Life Update: My first few days in Revelstoke B.C

So I have officially made it to Revelstoke and settled in, and like holy crow has is ever been an amazing adventure so far!! As I write this, I am sitting outside on my little patio enjoying the sun while I stare at a gorgeous mountain view. It is breathtaking to say the least…

Here’s the view from the apartment I live: Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous!?!?



The first day was kinda strange, and I was pretty tempted to leave and go back home on the very first night… I had arrived around 7 pm and was told to go to the place I am working so that the manager could bring me to my new home. As part of the employment agreement, we are given free housing as a very positive perk in order to encourage us to pack our bags and travel across the country, but it is the employers choice where they want to house us, and for the most part we are stuck for 6 months with whatever they want to give us, which can be pretty nerve-racking when you first arrive…

I don’t think any amount of preparation could have prepared me for what I was about to walk into the night I arrived because it was not even close to what I was expecting. Granted I had already gone into this with very low expectations, they were definitely not met on my first night, which is why I almost left.

So I arrived here at 7 pm that night and went over to the Denny’s which is where I will be working for the next 5 months, and I go in feeling pretty anxious about the whole situation because I am about to be taken to my new home and meet my new roommates. So naturally, I felt a little panicked and apprehensive.

I sit there in the lobby for about 30 minutes waiting for the manager before finally saying I will come back later because a tour bus had just shown up, and it was just too busy for the manager to take off for a few minutes to show me to my place. So I just went back to my car and went and drove around the town I would be calling home for a while.

It is a beautiful town… The mountains are absolutely gorgeous and a huge river runs right past the small town of just over 7000 people. I could hardly wait for a nice day to go do some exploring because that first night it was cold and rainy, so I opted to just drive around town and explore that way. after 30 mins, I decided to go back to the Denny’s because all I want to do is go see my new place and meet my roommates and finally get this whole thing over and done with so I can start settling in and unpacking and what not.

After 30 mins, I decided to go back to the Denny’s because all I wanted to do is go see my new place and meet my roommates and finally get this whole thing over and done with so I can start settling in and unpacking and what not.

So by this point, it has slowed down enough so he takes me to the apartment and he’s saying how its 4 people there, but one is leaving in about two days, and there are “kids” living with us… My first thought is “what the fuck… Kids??? what is he talking about, why are there kids here!?” The program mentioned absolutely nothing about being allowed to bring your kids with you, also why is someone leaving already!? That is not a good sign at all, the program just started at the start of May!

So we pull up, and he literally waved at a 6-year-old child standing on one of the balconies, and I am freaking out at this point. They never said anything about kids! I don’t do well with children, I can’t live with them…


So we walk up and knock on the door, and this about 20-year-old girl answers, and we both kinda exchange looks, and it becomes pretty clear that she isn’t impressed with this place either. So I start looking around at this shit hole of an apartment, scanning the floor for children shoes. I don’t see any, so I feel slight relief, but as I continue to observe my surroundings it becomes clear that this new home of mine is not going to be very pleasant.. Granted I wasn’t expecting much, this doesn’t seem to be living up to even my lowest expectations. The place smelled like cat piss and cigarettes, and it was very clear that no one had cleaned in a very long time…

The manager and this girl are talking about something I am not paying much attention too. So he gets ready to leave and I ask for a key, and he says he doesn’t have one for me…

Wait… WHAT? Why don’t I get a damn key!? Is that not a requirement… How will I get into my place without a key!?

Then he leaves, and I am left with alone with my new roommate, and the first thing she says is:

“You think this place is shit don’t you?”

I am relieved to hear that it isn’t just me thinking that. So we start talking about the whole thing, and I realize that we are living in a place with non-mobilizers, (aka people not in the same program as me) which I find uncomfortable. My first impression of this place was, I don’t want to be here, I should just leave now, fuck this.

It is a 2 bedroom house, with 5 people living in it. One like 60-year-old dude sleeps on the couch and two young 18-year-old boys who have never been away from mom before are sharing a room, which leaves me and this other girl sharing the other room. I am happy and relieved that she is pretty cool, and not crazy or mean but at the same time, I’ve never shared a room with anyone before, so this will definitely be quite the challenge for me.

We had a decent first night, and went over to the liquor store and got some beers and just hung around chatting about stuff. The old guy came home around 11 pm, and he was a strange fella, he reeked of weed and wasn’t very clear with his words, he kept talking about his mother, and my only thought was how old is she!? I ended up drinking quite a few beers, mostly because I was super anxious and it was calming me down and putting me at ease.

We went to bed around 1 am, and right before I passed out due to the alcohol I remember thinking,

“Welcome to your new life… What on earth have I done!?”

I woke up the next morning to the sound of pouring rain and a pretty bad headache. Great I thought, a perfect way to start off my time here. As I lay in bed that morning trying to cope with what I had gotten myself into, I realized that I slept in the nasty bedding they provided me that smelled like mildew or mold or something very unpleasant… I brought my own bedding but in my desire to drink the night before I forgot all about changing it. My roommate and I went out for breakfast together at this adorable little cafe in downtown Revelstoke and then wandered the town for a little while. Eventually, she had to go for a tattoo appointment so I was given the chance to do some exploring of my own.

My roommate and I went out for breakfast together at this adorable little cafe in downtown Revelstoke and then wandered the town for a little while. Eventually, she had to go for a tattoo appointment so I was given the chance to do some exploring of my own. It was kinda cloudy and cold that day, but I still managed to get a cool picture of the river that runs right through the town.


