The Great Awakening: March 2018

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

So I thought I would start a post about what has been going on regarding the current process that Earth and her inhabitants are experiencing, because there is so much going on, and I think it is important at this time to share with others what I understand and have experienced on a personal level as truth. I do not claim to have all the answers, as that would be absurd of me, but I am a seeker and have a pretty good connection to the creative source, so here is what I have observed in my experience of reality!

As always though, use your own discernment when reading this, and with finding the truth for you. I speak from my heart, and only with Love. I don’t write to offend or upset anyone but write with hopes to help enlighten those who wish for that…


Last week I wrote a post about ‘the event’, which you can read here: What is the event and what can you do to prepare!

If you don’t know what the event is yet, I highly recommend reading that post because it explains it quite well, and most of this post won’t make much sense if you aren’t yet aware!

But in short, the event will be a grand cosmic event that takes place and changes humanity and mother Earth forever. Nothing will ever be the same after the event. It will be a huge wake-up call for us. No one knows when the event will take place, but as humans, we love to make predictions regarding the event. Although this is all happening in a relatively very short period of time, we still tend to get impatient when a few days pass and nothing happens… We don’t see the big picture.

We wonder, well where is it? I thought it was supposed to be here by now. But what we don’t realize, is it is happening, and it will continue to happen for quite a while now… Something I have known deep inside all along, but am still trying to fully embrace, is that we (humanity) we are the event! We are creating this wave of love as a collective. It’s truly remarkable, but it just goes to show us how much potential we truly have!

I had a dream last night regarding the time frame of this, and in my dream I was in the distant future, and I was looking back on this current time frame, being March of 2018, and in my dream I was astonished at the realization that it did basically happen all at once or in a very short window of time. Considering time is an illusion, and humans are the only ones in the universe that use time, it is very difficult for us to understand that this event is taking place, all at once, it’s all happening right now.

The internet is lighting up over this event, as it is a big deal, we have been waiting for this event for a very long time, lifetime after lifetime. The ancients knew that this would happen, it’s been prophesized, and it’s been written about in many different ways. Some call it the rapture, but I prefer to just call it the event.

It is currently underway, it’s happening now, it’s like waves of energy colliding with the Earth, it feels like love washing over you, many have felt it over the couple weeks especially, as the energies have been ramping up, preparing us for the big wave. The big one has not hit yet in the moment of writing this, but I know it will definitely happen, just have no idea when. I am done with predicting a date, and just enjoying each moment as it comes.

You see, it is very hard to predict a time frame for these types of things, because higher dimensions which is who we are working with here, they don’t use clocks… They don’t understand how we experience time. They can give us a time frame, but they won’t give us exact dates because they are working with many different timelines here, and everything needs to line up perfectly. Picking a date would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it’s impossible to do.

I had a second dream regarding the timing of the event, but in this one it showed me a waterpark (I have a lot of waterpark dreams haha) but basically it was showing a wonderful brand new waterpark, that was already built and almost ready to be enjoyed, but they just needed to do one last check over to make sure everything was working properly. This check could take a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks. But it was built, and would definitely be open for enjoyment soon.

So anyway, yes, there is an event, yes it will happen on a global scale, (this is the reason a lot of us have incarnated on Earth at this time, to experience this event) and yes, everyone will know when it happens.

There are people on the internet who are saying that they have experienced the event first hand, and I am not saying they did or didn’t, that’s their experience, but what I do want to say is that it wasn’t the actual “Event.” It might have been like a pre-event preparation to see how well we would handle the energies, and so people who have experienced some phenomena in the past few weeks, know that that is just a warm-up, in my opinion, to the big one. It was just a taste, so to speak!


I would like to take this time to go through some of the things I have noticed as well as some of the people I follow on social media. Because for those who knew what was happening, they have definitely felt it, it feels like an accelerated ascension process has started. People are noticing changes on a daily or even hourly basis right now.

The weekend of March 17-18, I would randomly feel the energies running through my body. It felt like I was vibrating at times. I felt very tired, low energy, I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. It was also cloudy and snowy out, so I didn’t even get to go on my daily nature walk. I couldn’t stop eating, I literally ate everything I could get my hands on, I think this is a comfort eating problem I have, especially when I know change is coming.

