My thoughts on the California Wildfires

It is 7pm on December 7th, 2017 as I sit safely in my Calgary home. Currently, as I write this, forest fires are devastating California and there is nothing I can do.

Helpless. That’s how I feel.

That’s how everyone feels when something like this happens. We all want to help, (well most people anyway) but often we don’t know how to help, so we give some money and that’s good, but we always wish we could do more… But it would be crazy to board a plane right now and go down there, so instead, I write, in hopes to raise some awareness on this problem.

2017 has been the worst year for fires across the globe. Extreme heat and lack of rain have been contributing factors to this problem which doesn’t seem like it will be solved anytime soon. Climate change would appear to not be a crazy myth after all, and we are starting to really see the magnitude of this problem. When an entire state is on fire and dealing with so many apocalyptic types of destruction, one starts to worry, what if that happened where I live?

2017 was actually the first year that I was actually scared of a forest fire. I had never thought of them as being so devastating until this year whilst I was living in Revelstoke and B.C was on fire. It was scary. And the constant loom of smoke didn’t make things enjoyable. Eventually, the rain came and put them out, but they destroyed a lot of homes before they were put out.

I can’t even imagine what they are going through right now. It really must feel like the end of the world to them. Your whole world gets thrown upside down in the blink of an eye. I’ve never experienced that before, and I hope I never do, but with the ignorance of most people on our planet surrounding climate change, I worry that we might see much more destruction before things improve.

People just don’t seem to care, “eh it’s too late, its too far gone, besides ill be dead soon anyway so who cares?”  They say.


But I mean, does your heart not break into a million pieces when you see this picture above? Because mine does, I feel so much pain when I see this photo. It brings me to tears thinking about all these poor people who have been evacuated from their homes due to these fires. This little old lady who is holding what I would assume to be a frightened cat on her lap, with her very concerned looking dog riding in the back seat. It’s hard not to feel compassion when we see things like this.

But this is the reality that is happening right now for many thousands of people, and its supposed to become the norm. Fire season will last all year now because of the thing we have laughed at for many years and turned the blind eye… Which is, dun dun dun… Climate change.

We all have to start playing our part. Stop just thinking about yourself and start working towards making this world a better place. Its the only one we got, and I am sorry, but Mars just isn’t good enough of a solution. We must help our mother Earth in any way we can. Every little bit counts.

I have high belief that we can turn this mess around, we just need to work together!

California has always been a favorite spot of mine. Maybe it was because of the fear of the big one happening, but I have been lucky enough to travel to California more times than I’ve traveled anywhere else in the world, even in my own country. I guess subconsciously I truly believed that one day this would happen, so I needed to see Cali before it was destroyed.

The “big one” is an idea that has been predicted for quite some time now stating that a big earthquake from the San Andreas fault would inevitably happen one-day causing massive destruction to Los Angeles and surrounding area. I remember when I went to Disney land as a young child, my mom was in a state of fear the entire trip for this big disaster to happen. Ironically, we did experience a mini earthquake while we slept one night, waking my mom up in a panic.

Read more about the big one here:

Now I know I was talking about the fires happening which is not only terrible and destructive enough as is, but there are also many earthquakes happening around the area. Mostly down in San Diego, which isn’t far off from Los Angeles, and I worry that these smaller earthquakes could, in fact, trigger the big one. There have been over 40 earthquakes in that area over the past 24 hours alone…

It breaks my heart to think about what’s going on down there right now. I spent 5 hours last night just doing some research on the current situation after being made aware that California was currently on fire from a posting on Instagram. (I make an effort not to watch the news whatsoever, so finding out about things can take me a while sometimes) At the time of this writing, there isn’t too much information out there, but the fires started randomly on Monday and they are already suspecting criminal intent on setting these fires.

Not to mention the winds are stronger than they have ever seen, to the point where they had to add an extra category to their wind rating chart. Red was the highest on the chart before, signifying extreme conditions, but now they have added a purple category beyond red to just really make a point of how bad these winds are. Some people are pointing to it being “created” by the weather making tools they have. I really don’t know where I stand on this yet, I need more information, but that’s the rumor that’s spreading at this time.

Wind and fire do not mix, and the progress those amazing firefighters were able to do has now unfortunately been diminished due to these crazy winds that are spreading the fires quickly and ferociously destroying even more by the minute.

It certainly is not looking very good for California at the moment, and with no rain, in the forecast, I wonder what is going to happen to paradise…. The fires have turned it into a hell like environment.

One thing is possible, and that is Southern California will be in for a very tough time over the next months, but the good news is the world will wake up and realize that yes climate change is, in fact, a problem and we need to start doing more about it. Even if they discover that the fires were set intentionally, (which I won’t be surprised if they were…)  It still isn’t normal to be so dry at this time of year, lack of rain is causing a pretty big problem, and this should concern the entire world, not just California.

Aside from fires, the earth is also experiencing many hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters that are happening around the globe. It looks like we are getting rid of the old to make way for the new because the way I see it, through chaos comes transformation.

Right now, to California, it may look like the end of the world to them, but in time they will come to realize that everything happens for a reason, and the reason this is happening is for the planet to wake the hell up and start demanding change. Life shouldn’t be the way it is, but because we have lived under this system for so long now, it’s hard to realize that this isn’t right.

When disaster strikes though, and you lose everything except your life, you start to question things. You realize that life you had previously was all just a façade, and you are much more than just a nice home or fancy car. Those things don’t matter to them anymore.

In the moments of catastrophe, one might experience, what I call Pure awareness.

This is when you lose all sense of self, and you are only aware of what is happening in the present moment. You realize that nothing else matters but only what’s happening right here, right now. All the things you previously worried about seem to vanish completely from thought, and you are left with only awareness. The awareness of who you truly are. You begin to see through the illusions that have made up life so far and what we have been led to believe all these years.

We are all human beings, we all bleed the same blood, and experience the same feelings and emotions. We have a strong inherent desire to help those in need, even tiny critters who get trapped in the burning fire as one man proved when jumped out of his car and raced towards the burning forest in order to save a bunny. Yes, he risked his life for a rabbit.



Humanity is good, we will one day soon fully restore faith in humanity, but for the moment a man saving a bunny rabbit is humbling enough. It shows us that there is always light even in the darkest moments.

It will be a trying time for mankind, but nevertheless, we will grow so much and learn our true divinity and that we are all connected, and we must stay connected throughout these hard times in order to create the new world that we are destined to create.

With that being said, my thoughts and prayers are in California, and I hope everyone including all the animals, remains out of harm’s way and will learn and grow greatly through this terrible experience, so we can build a greater world from the ashes.

“Sometimes you just need to go through some stuff to really appreciate
life and understand what it means to persevere, overcome, and have faith.”

May Peace and love be with you


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