At a crossroads in my life…

“When life hangs you at a cross-roads choose to follow love. Let the light in your heart guide you” 

There are times in our lives when we come to a crossroad, and we have to choose what path we want to go down without necessarily knowing where the path will end up. This decision will usually always be a major decision that will define the rest of our lives for us. This can often be a very confusing and tough time for us because we don’t want to choose to go down the wrong path, yet at the same time you can never make the wrong decision, it always works out in the end…

Once again, I have come to a crossroads in my life. I am not sure what path I want to take next as there are so many available to me… I have now done more this summer alone than I had in the last 5 summers combined and I feel very happy with that. This experience that I started back on May 23rd when I up and moved my life completely to Revelstoke BC has been nothing short of amazing… However, due to extremely poor working conditions at my current job, I have decided to quit and go change my life once again, which is why I am at a crossroads.

You can read about the experience more here: Life update: I am moving to the Canadian Rockies in 10 days!!

(However I haven’t fully written about the experience I have had in Revelstoke because I am still in the middle of it, and I normally don’t write about experiences until they are over, so stay tuned for that!) 

I thrive on change, and I also know my worth. I made a decision many years ago that I would never work at a job that I hated or felt disrespected at, no matter how good the money was. A lot of people may think I am crazy because quite often I will quit a job with absolutely no money in the bank and no other job lined up, but for me, I say that just kicks my butt more into gear.

I would choose to be happy and at peace with my life over having a big bank account any day of the week. Luckily for me, I am learning with age and so this time when I quit my job I actually had some money saved up, so I feel a lot more secure now than I did the last time I did this sort of thing. I find that I am always okay in the end and that’s all that matters.

But anyways so right now, I have no job yet again, and I barely have a place to live due to the fact I am living in staff accommodation and I am still not sure what is going to happen now that I quit my job. They may come at any point and kick me out and then I’ll be sleeping in my car, or in a tent in someone’s backyard, but I know whatever ends up happening will be a good story to blog about!!

I am in a transition phase right now, which means I am trying to decide what my next adventure will be… The thing with crossroads is when you choose a path, you say no to all the other paths, and you have to fully commit to the one you have chosen. You have no idea where you will end up when you do choose a path, and a lot of the time it can be pretty scary when you are making a big decision that changes your current life. I tend to do this fairly often now because I do get bored sitting in one place for too long, and I really like change because I find as a person I grow so much during these periods. I also love to explore, so I am always traveling or adventuring or uprooting my whole life just to go find something better that will make me happier. I am definitely free spirited!

It’s a pretty exciting way to live, and I highly recommend it!

As for this crossroads, I am at, I don’t worry about choosing the wrong path at all, I know I will always make the right decision in the end and I never regret anything once I decide. Once I make a decision, I’m pretty firm in my decision. Which can also make me selfish.

The only thing I worry about is what will make me the happiest? As selfish as that sounds, I look out for me and only me, because when I am happy, I can make other people happy in return, and it’s as simple as that. That’s how one person can change the world.

I have a few ideas on what I would like to do over the next few months, and here they are listed below..

My options include:

  1. Going back home to Calgary to live and work once again. See this option would definitely be the safest option, and two years ago when I moved to Vancouver (read about that experience here) I ended up choosing to go back home after only two months. This time, however, I don’t feel inclined to go home at all, and I know already that I want to stay here in the mountains so I can rule this option out altogether. ***(update: its funny because I actually did end up coming back to Calgary after all! The party in BC ended, and so I decided this option would be the best one)
  2. Stay here in Revelstoke, find a new job and a new place to live. This is likely going to be what I push for the next month that I am here, and if it all works out, I will stay, but if not then I will take that as a sign from the universe telling me to get out of here… I feel somewhat inclined to stay because I have made friends here, and I feel I still have things to do here in Revelstoke, but at the same time I do still have an entire month here and I am not working anymore so I have all this free time to go explore and do what I need to do before I leave… ***(update: BC actually started burning down around me, it was kinda scary for me, so I did not choose this option)
  3. Pack my stuff and move to Nelson B.CI am feeling a strong pull towards Nelson recently, it would seem to me that it is exactly what I am looking for in a small town, being a spiritual community, coffee shop culture and eating out lifestyle, which makes my work as a server very compelling to go down to Nelson. This will likely be what I end up doing around the middle of the month of July if I am not finding what I want here in Revelstoke. Only time will tell I guess!  I will likely be taking a day trip out there sometime this week to see Nelson since I have never even been there, and if all goes as planned, and I fall in love with it like I expect, I will move there. Moving for me is not hard since I have very little stuff to take anyways.***(update: I did take a drive to Nelson on my road trip through BC, and while I did really love Nelson BC, it just wasn’t where I needed to be. I needed to go home)

There are other options I have, all of which are even crazier and even more life-changing than the 3 mentioned above, one of which includes me moving back to Vancouver, which I know would be just the worst idea ever… I feel like I am here now and doing what I need to do, I am back to writing again because that won’t leave my thoughts no matter how hard I try to keep busy and distract myself, it just isn’t going away, so I may as well try to design a life that allows me to continue to write every day with joy and excitement, and not seeing it as a chore I have to do after a long day at work.

I moved out to Revelstoke 43 days ago now, and it is an incredible lifestyle I am living, I feel like I am on permanent vacation and it truly is a life I don’t need a break from, however, my job was draining me and causing much unnecessary stress so I have made the decision to quit. I will definitely write about my experience working at Denny’s in the next couple of weeks here because it truly will be a good and hilarious post…

I have much to write about still, and I plan to set a few hours each morning to do so. There is definitely something intriguing to me about waking up in the morning, brewing a pot of coffee, and sitting outside with my laptop to write stories on my blog. This makes me excited to get up every day, knowing I have something to do that is launching me forward in life!

With Love and Light



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