I felt the remaining negativity I had been holding on to slowly leave my body over these few days, and by Monday, March 19th, I was back to my normal energy and happiness, with much more peace and clarity of mind.

When Monday did roll around, and “nothing” happened on Sunday, March 18th like so many of us had hoped, I didn’t even feel bummed out because I knew it was still going to happen, we just got the date wrong like we have many times in the past. It is common to feel that dip when a predicted date flops, but everyone in the community seemed to stay positive and eagerly moved forward.

The sun was back on Monday and it was a gorgeous day! I spent quite the better portion of my day outside in nature, which I do love to do. I walked around the park thanking God and Mother Earth, as well as apologizing to mother Earth for all the abuse we’ve shown her over the years. I often say mantras while I walk, which helps my mind from wandering and keeps me in a meditative state as much as possible.

The sun was shining so bright, it was blinding if you tried to look at it. This is pure white light coming down to Earth, and it’s helping our DNA wake up from its slumber, which will activate many of our natural gifts and abilities. The event is supposed to be a big one that really wakes us up. I think that even the people who think they are awake now will realize how much they were still sleeping when the event takes place.

Everyone I came across was in a good mood, there was love in the air so to speak. It was a beautiful day outside, the birds were singing, people were out walking their dogs, the sun was shining bright, and there was not a cloud or Jet-trail in the sky. Not a single one, which is very unusual, since I go for walks pretty often, and I do look up at the sky a lot, I always see multiple jet trails when I do, but not Monday.

I thought I would wait and see Tuesday if I say any, and still nothing. Wow, how strange is that? Not a single Jet-trail for two days in a row. I kept track of this throughout the week, and all week I saw maybe one or two in total, but it’s nothing compared to what it used to be! I thought it was interesting though that was one of the things I thought I would notice when things started to shift, and sure enough, it happened. The sky has also been a brighter, more vibrant shade of blue, and not to mention there seems to be rainbows everywhere! I took some pictures to show you all how beautiful our world is becoming day by day!



The mantra I was repeating over and over again on Tuesday too was, “There is now peace on Earth, there is now peace on Earth, there is now peace on Earth.”

The more you say something, the more your brain cognizes it, which makes you believe it more. (This is why affirmations work) But I am sure there are still things that need to happen before complete peace on Earth happens, there is still much work to be done, but we will see the day that there is true peace on Earth, this I am certain of, and it will probably happen sooner than we realize. This is what I believe in my heart.

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

There is a definite shift taking place right now on our planet. Its changing day by day. I can see it in nature, first and foremost… It’s becoming more, vibrant, colorful, the sun is brighter and doing crazy things with the light rays, the sky is bluer, the animals seem more friendly than usual, Its still winter and we see rainbows everywhere, which is not normal at all at this time of year!!!

People are getting outside more as well I’m noticing, lots of people are going for walks in the park, compared to this time last year when no one was out walking because it was all mucky out, or wet. But there have been so many more people outside it seems lately, all winter actually, but more so now of course.

Our wonderful planet is changing more and more each day. Mother Earth is ready to ascend and is now waiting for the rest of humanity to understand what is taking place here and now, to better prepare themselves, but she can’t wait much longer.

We are living in times of great change, and it is truly a wonderful experience to watch unfold. This will go down as the greatest time in human history, and we are right in the middle of it all! How amazing is that!??

I am seeing so many synchronicities, and not only with numbers, but with actual words as well. I was reading a book the other day and it was talking about a pendulum swinging back and forth, I decided I wanted to read another book right after, opened it up, and the first paragraph was again talking about pendulums… I thought that was pretty crazy! Two completely different books and I opened them on completely random pages, both talking about pendulums… Not a super common word whatsoever.

I also keep feeling pure love wash over me, it’s like a state of loving bliss, it feels wonderful, and makes me really excited and happy!  Memories of the past I am remembering the love in them now, no longer the fear.

I had a dream last night where I was in the future looking back to these current days leading up to the event, and in my dream, I realized how short of a time period that this is all taking place in! Even if it were still to take a month or two, it is still such a tiny speck of time on the eternal clock of the universe. Time is such an interesting thing that we are so obsessed with… Which doesn’t even exist… But more on the illusion of time some other day!

