The world is yours for the taking!

Too many people get into the mindset that life is against them, “woe is me they think, why does everything bad always happen to me?” And guess what, they are right, everything bad does happen to them because they allow it in their lives. Its crazy how negative some people are, and then they get upset when bad shit happens. Its like well no wonder, your thinking is garbage, and you have created all of it… Whether you are conscious of it or not. Everything that is happening in your life, is a direct reflection of your thinking about it.

What you think about you become. How you think of yourself, is who you will become. If you think of yourself as a worthless, unloveable, and an undeserving human being, then guess what, that’s what you will experience. You have to think highly of yourself, you have to learn how to love yourself… I believe that self-love is the best things you can do for yourself!

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This isnt some hippie-dippie stuff here, this has been proven fact by the leading scientists of the day, they are all convinced that our thoughts create our reality.

I used to think no, that’s not true because my life was clearly not something I had created. My life was a mess!! An utter disaster even. There was no way I had created this mess… But it soon dawned on me that I truly had, and I started to work on my thoughts after years of being a negative nancy…

But that was back then, and this is now. A few years after I started to really research this whole theory that our thoughts create our reality. I knew deep down it was true, but it took a significant amount of proof to convince my conscious mind of this, leading me to many years of difficulty manifesting what I wanted because I didn’t understand how it was possible. I simply put just didn’t believe 100%…

Now today I truly believe that yes my thoughts do create my reality. It’s kinda spooky because I realize that I created my current life situation, and I created it for a very specific reason not always known to my conscious mind.

My soul has an agenda of its own that I don’t fully understand, but when things happen that seemingly look really bad, they end up always turning out for the better in the end. Everything works out, and I have been trying very hard lately to allow my soul to lead me in all areas of life because I know it will lead me to greatness, and I ask that my conscious mind stays out of the way while my soul gets to work.

It is time now for humanity to do great things, we have always known that this was our destiny. We have been preparing for this for lifetimes. It’s time.

It’s time to change the world. Its now time to go out and share what you know with the world to make it a better place for every living being! The internet is our key to this, we have never been more connected in all of history as we are now. Networking will become more and more important but isn’t necessary right now. Just keep moving forward every day and becoming better. That’s all you need to worry about right now: Your own self-growth.

“I can’t change the world, but I can change mine.”  



Don’t get distracted by the distractions in life. Keep your focus steady on the future you want to see for yourself. Don’t let doubt prevent you from creating your ideal life.  Thoughts create it, after all, the bigger the thoughts the greater the outcome! There is no dream too big. Dream away young one, you have a long life to live full of joy, happiness, wonder, and awe.

This is your world, you can have be or do ANYTHING you want! Anything at all! Dream big and let your heart guide you. It knows what you want more than you can understand, so listen to it.

The world is yours. Go and get it! Live the life you know you are here to live and do not settle for anything less!

With Love and Light

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