Life update: Revelstoke is over… Now what?

So it’s now been 1 month since I returned home from my Revelstoke adventure, and it’s been a pretty productive month considering I barely left the house for the first week.

After my Revelstoke adventure which immediately led to a wonderful road trip with my previous roommate, I was left a little unsure about what to do next. After Revelstoke ended I was in short homeless, and very quickly running out of money, and so the only logical thing to do would be to go home. So that’s what I ended up doing. I went back to Calgary. No matter what I seem to do, I always end up back here, and I am now starting to embrace it, but I didn’t at the time.

I basically arrived home with a heavy heart saying goodbye to everyone I had come to know in Revelstoke, and I felt a little depressed because I really didn’t want my adventure to be over yet, I wanted to keep going but alas I had run out of money, and had no place to live anymore in Revelstoke or a job, plus all my friends that I made during my first couple months there also decided to leave. So it was just more understandable for me to go back home…

So I arrived back in Calgary after going on a 10 day road trip throughout BC, and I felt kinda depressed when I first came home though because I felt like my adventures and fun was over forever, which of course I know it’s not, not even close, but in the moment that’s how I felt. I really didn’t see a future anymore.

It was a pretty low time for me…

This lasted for about a week where I didn’t want to leave the house at all, I didn’t really want to do anything whatsoever… So I stayed inside reading and writing and self-reflecting, oh and I was sleeping a lot. Like every day 10+ hours… I was super unmotivated and lazy…

I finally forced myself to go job hunting, and it was absolutely awful, as I just didn’t want to work anymore, I hate working now especially serving jobs, which I can’t seem to get out of because it’s pretty good money and it’s instant. It’s the perfect job for someone that likes instant gratification, such as myself…

I eventually got a job, working early mornings serving at a breakfast place three days a week, I knew it wouldn’t be enough money but it would definitely be a great start! My usual action plan is to get two part time jobs, usually a morning breakfast place, and an evening dinner place, so I can work really hard on the weekends, and make all the money I need while getting most of the week off to do other things I enjoy, like writing for example.

After about 2 weeks of being back home, I finally started to get my motivation and ambition back, and so I went and got a gym membership so I could start working out again and feeling energized. I do have some fitness goals over the next three months, and I am at the point now that it has to happen. It’s now or never sorta thing, because I have been at this battle for too long now, and it’s time I finally win!!!

I have learned that it really is a mental game after all, and working out is just one piece of the puzzle, and now that I have adopted a plant-based diet, which I started on August 1st, I feel like everything is actually lining up for me to reach my weight loss goals.

My thoughts on Veganism – Read here

I also went on a fairly long hike with two of my best friends, the same hike we did two years prior where I didn’t know it at the time, but I found God again the very first time we did this hike, as I realized that Earth was not by accident, there was no way this was just a random occurrence. No, no something created this world. And I opened myself up to the possibility of there being a higher power, something I had shut the door on years prior.

This hike has always been life changing for me, and so we decided to do it again and sure enough, I did have some profound realizations during it. Hiking is such a great way I find to connect to the source (God) and I always find I gain such incredible insights while hiking, after all, you usually are in meditation while hiking, with very little “real life crap” to distract you. I definitely feel like I need to go hiking more often.


I have also recently enrolled in several courses on UDEMY.COM which is actually such a great site if you are into personal development as much as I am! They have a course for literally anything you can imagine!

I am currently enrolled in a life coaching course because that is the career path I am most drawn to doing in my life, it just really seems like the perfect career for me, as it is my life’s purpose to help as many people as I can succeed and live a fulfilling life. As a life coach, you help others realize their dreams and true potential in life, and help them recognize their own limiting beliefs that are holding them back from living a great life.

It is my number one goal in life to help inspire and encourage others to step outside their comfort zones and take the steps towards living a wonderful life.

I am also enrolled in a blogging course, a hypnotherapy course, a NLP practitioner course, a French course because I am finally learning the French language and I am also in a yoga course, because I have been meaning to take up yoga now for several months, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

I also got the 2nd part-time job working at an extremely nice golf course close to my home where I will be banquet serving for weddings, tournaments and special events. This will be great because I know it will be very good money, banquet serving usually is from my experience anyway. Plus it’s perfect cause they only need me a couple shifts a week, which is ideally all I want in order to not get burnt out.

All in all, I feel like August has been an incredibly personal and spiritual development month for me, and it’s truly remarkable how much I’ve grown. I find myself saying that a lot “its crazy how much I’ve grown in XX number of months, years, etc” Like looking back I am blown away by my progress I have made, and most of it wasn’t even intentional. Now that I am living life with the intent to learn and grow, there’s really no telling how much I can accomplish.

I guess we often underestimate what is possible and what we are capable of achieving. Daily I find I don’t notice too many changes at all, and sometimes I feel discouraged by it, sometimes a whole week will pass by that I feel I didn’t do very much. But then looking back monthly, I realize just how much I have grown, and how far I’ve come. Like I am a completely different person than before I moved to Revelstoke, and it’s really only been 4 very short months since I moved there on quite the whim.

Life is a pretty crazy adventure if you ask me, and I am grateful for each and every moment that it brings me.

Anyways, with that being said, I am definitely back in the game, and I am ready to go for it this time!! Things are really starting to fall into place for me, and I am back with two feet firmly planted on the ground running towards my dream life.

I will certainly be busy for the next few months, but I know I will see some amazing results because of it!

That’s all for now folks!

Until next time…

Keep dreaming BIG!

With Love and Light



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