Friday, March 30th, 2018

As the awakening process unfolds day by day, I find myself having some pretty astounding realizations over the past weeks. It has gotten to the point where I have quit trying to make sense of them all, and just going with the flow. Just allowing it to happen, not trying to force or expect anything to happen.

Its funny to me how impatient we become, we are given a date, and then when we don’t see something happen in our own realities, we get discouraged, even though what we don’t see is what is all going on behind the scenes. There is much happening right now, whether or not we are aware of it all or not.

To us, a day feels like quite a good amount of “time” whereas, in the big picture, a day would seem like a second. So when 10 days or whatever pass, and you haven’t felt or noticed any changes, and you start to wonder if this is really true, just realize that 10 days, is like 10 seconds to a being outside the constraints of time. Remembering that we are eternal, and there really is no rush for this event to happen, as we have forever to exist. We will all get to experience it, even if it doesn’t happen for a few more months. (But I truly think it will happen sooner rather than later…)

Time is such a funny thing though. We are constantly in the mindset of there not being enough time like we are running out of something that is infinite. It’s a hard thing to step out of the illusion of, but when you are able to do this, you begin to realize your multidimensional self, that doesn’t know what time is.

You, your higher self, exists beyond the limits of space and time. It can go into the past and go into the future as well, it sees and knows all. Trusting this part of you, that is you, is hard for some because it is not visible, you cant “SEE” your higher self, but it exists nonetheless.

Humanity has this whole “seeing is believing” limitation imposed on them. The first question most people ask about anything spiritual related, is “well did you see this?”

No. I haven’t seen anything to prove that any of this is real. To me, seeing is not believing, our eyes lie and only show us what we want to see, but doesn’t show us what is actually there. Which is why most of humanity remains asleep because they choose to do so, they don’t want to see the big picture, they don’t want to wake up, they are happy and content where they are at, and that’s okay! They are on their path, and you are on yours. Just focus on yourself, and when they come to you because they see the light in you, you will know its time to share with them what you know. I wait patiently for people I love to see the beauty and magic of life, and I know they will come to me when they are ready.

Personally, I don’t shy away from the big picture, I want to know what is going on here, its been my mission ever since I was a small child, I wanted to learn everything. I was fascinated by life, why was I here, what was the meaning of it all, who am I?

When you open yourself up to the big questions of life, the universe will start giving you answers, and while I don’t believe I have all the answers, (not even close actually) but, I still have a pretty solid understanding of what is happening here on this planet called Earth right now… And boy is it ever exciting!!

As some of you may be aware, humanity has been enslaved by dark forces for quite some time. To us, it felt like an eternity, and we can’t imagine what life would even be like without the control, manipulation and mind control. We don’t even know what freedom even means anymore…

I often ask people what they would do with themselves if money didn’t exist, and I am often met by blank stares, clearly, they haven’t even considered this as a possibility before, but it’s something humanity will experience eventually. Abundance for everyone, not just the 1% like it has been for thousands of years.

It is funny because I always talk about what a wonderful world we are creating, and some people actually get upset with me, as though they don’t want positive change, but would rather stay living in fear and scarcity. This always baffles me, because, well… I dunno about you, but I would much prefer to live in a world where money wasn’t this scarce resource, and everyone had more than enough to live comfortable lives. No more starvation, disease, poverty… Just humanity creating beautiful things, living our lives out of love and joy, not fear and lack. So I always get confused when someone is resistant towards this way of living!

Maybe they simply don’t want to get their hopes up, in case nothing happens, but at this point though, it doesn’t matter if you want it to happen or not, its already well underway. Well underway! Nothing can or will stop it at this point. The collective has decided.

We are now days away from seeing this information on our mainstream news. It’s already out there if you do a little research of your own. Global currency reset, disclosure, the event, the cabal, these are all subjects one could search on the ever-expanding internet for information, its out there, you just gotta go find it.

Our lives will not return to the same way they were before this shift started, but there is nothing to fear. We are in the middle of the shift, its happening, and it’s a beautiful thing!

There is nothing to stop it now. Humanity is remembering its divinity, its true origins, our connection with the creative source of all that is, we are remembering that we are all one, we are all brothers and sisters… We won’t go to war ever again, no there won’t be a WW3 ever, we now will see war as childish because we are growing up, evolving, and ascending to higher states of being.