I decided that I really wanted to go swimming at the leisure center, so I went back to the apartment hoping someone would be home so I could get my stuff, cause remember I never received a key…

Luckily someone was home, so I got my stuff and made my way to the pool. It only cost $6 to go in, and I swam for over an hour and hung out in a beautiful hot tub overlooking the beautiful mountains. It was a really nice pool complete with one of those crazy river’s, and a waterslide, which I believed was closed for maintenance so I didn’t go on.

When I got back to the apartment I found my roommate locked outside of our place because she also doesn’t have a key. So we had to get the superintendent lady, who was actually pretty pissed off about our living situation and she ended up bringing us to a new apartment which is where we will be staying for the duration now. We walked in and it was immediately 100% better than the place we were currently staying. She said she would let our manager know that this was our new home and told us to move our stuff in tonight.

We didn’t waste a moment and got right to it. We both hadn’t unpacked as we both knew this was new place was expected eventually anyways so the move between rooms only took about 30 minutes. We both got our own rooms for the time being as the other mobilizers have not arrived yet, so it’s pretty great. The view from my bedroom window is absolutely gorgeous.

That night we went to a cool bar for dinner and made some plans for the next day as we were both off. We both want to do lots of fun stuff which I am super excited about. We decided that we would go check out the Revelstoke pipe coaster the next day.

So on Thursday, May 25th we woke up and got ready for what would become the most adventure filled day I think I have had to date. First, we went to the pipe coaster like we talked about, bought our tickets and went on a nice gondola ride up the side of the mountain. We got to the top and took a few pictures before heading over to the coaster. The coaster ended up being really fun, as you go down the mountain in this little cart that is attached to a steel pipe. It lasts about 3 minutes, and you are in control of how fast/slow you go. You are also greeted with amazing views of the mountains.


IMG_3276.JPGMountain Pipe Coaster: Revelstoke

That didn’t take as long as we expected it to take, and it was only 12 pm at this point, so we started to think about what else we could do. She suggested we go to the sky adventure park which I thought was an amazing idea, so we set off to our next adventure!!

We arrived around 2 pm after stopping at the grocery store for some snacks for the day. We went all through the enchanted forest, which is super cute and also has B.C’s tallest tree house which we, of course, climbed up. The walk is filled with many fairy tale characters and tiny little cabins and homes that you can explore. It took us about 30 minutes to do the whole course.

IMG_3234B.C’s tallest tree house

And the cow jumped over the moon

IMG_3199 - Copy
Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil

The three little pigs! 

From there, we made our way to the sky adventure park and decided to do the aerial trekking course, which is this crazy high tree obstacle course, designed to test your mental and physical abilities. Tightropes and wooden beams placed high off the ground test your agility and balance, not to mention your fear of heights. Several zip lines throughout the course as well which give you a little fun break from the physical endurance that the rest of the course brings you.

I surprised myself completely with how well I did. Usually, with those types of things, I start freaking out, especially with heights, and I start shaking like a leaf… But this time I was able to remain in control of myself and didn’t let my thoughts of how scary this was overtaken me although there were several times where I had to stop and gather myself, I was for the most part very calm and confident throughout the course.

One of the final obstacles I went on were these 4 swinging logs suspended by ropes high off the ground that you had to side step to get across. I came up to it, and I looked down to the guide down below and said,

“I can’t do this one”

He responded with “yes you can, you got this.”

Whenever I find myself saying I can’t do something, I actually ponder the reason as to why I said that which has been an extremely powerful thing to do. A lot of the time when I say that I can’t do something, I end up saying yes you can! And I proceed to do it.

Which ended up being the case with the log obstacle course. I ended up doing it quite flawlessly after all and felt pretty proud of myself after.

The course is divided into three parts, Green (easy) Blue (intermediate) and Black (Difficult) I ended up doing both green and blue courses before I decided to bow out right before the black course started. The thing is once you start a course, there are only 1-2 exits within it, and since you are high in the trees you are kinda stuck once you start.

My roommate being as fearless as she is, decided to do the difficult course, and even she was struggling near the end, finding the course extremely challenging. At the very end, they have what is called the “leap of faith” which you basically jump off a platform while attached to an auto belay. I think she sat up there for a good 10 minutes before she finally jumped off. It looked easy from where I was standing at the bottom, but I am sure it was terrifying from way up top.

After that, we weren’t even done yet, we still had one more thing to do, which was the SKY SWING!!!

Again I surprised myself with how calm I remained during the entire experience. I knew this was going to make my heart race, as this had to be the most extreme thing I have ever done. We went over to the area the swing was at and waited our turn. They took us in and brought us over to this extremely high swing, 15 meters I believe it was off the ground.

We got all harnessed up, and securely fasted onto this two-person swing, then they proceeded to pull our swing back as high as it could go. I used to be deathly afraid of heights, but I guess somewhere along the way I lost that because I looked fearlessly down towards the ground. Yes, I was scared, but I knew it would be a great experience so that made it all okay.

They started counting down from 3, 2 and my roommate yells stop counting! So they stop thinking something is wrong. Shes like “just don’t count, just let us go whenever counting makes it worse”

So the guy (following the rules) begins counting down from 10 but not in order, so he goes 10, 8, 6, 9, 7, 3 and then he stops and we wait what seemed like another 10 seconds before they finally let us go, and we go swinging through the trees.

I am screaming on the way up and the way down, but my roommate sits beside me not screaming at all, and I am like “WHY AREN’T YOU SCREAMING!???!!!”

She is like “because I like it!!!”

After the initial terror, the swing becomes extremely enjoyable, and I just am thinking “I love life, this is absolutely amazing!”

It has only been a few days since I arrived here in Revelstoke, and already I can tell this is going to be the most incredible experience ever. I look forward to seeing what the next few months will bring for me! Life is a pretty wild adventure indeed, and I want to share my positive stories of overcoming challenges and facing your fears with others to push others to do the same.

I think I am going to like it here!



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