What does success mean to you?

Success means different things to different people, which can lead to confusion when you are going after what you believe success is because it might be completely different to someone else. At the end of the day though, it is down to you to decide what success means to you. Which is what we will try to figure out in this post…

So quick now! What does success mean to you!??? 

Is success having a lot of money in the bank, or having a big house or a fancy car? Maybe its simply having a happy and healthy family, or maybe success to you just means living your life however the hell you want too and not caring what others think…

I personally lean towards the last one there, my definition of living a successful life is to live life on my own accord and do whatever makes me happy in every moment… This means, that I am successful right here and right now because I have chosen to sit down and write this post because it is making me happy to do so. If I am constantly putting a limit on my success, well that could mean I am constantly chasing it never knowing when I finally caught it. So I just tell myself I am already successful because I do whatever the hell I want.

But this isn’t about me, this is about you and figuring out how you define success…

The actual definition of success is:

  • The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  • A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity is successful.
  • The attainment of popularity or profit.

Success in life cannot be summed up by one term really. It is in relationships, financial, lifestyle, everything really… So sure you may be “SUCCESSFUL” in the financial department and have millions in the bank, but you fail when it comes to relationships. So does that mean you are successful?

Well yes, it sure does, if your definition of success was to have a lot of money in the bank. But most people don’t actually define success like that anymore, it is much broader than that.

If you want to be successful in life, you are going to be going against the current, it is an uphill battle. But it is worth it at the top, that I can guarantee!

Have you ever gone on a really long hike, and after about 10 minutes of walking uphill you want to quit and turn back? I know I have.. multiple times. But I never have quit, I always see it through to the end, and guess what, I feel like a million bucks everytime I do finish what I started. Why do I tell you this? Well because during this climb to success, you are going to want to quit. A voice inside you will be there saying, “let’s just quit, let’s go back, life was easier before we started to take this journey…”

You must ignore that voice and keep going if you ever want to live an extraordinary life.

By having a growth mindset, and constantly trying to become better, you have no option but to start to become goal orientated, which will, in turn, lead you to build a great life for yourself in every single area you seek to improve.

Always be in the process of growing, improving and changing and you will no doubt become successful. No matter how you choose to define success!

If you want to be successful, follow these three simple steps

  1. Know what you’re doing
  2. Love what you’re doing
  3. Believe in what you are doing

Now it is your turn to decide for yourself what success truly means to you. It may change over time, I know mine did, but simply having a general idea of what truly is important to you in life will give you the courage and the strength to go up that mountain and be successful on your own terms!

IMG_0533 (2).png

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