Life update: The universe is so incredible!

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” 
-Paulo Coelho

So my life is seriously crazy right now… I am finding it hard to write because I honestly don’t even know what to say right now. That’s how amazed I am by what’s been happening in my life…

I will give you some background information before I tell you what is going on…

So about 2 months ago now, I quit my job because enough was enough, I was bored there and just pissed off by the way I was being treated… So one day when I was extremely sick at work, I was getting yelled at for leaving 1 single jam caddy on the table, and I just decided today was the day to quit. This rather hasty decision, (which I don’t regret at all btw)  led me to two months of unemployment where I sat around all day living off peanut butter and honey wraps because I couldn’t afford much else.

I literally became broker than I had been since I first started working 11 years ago. What the hell was I going to do!! I easily could have sunk down into a depression-like state, but I also trust the universe in what it is doing and knew that everything would turn out for me in the end. At this point, I just didn’t know why all this bad stuff was happening to me, it just was.

So anyways, during this month of unemployment, I finally decided to start this blog, so that’s what I started spending my time on. I started this blog at the start of April 2017 and I would sit and write for hours every night. I literally have 35 drafts going that I promise I will finish and post one day.

Starting a blog has always been in the back of my mind, but I just never could get over myself and actually sit down and write about myself. I used to care far too much what people thought about me, and the thought of writing about my stories, terrified me, so I never did it. But finally I did it, and I haven’t regretted doing so yet, so that’s great! It has actually helped me a lot with my own understanding of my life and how everything is connected and the beauty of it all.

But anyways, so one day I created My Bucket List which was something I always wanted, and I had created several lists in my life all in various journals, but this time I posted it on the internet for everyone to see, which would, in turn, hold me accountable to actually follow through on some of these goals I put down for myself. (It seems to be working so far btw)

My main focus in life is to travel, which is all I really want to do, and I get very restless whenever I am stuck in Calgary for too long. I was actually getting incredibly bummed out because the thought of me spending another summer here working my ass off to try to save as much money as I could so hopefully I could go travel in the fall was actually making me sad. I’ve been stuck now in Calgary since I moved back from Vancouver which you can read that entire story. But I hadn’t been able to travel much for about 1.5 years because, well I am still embarrassed to admit it, but I got roped into the Amway business for an entire year, which I will share that story one day because its a good one 🙂

But I didn’t want to wait any longer, I wanted to go now!!!

But with $33.00 in my bank account, and no stable income source or job, that seemed literally impossible for me to get going anytime soon…

I was growing very restless, as I do whenever I want to travel. But I decided to challenge the universe anyways, so I said:

“Universe, get me out of Calgary as soon as possible.”

And then I just let it go. Trusting fully that it would get me out into the world as quickly as it could, and not a minute too soon.

A few days later, I was on Indeed sending out my resumes to many employers, I don’t even know who I even applied to, I just applied everywhere, hoping I would get someone to hire me.

I didn’t get a single call back btw, so that sucked…

However, I guess in my applying randomly to everyone, I applied to this job recruitment program, and they actually contacted me 2 days later…

It was literally exactly what I wanted, I couldn’t believe it!

It is this incredible program called Mobilize Jobs, that basically recruits young Canadians, and sends them to resort towns across Canada to work in the hospitality industry for 6 months seasonal work. You get free housing. And full-time hours. And an incredible adventure.

I was sitting there, floored by this. I would get to travel somewhere new and exciting in Canada, work for the summer without paying rent so I would be able to save up money for the fall which is when I want to go travel the rest of the world. But I realized why the hell don’t I go see some of Canada before I take off to see other countries.

So currently I am in the application/ interview process. There are a few things I need to do before I head out to an unknown location in Canada. I won’t find out where I am going for a couple weeks yet, but I basically just go wherever they send me, but all the locations are resort towns and beautiful.

If I for some reason don’t get into this program, which I can’t count my chickens until they hatch, but I will still be leaving to a resort town in the Canadian Rockies for the summer. No matter what, I will go somewhere this summer, and it will be amazing regardless!

I will be leaving in about 20 days time, which is like oh 200 days sooner than I had originally anticipated. So that is a little bit terrifying, but I know that everything will be okay, and it is going to be a crazy story to tell! I plan to leave Calgary, and go travel for as long as I can, which could be years actually!

Don’t worry family, I will still be home for Christmas, well, I will do my absolute best to come home for December each year anyways 🙂 

It’s my dream to travel the world. and see this incredible planet and all its beauty. I told the universe what I wanted, and now it is coming to me at full speed. Life is so amazing!

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