but I really don’t know what to do other than potentially copy all the posts onto another platform, which would take me quite a few hours to do, and I don’t really even know if its worth it to be honest.

I dunno how long this site will be up, it could be gone by this afternoon, and I am okay with that, whatever happens, happens. I am hoping one day when I can afford it I can reactivate my account, but I really have no idea if or when that will happen. Who knows, I might start a whole new blog now that I have written about my past stories, I feel I can focus on creating a bright and positive future for humanity. We are in for an amazing future, that I truly believe… Read: What is the event and what can you do to prepare!

I have gained a significant amount of confidence through this blog though, and I have realized that I really do enjoy writing, and its what I want to continue focusing on. My plan, for now, is to focus on writing a book and not get distracted by outside stimuli, like writing blog posts…

So I wanted to reach out, let you all know what’s happening, I know a lot of my family read this blog site and I don’t want them to worry if one day it’s gone… So there’s my heads up, now I think I will go start backing up some of my favorite posts. I think it would be really devastating to lose all of my work, so if I can just save the best pieces I’ve written, that would give me a little more peace anyways 🙂

Thanks for reading! See you all again one day! I hope to be back eventually!

With Love and Light


2 thoughts on “My final post

  1. The posts (nor the site) should disappear! It is likely just your domain name that will, as wordpress is free. You can maintain a wordpress site without the domain name, just transfer it back to that. Let me know if you need help.

    Just thought I’d let you know!

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    1. Oh that is good to hear! I will have to look into that, thanks for your help and advice, I appreciate it greatly!

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