Many people fear change, and I can understand that feeling, but this is one change that is for the good of humanity and our planet. People all over the world are having spiritual awakenings, where they are now remembering their true divinity. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger. The energies are ramping up every day, causing the masses to wake up.

Soon the grande finale will occur, which I talk about in this post: What is the event and what can you do to prepare! On this day, everyone will know that something has happened. It will be a magical event, that a lot of us have been waiting and preparing many lifetimes for, which of course we cant remember our past lifetimes because that is part of the human experience. Forgetting your past lives as you incarnate as a baby is a very challenging part of being human, which is why I believe every soul here on Earth at this time is a highly advanced soul that came to experiencing this great awakening.

Many people who are on Earth now, feel like they don’t belong here, like they were once part of a highly advanced/ evolved society, and entered into this “barbaric” world. There are many names for these wonderful beings, some are called, Starseeds, lightworkers, rainbow warriors, indigo/crystal children. They have all come here with grand missions, and many of them feel like its time now to start, many are starting to remember why they came here in the first place.

I believe that once the big wave arrives on Earth, it will be the catalyst for us working for the light to be able to better carry out our divine missions. I consider myself to be in this community of light, and I know my personal mission will be shown to me very clearly at the time of the event, which of course I feel it will involve me guiding and teaching the newly awakened and confused souls that have no idea what happened, but beyond that am certain.

I know that although I consider myself to be fairly awakened, I believe the event will cause many of us to think “wow, I was really asleep...” Which is kind of interesting if you think about that, but there is still so much we don’t know. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know…

The event will be a different experience for everyone, as we are all on different paths, but I do want to say that there is nothing to be afraid of, fear will not help you during this truly magical time. We have been living in fear for a very long time, but there is only love, and this wave is pure love coming to us from the divine source, as God is very pleased with humanity as we have chosen the path of light.

We are currently in the state we are in because God gave us the gift of free will, as well as the knowledge of good and evil. We chose for many years to experiment with the dark (the evil), and that’s exactly what we did, and because it was our free will to decide this, God stepped back and allowed it, letting us learn, discover and experience the darkness… But finally after thousands of years spent in darkness, disconnected from source, and experiencing “evil.” We as a collective have chosen love and light again.

The divine feminine and divine masculine are reuniting as one, we are learning to come together and create for the good of humanity. Twin flames are finding each other again, and I greatly look forward to the day I meet my twin flame, because I’ve always known that he is out there somewhere. I know our reunion will be magical, and together we will live purposeful lives, and continue our mission of making Earth a better place for all.
I know in my heart that we will meet in divine timing, and I don’t worry at all about finding him because I trust in the plan.


I have been learning lately to trust in the divine timing. It’s hard because we do think in very linear time, and its hard to break out of that illusion. But I do know that wonderful things are happening already and will continue to happen.

I have already seen so much change in just the past two weeks alone! Things are really beginning to shift out there, and it’s really fascinating to watch. We here on Earth right now are part of the ground crew, we wanted front row seats to the greatest show in the universe. Yes the extra-terrestrials all know about us, we just don’t know about them, yet… They are all watching us, trillions of them, and they are enjoying the “great awakening” that is now in full swing on planet Earth.

Many of them are here, helping with the ascension of humanity, and one day we will understand this all better, but we will never be able to thank them enough for what they have been doing. There are many benevolent races that humanity is not aware of, but they have been working to liberate humanity for a very long time now. Thousands of years there was a battle between light and dark.

The light forces have been successful, and the day of “the event” steadily approaches as we become more and more in tune with our highest truth of who we are.

I will end my post here, as I have already written enough. Please feel free to share this if it has helped you and feel it may help others.

As always, I feel guided to share with humanity at this auspicious time of the great awakening of humanity, what I believe to be true in my heart, I write in hopes of inspiring you, and to remind you that you are not alone in this journey, and there are many others out there who are feeling lost and confused as the 3D matrix we have been living in begins to crumble around down.

If you feel guided, please feel free to join this facebook group full of beautiful souls who inspire and love one another, it is steadily growing in huge numbers each day. Here is a link to that: The Event Is Happening

Here is another site for you to check out: as it is specifically designed around the event, and it has more professional posts, whereas my blog site is my own journey and reflections!

Namaste wonderful friends, and until we meet again!

With Love and Light,







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