My intentions for 2018

It seems like setting new years resolutions has gotten a bad reputation over the years. Nobody wants to make them anymore because we know that more often than not, January 2nd rolls around, and we have already broken our resolution. So we give up before the first week has passed.

I have a better way to go about it, that for one, takes all the initial pressure off of January 1st as being the day where major life changes happen, and instead we all should make intentions on what we would like to accomplish at some point during the new year. The intentions you set do not need to be started on the first day of the new year, heck they don’t even need to be started in the first month. Heck you could wait until the very last month of the year, and still accomplish the intention you set for yourself back in January, although I do not recommend this, and you should keep your awareness on your primary intentions as often as possible if you want to accomplish them at least.

For example, in my post:   2017: Year in Review

I went back and noticed my new years resolutions for 2017. Some of them I did complete, such as become vegetarian, although it wasn’t on January 1st like you would expect. In fact, it wasn’t until August that I finally took that plunge and quit eating meat.

You can read more about that experience here: My thoughts on Veganism

But with 2018  approaching, I can’t help but set some new goals, or intentions for myself. I LOVE goal setting and amplifying my life. Writing a list has been the only way I’ve been able to get things accomplished, and if you know my story, I have come a very far way in a few short years.

2018 is going to be the year though, I see great changes coming to not only my own life but anyone who is on a similar path as I am. This is the path I would call Self Discovery, and its such a phenomenal one to be on!

You can read more about my self-discovery journey here: The Journey to Self-Discovery

My intentions for 2018 are:

  1. Reach ideal body once and for all. (This has been a journey for the past 4 years, its time to finally finish the race, my beliefs are finally in line so it shouldn’t be too hard at this point. Before I honestly didn’t believe I could lose weight…)
  2. Get my finances in order. (Again money seems to always elude me, my beliefs regarding money have been getting in the way, but this year I plan to rewire my mind and finally get my finances in order)
  3. Become a vegan. (I am now mostly vegetarian, and I say mostly because I haven’t been able to cut out meat 100% yet and I won’t lie about that. However, being vegetarian for the past 5 months, I have seen so many incredible health benefits, mainly weight loss, and more energy, so I really do intend to make the full vegan switch come 2018. What month I will do it in, I have no idea, but its happening in 2018 for sure.)
  4. Write my truth. (This one is part of my purpose, its why I am here, to share with the world what I know. The way in which I have come to understand life, and humanity. This will be done through this blog, as well as I am currently writing a book entitled: I am Human. Which is my personal perspective of what the hell is going on here, and the story of my life as a human.)
  5. Travel. (Of course if you know me at all, this whole blog is regarding my experiences and travel adventures, so naturally yes I want to travel. My dream is to one day be financially free to the point where I can just go all over the world staying and living in many different countries and cultures in order to learn more about life, humanity, and the earth. Of course, travelling will also help me write my book too!)
  6. Help others. (I know this is kinda a cliche thing to put down as an intention, but at the same time, it needs to be. So easily we forget that one of our main purposes here on Earth is to learn to care for others. We live in a very self-centered, me first society, and I know that if I can help others, it will make the world a brighter place. Maybe I will do some volunteer work, rescue an animal, or teach children. Who knows where the universe will take me!)

So there we have it, folks! My 2018 intentions. I look to the new year with anticipation and excitement! I cannot wait to see how it turns out because if it is anything like 2017 was, I have no idea whats going to happen. Nothing happened the way I planned it to go last year, and I suspect this year coming will be no different.

We must remember that change is inevitable, nothing stays the same forever.

We must learn to embrace change and go with the flow. The universe is waiting for us to just let go and enjoy the wild ride of life!

Go now and make your own intentions for 2018 and leave them in the comments below if you are willing!

Happy New year!


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